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Say hello to the most dynamic duo on the scene: Unseen Sunscreen (prime and protect) and Invincible Setting Powder (set and refresh). #butfirstsunscreen #gounseen #powderon
@daisychaussee is taking over our Instagram Stories from @vailmtn today! Follow along for all the 🌤⛰🌼 vibes! #butfirstsunscreen
*books trip to Italy* 📸 @streichersisters
"I’m obsessed. As a fair skinned person, I grew up with a mother who constantly reminded me of the importance of protecting my skin from cancer {she’s had several spots removed!} I don’t take skin protection lightly, and since I was already using a translucent powder every day to take away shine this one just made sense - ya know?" We can't argue with @being_bridget #powderon #butfirstsunscreen
SPF for all day, every day. #butfirstsunscreen
Invincible Setting Powder SPF 45 was formulated to make reapplication as easy as 1,2,3. Throw it in your purse and reapply while you touch up your makeup throughout the day. 📸 @byrdiebeauty #powderon #butfirstsunscreen
🎶Monday morning you sure look fine.🎶 Image via @seeannajane #butfirstsunscreen #gounseen #powderon
✨TFW you're ready to glow✨ #butfirstsunscreen 📸@overglowedit
Have SPF, will travel. #butfirstsunscreen Image via @megannbarness
Ready for a perfect beach day over here. #butfirstsunscreen
💫Glow Stick - an invisible glow-boosting dry oil for your face, chest, and shoulders.💫 #butfirstsunscreen #glowup
"It wears so well underneath makeup because you literally cannot see it." That time @marianna_hewitt fell in love with Unseen Sunscreen. #gounseen
"This sunscreen goes on smooth and light, and makes my pores look smaller. I use it before I apply makeup or alone. This is my favorite facial sunscreen ever!" - @sephora VIB. 📸 @skinjolie
Drumroll, please... The Summer Merch Shop is now open! You loved our limited-edition gifts so much, we decided to make a special batch (a transparent carryall, baseball hat and canvas tote, to be exact). Plus, get the carryall, hat and a travel-sized Sunscreen Mousse when you spend $200+. Click our link in bio for more.
"It literally rubs straight in. No ashy cast. No white. No purple. No smell whatsoever." @nymatang with #SPFmagic makeup routine. #gounseen
The beach is calling! You could win a 2 night stay @gurneysmontauk, a medium framed @graymalin print, and summer essentials from us and @milly! Tap the link in our bio to enter! #butfirstsunscreen
Oh hey, it's the Dream Team: Unseen Sunscreen SPF 40 to prime your skin and Invincible Setting Powder SPF 45 to set your look. #SPFmagic
TFW you realize Defense Refresh Setting Mist SPF 50 can be applied over your makeup for SPF touch ups all day long. @alatorreee knows what we mean 🤩  #supergoopxmilly
When your daily SPF routine is 🔥 #spfmagic  Image via @overglowedit
"Glow Stick is definitely my favorite new product, I love that it kind of doubles as highlighter and it’s so easy to carry around with you—so you really have no excuse not to reapply your SPF." - @chrissyford #SPFmagic 
P.S. Chrissy's taking over our Instagram Stories today so follow along for some serious summer in the city vibes! #SPFmagic
"I always get greasy during the day, no matter the season, so the powder is essential for my daily routine." - @chrissyford on the magic of 100% Mineral Invincible Setting Powder SPF 45. #SPFmagic
What's your morning routine missing? 90% of the signs of aging are caused by the sun. If you're not wearing SPF on the daily, then your skin is vulnerable to fine lines, wrinkles, and dark spots. 📸 by @skinjolie #spfmagic #butfirstsunscreen
"Defense Refresh Setting Spray is crucial in the summer time to make sure your makeup isn’t melting off, but also has the benefit of protecting your skin." @chrissyford on one of her fave Supergoop! products! #SPFmagic
🔮 We see a Holo Pouch and an Unseen Sunscreen in your future! 🔮 Tag a friend who believes in #SPFmagic for a chance to win one our exclusive Holo Makeup Bags and an Unseen Sunscreen SPF 40. #gounseen
"SPF is something that is becoming increasingly important to me. I’ve always been pretty good about using it at the beach, but not on an every day basis. I think most of us with darker skin have always been led to believe that we didn’t really need to wear SPF—but that is a lie. I’ve just made SPF a daily part of my skincare routine in the last 6 months or so." - @chrissyford on her relationship with SPF. #SPFmagic
The two types of mineral sunscreen actives are zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. Mineral formulas are great for sensitive skin and some people just prefer them. But when not formulated or used properly they can easily separate and become ineffective (recipe for a sunburn). They can also sometimes be thick, heavy and pasty. To us, mineral SPF needs to be effective and feel good, so you'll actually want to wear it and protect yourself from the sun. Bonus: ours are also easy to work into your routine - a tinted CC cream, a setting powder, a feel-good mist and more. #sun101
“Clear sunscreen is a major gamechanger for me! Part of the reason why I never integrated sunscreen into my daily routine was because I hated that greyish tint I would get from using regular sunscreens. It's great to know that there's a clear version I can use at home, or on the go that I won't have to worry about being noticeable." -@chrissyford on #SPFmagic
