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One more of @sfmarx's pasta alla gricia, because y'all seem to be pretty excited about it. We are, too. Link in bio.
Dappled light effect, courtesy of @bravetart's lacy ricotta cookies. Great work on these, @npaden! Link to the recipe in our bio. #CookSerious
Our favorite fancy fifteen-minute dinner is @kenjilopezalt's moules marinières. It's tonight's recipe for our weeknight meals series—which, if you're not already receiving in your inbox, you can sign up for at the link in our bio. Oh, and get this recipe so you can cook along with us, too!
Halloween's over, so Thanksgiving is in full swing. Which means "testing" @kenjilopezalt's hasselback potato gratin at least once a week to be sure it's perfect (and as an excuse to eat hasselback potato gratin at least once a week). Link in bio.
@sfmarx is joining the mission to make pasta all gricia a household name. It's essentially carbonara's older, cooler cousin—cooked and dressed in a sauce made with rendered guanciale, black pepper, pasta cooking water, and grated Pecorino Romano cheese. You're going to want to get on board with this, so we left the link in our bio.
Call it sacreligous, but we'd just as soon take our Halloween chocolate in the form of a gooey s'mores bar featuring @bravetart's homemade marshmallows and graham crackers. Nice work on these, @mikegalante! Stella's cookbook is the gift that keeps on giving. Get it at the link in our bio. #CooksSerious
We got to thinking today and realized that @sfmarx's stuffed pumpkins would make a *perfect* festive Halloween dinner. He originally intended it for Thanksgiving but this is just too perfect. Link in bio.
We could watch @bravetart put together a cake on loop for *quite* some time. We figured you could too, so here you go. Want to learn how to crumb coat with the best of them? Link in bio.
We're holding strong to our theory that shot-from-the-side photos are the new shot-from-above photos. The crust porn on our Sicilian-style pizza as made by @vanessa.holden provides further evidence. Link in bio. #CookSerious
@bravetart does savory stuff too, you know! In fact, she makes one of the best tomato basil soups on the block. Link in bio.
As we bid farewell to summer tomatoes, @kristinabornholtz is holding on for dear life with this gem-studded fritatta with cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, and frozen sweet corn from her aunt's crop this year. If only we could eat like this year round... Link in bio for the base fritatta recipe by @nerdswithknives.
@e_zar is on a roll making his way through @kenjilopezalt's library of works on the site. Like the iconic gambas al ajillo—which, now that we think of it, would make an excellent treat for a Saturday night supper. Link in bio.
Genius idea via @jennakitchell: Take @bravetart's yeasted pumpkin bread and make pumpkin spice French toast. Frankly, we're mad we didn't think of this first. Link to the recipe in our bio. #CookSerious
Here's your perfect excuse to pick up some pears at the farmers market this weekend: @bravetart's easy pear galette. As rustic as you want to be, because that's what galettes are all about. Link in bio.
@kenjilopezalt knows his kielbasa (hello, @wursthall!). He therefore knows his kapusniak, or Polish cabbage soup with kielbasa and potatoes. You'll know it soon, too. Link in bio.
We like to call @dgritzer's penne arrabbiata the pasta that bites back. It's a dead-simple sauce, but watch out—those red pepper flakes can pack a punch. It's pasta fight club, and we just keep coming back. Link in bio.
Your new weeknight go-to: This healthy sheet pan dinner featuring wild @alaskaseafood seafood pollock packed with fall flavors. Link in bio. #Ad #NationalSeafoodMonth
We're getting a headstart on Halloween this week with @sfmarx's cheesy stuffed pumpkins, which just so happen to be *perfect* for Thanksgiving, too. David S. Pumpkins approved. Link in bio.
@bravetart's maple Italian buttercream is so luxurious and autumnal, you'll want to put it on so much more than just cake. Like on a warm dinner roll, for example. Just as a casual snack, you know. Link in bio.
Taking a break from pizza pies to bring you some good ol' fashioned apple pie, courtesy of @themeasuredkitchen. Great work on this @bravetart recipe! Keep tagging us in all your fall baking endeavors for a chance to get featured on our feed. #CookSerious
Looking for a longread for a lazy Sunday? Cozy up to our State of the Slice—the 27 slice shops in New York that define the scene in 2018. Link in bio. 📸: @akuban
@e_zar has officially been welcomed into the Church of the 3-Ingredient, 10-Minute Mac and Cheese. He follows a long line of Serious Eaters before him who swear by @kenjilopezalt's recipe. Welcome, Elazar!
