‘The Real Girls of the Season’ 📲📲📲 Photography @MertAlas and @MacPiggott Styling @LottaVolkova Fashion @Chanelofficial @Fabrice.Desvaux The March Issue of Vogue Italia - on newsstands tomorrow. “The intention behind creating Ida, Teresa, Helga, Anastasia, Stevie isn’t so much to point out that digital beauty obviously can’t replace real beauty, or that digital girls, in all their perfection, reveal how genuine perfection lies in the unique imperfection of each of us in flesh and blood. Instead, we wanted to offer a delicate and poetic portrayal of the incredible osmosis between these two worlds. Where reality pursues the filters of Instagram, and on Instagram we are conversely starting to see the emergence of a less artificial and more sincere, analogical reality. Where technology allows the creation of worlds that are so similar to the real world that, in reaction, there is a return to the desire to imagine alternative, fantastical other worlds. This entire issue looks at the fine line that divides reality