✨ First. Day. Of. Summer.✨ #SPFmagic 
Get your hands on Unseen Sunscreen @sephora and #sephorainjcp! #gounseen #cleanatsephora
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OMG the perfect summer duo has arrived at supergoop.com. Receive a complimentary @igkhair Beach Club texturing spray any time you buy a full size Super Power Sunscreen Mousse SPF 50 with code: IGK (while supplies last). #butfirstsunscreen
"Really changes what I believed about a sunscreen. Sunscreens CAN be transparent, sunscreens CAN be lightweight, and sunscreens CAN feel good under makeup. YAS!" - @sephora VIB #sephorainjcp #cleanatsephora #SPFmagic
"I love Unseen Sunscreen as a part of my daily skincare routine, and also Healthy Glow Sunless Tan with SPF 40. That stuff is genius, because while I want to protect my skin, I have to admit I look better with a bit of a tan [laughs]. Also the makeup setting mist? So smart. Nothing worse than being at the pool and trying to put on SPF without a mirror and messing your whole face up even though you've avoided being splashed all day." - @marissaaross on that #SPFmagic
Summer beauty essential: Supergoop! x @milly Defense Refresh Setting Mist SPF 50. #SPFmagic #supergoopxmilly Image via @overglowedit
"Man, so much! It's hard to say any one thing. There's the obvious part-- yes, I get to drink lots of incredible wine, travel, and made my life long dream of being a writer come true. But what truly makes it special is being able to connect with natural winemakers all around the world, and connect with wine consumers and give them the information and power to become confident wine drinkers. Wine itself is magical and fun, and everyone should be able to enjoy it." - @marissaross on what makes her world magical! #SPFmagic
Say it with us - reapplication, reapplication, reapplication. @marissaaross knows how to #powderon. #spfmagic
Unseen Sunscreen, our kind of disappearing act. #spfmagic #gounseen
"Growing up in Southern California, I was always in the sun and SPF was always a part of that. It was engrained in me that I always had it wear it if I was going to be outside, but as I got older, I never thought about how I had to wear it inside. A little over a year ago, I started noticing sun spots on my face and I was like, WHAT! HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?! I NEVER LEAVE MY HOUSE! But my house is full big windows with tons of natural light. Now, SPF is a part of my regular morning skincare routine, regardless of what I'm doing that day or what the weather is like." - @marissaross #SPFmagic
What's more magical than weightless, scentless, totally invisible SPF? Weightless, scentless, totally invisible SPF that also acts as a makeup primer🔮 #SPFmagic #gounseen
Hocus pocus with an SPF focus 🧙‍♀️ You can find Unseen Sunscreen and Invincible Setting Powder @sephora and at #sephorainjcp! #cleanatsephora #SPFmagic
Have you met Everyday Sunscreen? It's the SPF that started it all, the Supergoop! original, the ultimate essential. #SPFmagic #butfirstsunscreen
"I have been using SPF since by mid 20s it was around that time that I really started getting into moisturizing which led me to understand the damaging effects of UV Rays." - @aurorajames on her relationship with SPF #spfmagic #butfirstsunscreen
"I am incredibly lucky to have the opportunities to travel to Africa as part of my job. It’s incredibly rewarding to be able to design shoes and bags and have them actually created by talented artisans across Africa. There’s something so special about making beautiful products in a super beautiful way!" - @aurorajames on the magic that she enjoys everyday. P.S. Aurora is taking over our IG Stories right now. Follow along for all the ✨ #spfmagic #butfirstsunscreen
New day, same SPF. #SPFmagic #dontgounseen Image via @skinjolie
Abracadabra! Makeup setting powder and SPF 45 all in one. #spfmagic #powderon
"I had never wanted to wear sunscreen everyday until this product. I KNOW that sounds insane but I mean it! You cannot tell you are wearing it, it is the opposite of other sunscreens I have tried in all of the best ways. NOT oily and INVISIBLE. Epic." - @sephora VIB #dontgounseen #spfmagic #SephoraInJCP
Unseen Sunscreen, the magic ingredient to every morning routine. #spfmagic 📸 @girlstallion
We can’t talk about #SPFMagic without our friend @aurorajames—wanderluster and creative director/founder of the cult-favorite shoe-and-handbag line @brothervellies. She told us more about working with African artisans and about her love of SPF…oh, and did we mention she was a nominee for this year’s #CFDAAwards? There’s that, too.
Invincible Setting Powder -  100% Mineral and 100% awesome. Available @sephora and #sephorainjcp 💙 #cleanatsephora #spfmagic
"I am SPF OBSESSED! It is something that I use on the daily and seriously feel really weird without! I urge everyone I come in contact with to use SPF too. It’s one of the most important steps in my wellness routine." @tarasowlaty is taking over our stories today. Follow along for all the ☀️💕🌸 #spfmagic #dontgounseen
✨ Magic mornings 🔮 #spfmagic