Brunch tomorrow: @bravetart's new pumpkin coffee cake, made in your cast iron skillet. It's buttery like a blondie, hearty like a muffin, and is topped with the most seasonally-appropriate streusel imaginable. Link in bio.
The New York pizza slice has entered a new golden age. @seriouseatered, @akuban, and @scottspizzatours rounded up the best 27 slices in New York to prove it. Consider this the state of the slice in 2018. Link in bio.
Office manager extraordinaire @followmegnome brought in @doughdoughnuts this morning, which obviously prompted a photoshoot. Except someone got in there and took a bite before @victakespics could grab her camera and snap this shot 🙄 Makes for a more dynamic photo?
Skip the Thai takeout—with the help of wild @alaskaseafood pollock, a boatload of vegetables and fresh herbs, and an almond butter sauce, there’s a tasty, healthier alternative. Link in bio #Ad #NationalSeafoodMonth
What exactly is the current state of the New York slice? Well, to get there, we figured we should start at the very beginning, with a slice of New York pizza history. And that's exactly what @seriouseatered, @akuban, and @scottspizzatours did. Link in bio. 📷: @akuban
Pro tip: Make @bravetart's yeasted pumpkin bread and use it for a festive-as-hell grilled cheese. Bonus points for pairing with @dgritzer's butternut squash soup. Link in bio.
Turn *off* that A/C and turn *on* that oven! Now that the temperature is dropping, high time to make all your baking dreams come true. Starting with @bravetart’s banana bread, just like @whatamargemalloweats. #CookSerious
Meet your new favorite easy, healthy dinner: Blackened wild Alaska pollock fish tacos. They’re ready in just 35 minutes, so they’re perfect for your Taco Tuesday party (or any other weeknight). Link in bio. #Ad #NationalSeafoodMonth
Sundays are for casual, eating-with-your-hands kinda food. Like our Thai chicken satay with spicy peanut sauce, made here by @cookwithkait. Nice work on these, Kait! #CookSerious
Feeling uninspired for dinner tonight? Meet our seafood recipe generator—find healthy, omega 3–packed meals customized to your exact preferences. Link in bio. #Ad #NationalSeafoodMonth
Pump(kin) up your sandwich bread game. It’s fall now, y’all. And @bravetart came to play. Link in bio.
We are all geared up for soup season—starting with @dgritzer's stracciatella soup. It's basically the Italian version of egg drop soup and it's perfect for that cold front coming on. Link in bio.
Know 👏 Your 👏 Angles. @bravetart proving she knows hers with this new take on decorating her OG chocolate cherry layer cake. It's a look.
This coconut curry, featuring wild @alaskaseafood pollock, with cucumber yogurt sauce is worthy of a fancy dinner party in the time it takes to make a quiet meal for one. Link in bio. #Ad  #NationalSeafoodMonth
The last @bravetart Happy Accident™️ gave us the now iconic lacy ricotta cookies. We're proud to present Happy Accident™️ II: The Pumpkin Skillet Coffee Cake. What started as a sort-of pumpkin blondie then morphed into a sort-of pumpkin streusel muffin made in a cast iron skillet. It's a perfect way to celebrate the season. Link in bio.
WARNING: There are an excessive number of toum puns in this clip. There’s a whole lot more in the full video for @sohlae’s toum, now at the link in our bio!
Falafel gets lightened up with the addition of @alaskaseafood pollock, tucked into pita with mint hummus and harissa carrots on the side. Link in bio. #Ad #NationalSeafoodMonth
Three ingredients. Thirty minutes. There's a reason Italian buttercream is the frosting favored by so many bakers. @bravetart gives you the rundown at the link in our bio.
Thought butter basting was just for steak? Think again. We love using @dgritzer's technique on fish, too. Skin that's crackling and flesh that's tender and juicy... It's one decadent way to do a weeknight meal. Link still hanging out in our bio.
#NationalSeafoodMonth brunch inspiration: A crispy, waffled wild @alaskaseafood pollock cake, served with a poached egg and avocado. On repeat, all October long. Link in bio. #Ad
As the weather gets colder, we're finding ourselves craving warm, chocolatey desserts more and more. Our solution? Whip up a batch of @bravetart's brownie mix to keep on hand for when the craving strikes. 📸: @bravetart