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“A lot of people are completely re-sculpting their faces and it makes everyone look the same, which to me is a shame," says @zoeisabellakravitz. "Everyone is unique and different in their own way—I think that's a beautiful thing, and makeup should be used to enhance that.” Tap the link in our bio to learn about her new makeup launch with @yslbeauty–and how she added a personal touch to it.
What's a typical day in Los Angeles like for @_emmachamberlain? Watch to find out; full video in the link in our bio.
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This month, @alexanderwangny reimagines @bulgariofficial's Serpenti Forever Bag as part of the 135-year-old house’s ongoing “Serpenti Through the Eyes Of ” series of capsule collections. “I found the original snake-head piece from the 1960s in the Bvlgari archives,” the designer says. “It was a nod to the sinful woman, and that was something I could relate to. I always think about a thrill-seeker when I design." Tap the link in our bio for all details.
An exquisite short film, The Hair Appointment (@slayedinbraids), focuses on “the beauty of African braiding and the community surrounding getting your hair braided in a salon versus doing your hair at home,” @helena.koudou, a 23-year-old Ivorian braider and model, explains. “The stylist-client bond is such a beautiful connection. We talk about everything in the chair.” The film also seeks to celebrate the natural hair community at a time when women still face discrimination for their hairstyles. Tap the link in our bio to learn more. Photo by Jeremy Rodney-Hall
Between her successful career and raising two kids, @karolinakurkova is a very busy woman. Tap the link in our bio to learn how she creates her model-on-the-go look.
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"This is the character you created for me, let me just hide behind it,” @taylorswift says now of the persona she has created. “I always used this metaphor when I was younger. I’d say that with every reinvention, I never wanted to tear down my house. ’Cause I built this house. This house being, metaphorically, my body of work, my songwriting, my music, my catalog, my library. I just wanted to redecorate. I think a lot of people, with Reputation, would have perceived that I had torn down the house. Actually, I just built a bunker around it.” Tap the link in our bio to read our full profile on our September cover star. Photographed by @inezandvinoodh, styled by @tonnegood, written by @abbyaguirre, Vogue, September 2019
Summer wedding season isn’t over yet. Follow @vogueweddings for answers to all your wedding-related questions as well as inspiration.
Nothing screams summer like a long, cool dip. And the dreamiest of the country’s vacation spots all have one thing in common—a killer pool. From urban-sleek hotels in Brooklyn and Baltimore to luxe desert resorts in Arizona and Palm Springs, tap the link in our bio for the most lounge-ready (and Instagram-worthy) pools. Photographed by @angelopennetta, styled by @alex_jordan_harrington, Vogue, March 2019
@sophie_msmsmsm and @tzefmontana have "the kind of love that can turn even the most hardened cynics into believers." Tap the link in our bio to read their story.
Photographed by @evitamanji. #vogueworld
For nearly 400 years, these wayfinding traditions of the Polynesians were all but forgotten, lost to colonialism and technology and the blurry passage of time. That is until the 1970s, when, amid a cultural Hawaiian renaissance, a small group called the Polynesian Voyaging Society set out to connect the dots. Using drawings and museum replicas, they built Hōkūleʻa, the first deep-voyaging canoe to hit the water in centuries. Tap the link in our bio to learn more about their voyage. Photographed by @brendangeorgeko
@ToryBurch  joins Vogue’s #ForcesofFashion conference in October. For young women with fashion or business ambitions of their own, it will be a can’t-miss panel; mark your calendars for October 10th and 11th, and until then, revisit some of her best photos in Vogue, and reasons why Burch is a force of fashion–and feminism, at the link in our bio. Photographed by @theo123456, Vogue, September 2016
Happy Birthday, @madonna! Tap the link in our bio for a look back at some of her most iconic looks.
If these two breakout roles weren’t enough to make for a massive summer, @maya_hawke just introduced fans to her musical stylings, releasing two dreamy, romantic folk songs. Tap the link in our bio to listen. Photo by @mastergia
Meet @shynatives, an upcoming lingerie brand being launched by two Northern Cheyenne sisters, Jordan and Madison Craig, who are currently based in Oakland, California. “This is a very modern thing we’re doing, and just because were Native American doesn’t mean that we have to stick to basket weaving or whatever it is that people expect Native Americans to do,” says Madison, who also claims that she is extra-careful whenever they do reference motifs or prints from their ancestors. “We don’t want to use anything that is too sacred or spiritual.” Tap the link in our bio to learn more.
