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Monday calls for an early morning coffee, your most empowering outfit and our East-West Marquise studs – a little something extra to bring out your inner shine.
“The rings. I love how classic they look from the top view and then the sides are so open and unexpected with a little bit of an edge. It’s like a little secret just for the person who’s wearing it.”
– Khadijah, our Jewelry Designer on why our @DiamondFoundry created Diamond Bezel Rings are her favorite design.
Our Signet Rings – modern symbols of personal power and inner strength. Which one empowers you?
It's the end of the week but just the start of our journey. Inspired by our belief that life is more of a curve than a straight line, our sustainably created Emerald 6-Diamond Ear Arc is a reminder that there’s power in staying true to your unique path.
"I think having a varied life - full of passions, as disparate as they may be - and finding joy in learning from the unexpected has made me who I am today." - Hayley, Marketing
Our Baguette Diamond created by @diamondfoundry rose in popularity during the Art Deco period of the 1920s, reflecting the architectural style of the time. It’s rectangular shape with narrow and transparent step-cut facets displays depth while highlighting clarity.
“We focus on introducing original details that push traditions forward while still being incredibly wearable. We’re creating our own modern classics that reinforce a commitment to our broader mission of modernizing the jewelry industry as a whole.” – Khadijah Fulton, our Jewelry Designer, on what makes our sustainably created Diamond Bezel collection so unique. Head to today's Story to meet the women behind each and every one of our designs. And thank you to this amazing team!
"I’m not one who usually writes reviews, but I love these so much that I felt like I needed to! These earrings are lightweight, and comfortable, not to mention, they’re so cute! They have just enough sparkle. I wear them everyday all day, I sleep in them, shower in them. Everything." – Sarah M.
Whether you choose them with sustainably created pavé diamonds or simply solid gold, our Huggie Hoops are your inspiring friends who can’t help but shine.
Hi Boston! We’re popping-in for personal engagement appointments from October 24th-27th. Our Engagement Specialist will give you a personal view of our new engagement rings and created diamonds. Limited spots available through the link in our bio. We can’t wait to meet you!
Shown here: our 1ct Trillion Signature Bezel with our 3mm Round Band.
The Marquise Diamond - a team favorite due to it’s mystical symbolism and unique shape. We love that our Diamond Bezel Collection features an East-West set Marquise, our own signature twist on a timeless classic.
“I wore these ear arcs for my wedding day. I feel like it gave my non-traditional wedding ‘look’ a bit of timeless sparkle. I danced, sang karaoke, hugged a hundred people and still my earrings stayed secure all night long!” - Carolyn M.
Saturdays are for celebrating life's moments, big and small. Explore our diamond ear arcs made of our sustainably created, 100% carbon neutral diamonds in the link in bio.
In case you missed it, our @DiamondFoundry created Cushion diamond engagement rings add a distinct softness to your hand. See our team’s favorite styles in motion in our last post.
Like a pillow for your hand - our Cushion diamond, created by @diamondfoundry, has a square shape with rounded corners and a brilliant cut crown. It pairs perfectly with our new engagement settings and sits flush with our wedding bands. Swipe left to view our team’s favorite cushion engagement ring settings.
Our Cushion diamond, in order of appearance:
The Halo
The Hover
The Signature Bezel
The Curator
The Knife-Edge
“It’s such a beautiful setting because of that strong frame around the stone but often you lose brightness because it’s enclosed. I wanted to get more light into the stone, so that it really sparkles and shines.” – Khadijah Fulton, Jewelry Designer, on our Round Diamond Bezel Necklace.
Check out our stories to see how our team styles their favorites from our new collection.
Our Engagement Specialist, “Ashley was so sweet and super knowledgeable with it! She gave us a crash course in diamonds and helped us narrow down our search to our top two picks! The space was also really cool and of course super easy to get to from any area in the city."
Hi DC! Join us for personal engagement appointments from October 17th-20th. Meet with our Engagement Specialist to try on our rings and see our sustainably grown diamonds IRL. Book now through the link in bio.
Last week, we launched our Diamond Bezel collection. Inspired by our elemental designs and her abstract symbolism, we asked Tappan Collective artist @marleighculver to create four limited edition pieces reflecting the four elements: earth, air, fire and water. Enjoy one Vrai-exclusive artwork with your Diamond Bezel design, and learn more about Marleigh in our first Artist Spotlight through the link in bio.
P.S. Printed on biodegradable sugarcane paper with non-toxic ink. Limited edition, while cards last. Please note that they are one card per order.
Find your element –
Whichever you choose, you (and your diamond) will shine bright. Our new Diamond Bezel collection is designed in-house by our women-led team, produced with responsible manufacturers and set with sustainably created diamonds for a transparent process from start to finish. So when you wear Vrai, you wear your values.
Link in bio to shop.
A timeless shape grounded in proportion and symmetry, the round diamond features sparkling facets with an organic brilliance.
Wear it as a necklace, ring, bracelet and studs. Now a core element of our Diamond Bezel Collection of jewelry essentials.
A breezy balance of symmetry and symbolism, this elliptical shape with streamlined edges spotlights your diamond’s whirlwind brilliance.
Wear it as a necklace, ring, bracelet and studs. Now a core element of our Diamond Bezel Collection of jewelry essentials. For a limited time, enjoy a limited edition artwork by artist and designer Marleigh Culver with your order.
Blazing facets illuminate your diamond’s depth and dimension while creating a fiery radiance unique to this triangular stone.
Wear it as a necklace, ring, bracelet and studs. Now a core element of our Diamond Bezel Collection of jewelry essentials. For a limited time, enjoy a limited edition artwork by artist + designer Marleigh Culver with your order.
This rectangular shape with narrow and transparent step-cut facets display your diamond’s depth while flooding it with light to highlight clarity.
Wear it as a necklace, ring, bracelet and studs. Now a core element of our Diamond Bezel Collection of jewelry essentials. For a limited time, enjoy a limited edition artwork by artist and designer Marleigh Culver with your order.
INTRODUCING a new Vrai signature line, The Diamond Bezel Collection. True essentials with our signature twist. 4 diamond shapes, 4 designs – elemental in form and fundamental in meaning. Find your element – they're waiting for you.
Link in bio to shop.
Four unique diamond shapes, elemental in form and fundamental in meaning.
We’ve been reading your comments, emails and in-person feedback and we can’t wait for you to meet our new collection of essentials with a signature twist...
A reminder to live in your element: today, tomorrow and beyond— new signature styles are on their way.
To us, the details always matter. Our Signature Bezel engagement ring features a knife-edge bezel setting unique to Vrai. Designed to sit low on your finger and flush with your wedding band, our signature sling dips slightly below the band, spotlighting your diamond’s shine. Visit our Story to watch Perfect Pairings, our series that gives you an up close and personal look at what this refined ring looks like with each of our wedding bands.
Our in-house design team slightly re-sized our Pavé Huggie Hoops so they’re more comfortable than ever. You’ll never have (or want) to take them off. Rock them in yellow, rose or white gold.
One thing we love about our Lightweight Hoops, and our designs in general, is that you’re the missing element. @smyth_myth makes her hoops all her own, how would you wear them?
We design all of our jewelry in-house, but that doesn't mean we aren't inspired by places and people all over the world. Our Pinterest is where our ideas and community can connect. See the link in bio to follow along.
Designed for love, the rest is what you make it. Swipe to see the Oval diamond in our new Partnerings engagement settings.
Our Oval diamond, in order of appearance:
The Hover
The Duet
The Signature
The Trio
The Curator
The Knife-Edge
See our two other styles, plus how to customize each one further, in the link in bio.
"I have barely taken this necklace off since I got it. Simple, elegant and different." – Annette J.
Our Interlink Necklace is a continuation of our conversation around human connection, a design we’re proud to call a signature.
The Flat, from top to bottom: 1.5mm, 3mm and 4.5mm. Whichever you choose, these unisex bands are simple, solid gold symbols of love and commitment – to your partner and to yourself.
Link in bio to shop.
In the past, Signets were seen as a signature and used to stamp important documents and letters. Engrave your Signet ring with a letter that reminds you of a memory or a milestone you want to keep close.