The Victorian prairie frock already championed by designers like Batsheva Hay and Sarah Burton at Alexander McQueen is getting yet another stamp of approval from the zeitgeist. Tap the link in our bio to read more about the trend. Photographed by @mikaeljansson, Vogue, November 2015
“I have a very hard time taking compliments, or complimenting myself,” @tomford says, “but I sometimes have to stop and think, Wow: How am I wearing Tom Ford underwear right now, a Tom Ford watch, Tom Ford cuff links, a Tom Ford shirt, a Tom Ford suit, Tom Ford shoes, Tom Ford glasses, Tom Ford moisturizer, Tom Ford bronzer? How is there a Jay-Z song called ‘Tom Ford’? In 12 years, how did that happen?” At 58, Ford is busier than he has ever been. The brand he launched only 13 years ago now earns $2 billion in annual retail sales across men’s and women’s ready-to-wear, accessories, fragrance, cosmetics, and eyewear, a legitimate rival to 100-year-old French houses. The writer-director-producer of two films, he has another two in the works. And this spring, he succeeded Diane von Furstenberg as chairman of the @CFDA. Tap the link in our bio to step into his world. Photographed by Annie Leibovitz, styled by @phyllis_posnick, written by Rob Haskell, Vogue, September 2019
Introducing our first-ever @voguebeauty zine, featuring @chloessevigny! Tap the link in our bio to learn the genesis of Chloë Sevigny Little Flower, a collaboration with cult-favorite Los Angeles–based fragrance house @regimedesfleurs. Photographed by @hollymillshair
Wondering where you can find the perfect sweater, jeans, or boots? Tap the link in our bio for our editor-approved guide. Photographed by #AnnieLeibovitz, Vogue, styled by @saramoonves, August 2019
@rupaulsdragrace star @alyssaedwards_1 breaks down her colorful beauty look; tap the link in our bio for the full video.
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@ashleygraham and @mrjustinervin are expecting their first child! Tap the link in our bio for details.
@xulybetofficial's Lamine Kouyaté was championing diversity, staging guerrilla shows, making shopping experiential (his New York boutique featured a skate ramp), and upcycling long before these issues were the foci of the industry. Yet his work is little known, in part because his most important work was done in the pre-internet 1990s. @azza_yousif and @michelle_elie share the impact Lamine Kouyaté and Xuly.Bët have had on their lives and fashion in the link in our bio.
New job jitters? Where? On her first day at work as a Vogue intern, comedian and actress @whitneycummings took our 1 World Trade offices by storm; tap the link in our bio to watch what happened.
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From @proenzaschouler (whose design is featured above) to @tomford, Vogue's #ForcesofFashion conference brings together the biggest names in the fashion industry for two days of conversations and inspiration in New York City. Tap the link in our bio to reserve your spot. Photographed by @MikaelJansson, Vogue, December 2015
Introducing Snap's Spectacles 3, to be released later this fall. Sleeker, slimmer, and made in lightweight stainless steel, they signal the company’s move into elevated design. Tap the link in our bio for an exclusive first look. Photographed by @studio_jackson, styled by @tabithasimmons, Vogue, September 2019
“[Nigeria] is the land of great music, food, art, and cultural traditions. Traditions that have played a huge part in my love of color, art, and vibrant prints,” @adesamuel says. Tap the link in our bio to see the city’s rich design scene through Samuel's eyes, from heading to Lekki Art Market to shop for objets d’art to riding around town with @adesuwa. Photo by @mako_od
@staceyabrams's run for governor in 2018 ended in a loss of just 54,723 votes—a stunning, public blow. And yet she emerged from it as a kind of bellwether Democrat, a vision of her party’s future. She tripled Latino, Asian-American, and Pacific Islander voter turnout and doubled youth participation in her state. She inspired 1.2 million black Democrats in Georgia to vote for her (more than the total number of Democratic gubernatorial voters in 2014). And she gained the highest percentage of the state’s white Democratic voters in a generation. All of this despite widespread reports of voter suppression and a Republican opponent, Brian Kemp—Georgia’s then secretary of state—who oversaw the purging of about 670,000 registered voters in 2017 alone. Some 53,000 voter registrations were still pending a month ahead of the election.