Traditionally, a Signet would showcase your family crest but today, you can inscribe your ring with anything - what would you engrave your ring with?
Our 14k gold chains – an everyday symbol of your values throughout all of life’s ups and downs - there for your through thick and thin.
“I’ve changed jobs, changed career paths, ended relationships, started new ones, got married, moved states and more. The confidence to take those risks was built on my past experiences, that in the moment seemed unexpected and strange, but now help define who I am today.” Hannah, Director of Customer Experience
Our new Marquise Diamond Ear Arc is your everyday reminder to stay the course, everyone’s journey is different.
You’ve been asking for a closer look at Partnerings, our new engagement collection. Swipe to see just how versatile our Round Brilliant diamond really is in each of our newest ring settings.
Classic shape, classic settings, all with our signature Vrai details.
The round brilliant diamond meets our three original engagement ring settings (The Signature, The Signature Bezel, The Halo) refined and better than ever.
"All my life I thought I wanted to be a teacher but after a few years of teaching high school, something didn’t feel right. It took me a long time but I finally made the decision to quit teaching and start a new career in a completely unrelated industry. At the time, I felt like a failure but now looking back, I feel proud of how brave I was - it’s never too late to start something new."
Your reminder that there’s power in staying true to your own life story - everyone's arc is unique. Our team models Ear Arcs while reflecting on their own life arcs. For more team stories, tap the link in our bio.
Our Diamond Ear Arcs come in four diamond shapes: Round, Pear, Marquise and Emerald, in 4 or 6 stone combinations. Swipe to view them all.
Introducing: Diamond Ear Arcs. Inspired by our belief that life is more of a curve than a straight line, our new collection is a reminder that there’s power in staying true to your unique journey. Swipe to view the full arc. Which one's your favorite?
Link in bio to shop.
Coming tomorrow, our new collection inspired by the arc of life. Wise words from Katheryn Winnick, actress
A time to band together.
Did you know that over 90% of our gold is recycled?  The remaining 10% is responsibly sourced through the Responsible Jewelry Council (RJC). Our gold has the same properties as newly mined metal but none of the negative environmental consequences.
Everyone loves hug(gies) and now you’ve got even more options. Newly refined, these hoops catch the light with every step you take, and are ever-so-slightly re-sized for the most comfortable and inclusive hug.
The moment your best friend has been waiting for. Tell your friends about Vrai and give $20, get $20. 🔗in bio to learn more about our Refer-a-Friend program.
Meet our new bigger, bolder basics - the Extra Large Lightweight Hoops. Our hoop family is growing, which means you have more options than ever. See more on our story.
Hoop dreams do come true. Our lightweight hoops are perfect for adding personality to your everyday. Tomorrow, our lightweight hoop family gets bigger.
Sharp edges form a subtle meeting point creating an elegant silhouette with a softer side. Our Knife-Edge partnering reminds us that “being both soft and strong is a combination very few have mastered.” - Yasmin Mogahed, Author, Poet and International Speaker. ❤️
Our diamonds were created without the human and environmental toll of mining. Sourced exclusively from @diamondfoundry, one diamond eliminates 2,011 ounces of air pollution, saves 127 gallons of water and avoids 250 tons of earth being excavated.
Inspired by a centuries-old tradition, the Signet Collection is our modern interpretation of a classic and empowering symbol. Personalize your diamond shape and metal color or engrave something you’ll always want to remember.
Introducing: the Signet Collection. Once a traditional symbol, today we think of the signet as a symbol of personal power and inner strength.
We’re embracing self expression & individuality in the workplace because the truth about being yourself is that it’s part of cultivating a meaningful personal life and career. Remember you deserve to have your voice heard, be in that big meeting or sit in first class because when you work hard, you pave the way for future generations. 
That’s why we’re gifting you a free pair of Line Threaders on $450+ orders from today until September 3rd. Add to cart, choose your gold color & your discount will automatically apply at checkout. Orders must be over $450 not including the price of Line Threaders.
Stand out in line. Our Line Bracelets pair perfectly with our 14k gold Line Threaders, which are free with orders $450+ until September 3rd. Just choose your gold color - yellow, rose or white, add to cart & your free gift will be applied with purchase.