Abrams refused to concede at first. “I sat shiva for 10 days,” she tells me. “Then I started plotting.” Tap the link in our bio to read what her next mission is. Photographed by @ethanja
Who needs TV when people watching in the park is free? Photographed by @arnold_daniel
When asked if she has always been aware of sexism, September cover star @taylorswift replies, “I think about this a lot." "When I was a teenager, I would hear people talk about sexism in the music industry, and I’d be like, I don’t see it. I don’t understand. Then I realized that was because I was a kid," she says. "Men in the industry saw me as a kid. I was a lanky, scrawny, overexcited young girl who reminded them more of their little niece or their daughter than a successful woman in business or a colleague. The second I became a woman, in people’s perception, was when I started seeing it. “It’s fine to infantilize a girl’s success and say, How cute that she’s having some hit songs,” she goes on. “How cute that she’s writing songs. But the second it becomes formidable? As soon as I started playing stadiums—when I started to look like a woman—that wasn’t as cool anymore. It was when I started to have songs from Red come out and cross over, like ‘I Knew You Were Trouble’ and ‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back T
The modern seaside city of Tel Aviv is poles apart from religious hubs like Jerusalem or Tzfat. Here, on the Mediterranean coast, the beach is a daily congregation of flesh, salt, and tattoos. Tap the link in our bio for a look at beach style in Tel Aviv. Photographed by @thisismayan
The right underwear has the whimsical ability to elevate sensual self-confidence, even if you are the only one who will see it. On the weekend of your wedding, you should feel your most alluring, and crafting the perfect collection of underpinnings will ensure that feeling sticks around all weekend long. Tap the link in our bio for what to keep in mind as you choose underpinnings for each matrimonial event. Photographed by @cassblackbird, styled by @jordenbickham
Collectively known as the Asian Dope Boys, the Shanghai-based, multi-disciplinary troupe creates performance art that straddles the beautiful and the bizarre, becoming the leaders of a new performance art movement. @ylvafalk's Paris-based collective, House of Drama, has joined their ranks, too, as have outsider electronic artists such as @aishadevi5d. Tap the link in our bio to learn more about their special breed of thought-provoking absurdism. #vogueworld
“Nepal is a mosaic of culture, religion, language, and tradition. With a population split between a variety of tribes and ethnic affiliations, there is no single wedding style or practice,” writes Nadya Agrawal in “The Essential Guide to Nepali Weddings.” Despite the variety of cultures in Nepal and the different kinds of marriages, Nepali weddings remain constant in one thing: color. “Red and green are the dominant hues in Nepali weddings, speaking to love, vitality, and tradition,” writes Agrawal. Tap the link in our bio to read more; and find more wedding stories on @vogueweddings. Photographed by @paleyphoto
Birds of a feather street style together. Tap the link our bio for the best street style from outside Copenhagen’s Spring 2020 shows. Photographed by @styledumonde
Later this year, @taylorswift will star in a film adaptation of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Cats as Bombalurina, the flirtatious red cat. “They made us the size of cats by making the furniture bigger,” she says. “You’d be standing there and you could barely reach the seat of a chair. It was phenomenal. It made you feel like a little kid.” But first, she will spend much of the summer holding “secret sessions”—a tradition wherein Swift invites hundreds of fans to her various homes to preview her new music. “They’ve never given me a reason to stop doing it,” she says. “Not a single one.” Speaking of: Inquiring fans will want to know if Swift dropped any more clues about how to decode Lover during her September cover story interview. Tap the link in our bio to find out. 
Photographed by @inezandvinoodh, styled by @tonnegood, written by @abbyaguirre, Vogue, September 2019.
In a very special episode of #GoAskAnna, September cover star @taylorswift has the floor. “I have some questions for you,” she tells our EIC, “things I’ve been dying to know. I think the internet will agree with me.” Tap the link in our bio to watch the full video.
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Celebrated, canceled, obsessed over—is @taylorswift our most endlessly debated pop star? With a new album, and a newly assertive political voice, the star opens up in our September issue about sexism, scrutiny, and standing up for herself. Tap the link in our bio to read the full profile. Photographed by @inezandvinoodh, styled by @tonnegood, written by @abbyaguirre, Vogue, September 2019.
@taylorswift is our September issue cover star! Tap the link in our bio to read the full profile. Photographed by @inezandvinoodh, styled by @tonnegood, written by @abbyaguirre, Vogue, September 2019.
With a roster of clients far beyond his years, 19-year-old @samvissermakeup has been painting famous faces such as @kimkardashian, @ArianaGrande, and @lilyrose_depp since far before he could buy a lottery ticket or get a tattoo without parental consent. Tap the link in our bio to get to know him.
@ambervalletta has walked her fair share of runway shows over the years, and the biggest names in beauty have prepped her face countless times backstage. Along the way, she's picked up a few trade secrets; tap the link in our bio to learn them. 
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Last year, @tylersphotos photographed @beyonce for Vogue’s September issue. And now, his work is getting the museum treatment: A portrait from that editorial is being acquired into the @smithsoniannpg’s permanent collection in Washington, D.C. Tap the link in our bio for more details. Photographed by @tylersphotos, Vogue, September 2018
Toni Morrison, the Nobel- and Pulitzer Prize–winning author and educator, has died. In memoriam, we are republishing an interview that appeared in the April 1981 issue of Vogue in the link in our bio.
Driving with Dubai’s all-female luxury car club, the @arabiangazelles, sheds light on a new kind of ladies’ club where power is in the eye—and gearshift—of the beholder. @elianeamer (above), a former journalist, mother of three, and one of the original members of the Arabian Gazelles, had parents who owned a gas station and car repair shop in Lebanon. “I used to steal my brothers’ cars a lot and go driving everywhere,” says Amer. Now she likes to drive her Lamborghini Aventador barefoot. “When I jump into the driver’s seat and hear the sound of the engine, something changes,” Amer tells me. “It makes me want to be as aggressive as the car. After joining the Gazelles, I realized there are many more woman who feel the same way I do.” Tap the link in our bio to read more. Photographed by @devindoyle
Ubiquitous and scene-stealing: Discover the latest handbags from @Prada at the link in our bio.
@pirelli's 2020 calendar is a tribute to the heroine of Romeo and Juliet. True to Shakespeare’s play, the photographer Paolo Roversi shot images in Verona, Italy, as well as in the city he calls home, Paris. But in keeping with the spirit of the times, for 2020 this production is all Juliets (yes, plural), shown variously in costume, in situ, and IRL. Tap the link in our bio for all details.
Leave the dated knapsack at home and opt for a chic carryall that can hold anything—lunches, papers, a laptop—with genuine flair. Tap the link in our bio for the best bags for back-to-school season and beyond. Photographed by @AngeloPennetta, styled by @alex_jordan_harrington, Vogue, June 2019
To say that @donni.davy's work on @euphoria has sparked a makeup movement would be an understatement. Merging teen reality with escapist fantasy, Davy, the show's lead makeup artist, is catapulting Gen Z's makeup obsession—and unbridled experimentation—into the mainstream with sparkle and nuance. "Teenagers are switching things up constantly," she explains. "Gen Z uses makeup not only to portray who they are, but who they want to be that day." Ahead of #Euphoria's season finale tonight, tap the link in our bio to read Davy's thoughts on storytelling through a hyper-visual lens. #regram @maudeapatow
The best fashion moments on Instagram last week were a master class in summertime dressing. Tap the link in our bio to see all our favorites. Photo by @myleshendrik
It’s a shameful fact that even common sense gun laws have failed to pass in Congress in recent years, despite supposed support from the vast majority of Americans, according to polls. But now that some of the very U.S. senators who voted in favor of gun reform are running for president in the 2020 Democratic primary: what, exactly, do they plan to do about gun violence? Tap the link in our bio for a breakdown of what the 2020 Democratic candidates plan to do about gun violence. Illustration by @Jningwong
In 2010s currency, nothing is more valuable than clout. Tap the link in our bio for a look back at how social media "influence" changed our lives—and our clothing—over the past decade, as part of our #voguerunway2010s series. Photographed for Vogue, September 2018
On National Twin Day, tap the link in our bio to go see what happened when we traveled to Twinsburg, Ohio, for the Twins Days festival. Photographed by @tomjohnsonstudio