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Some of our most biodiverse ecosystems, like the rainforest, are threatened by climate change—but they’re also key tools for lessening that crisis. Healthy ecosystems, dense with plant life and living soil, absorb vast amounts of carbon from the atmosphere. Forests alone, home to everything from pollinators to apex predators, suck up nearly one-third of the total carbon emitted by humans annually. Calls to protect and restore 30 percent of the earth’s land and oceans by 2030 act as a one-two punch against the intimately linked issues of extinction and climate change. Take action by visiting the link in our profile!
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Happy #NationalHoneyBeeDay! 🐝 Honey bees are some of our most important pollinators, and so many foods that we eat depend on the hard work of bees. 🍽 Let's return the favor and do some work to protect bees from harmful pesticides. Take action via the link in our bio, or text BUZZ to 21333! 💛
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U.S. Department of the Interior Secretary David Bernhardt’s schedule tells you everything you need to know about his priorities. Before rolling back limits on climate-destroying methane from oil and natural gas wells, he should have studied up on climate science, the social cost of greenhouse gas emissions, and the suffering of people who live on the front lines of climate change—not to mention, how he would be wasting taxpayer money. Instead, he lunched with oil and gas executives and huddled with climate change deniers. Learn more via the link in our bio.
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Public health and environmental groups, including NRDC, took legal action today to overturn the Trump admin.'s  Affordable Clean Energy Rule (their weak, watered-down "replacement" of the Clean Power Plan) which not only fails to reduce planet-warming emissions, but also breaks the law. So we'll see them in court. Learn more about our newest lawsuit in our profile link.
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Giraffes have declined 40% in 30 years, and there are now approximately 68K left in the wild. 🦒Yet neither U.S. nor international laws give them much protection. And while giraffes clearly qualify under the Endangered Species Act, they’re not on the list. Learn more, and take action to protect this magnificent animal, via the link in our profile.
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The Trump administration’s Dept. of Transportation announced it would slash the penalties automakers must pay for not meeting federal fuel economy standards. That means instead of ramping up efforts to *cut* carbon pollution from cars and trucks, automakers will get a lesser punishment for polluting our air. This fee rollback is yet another of many examples of the Trump administration siding with polluters over the needs of our children, our health and our economic security. So we’re suing. Visit the link in our bio to learn more.

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BREAKING: The Trump admin. just finalized dangerous and drastic rollbacks to the Endangered Species Act (ESA), which protects at-risk species from gray wolves to bald eagles. The changes to the law insert economic factors into decisions regarding whether a species should be listed as endangered, letting dollar signs control these decisions instead of science. Read more about what this means for our endangered species in the link in our bio.
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There are only about 400 North Atlantic right whales left in the world. 🤯🐋 In just the last two years, at least 26 of these whales have been killed, largely because of entanglement in fishing gear or by being struck by vessels. 😔 We are bound to lose the North Atlantic right whale forever if swift action is not taken now ➡️ link in bio. 
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In the early 1970s, scientists discovered that chlorofluorocarbons—chemicals used in aerosol spray cans, refrigerators, air conditioners, plastic foams, and various industrial processes—were destroying the ozone layer, which protects life on earth from deadly UV radiation. After indeed finding a growing ozone hole over Antarctica—threatening millions of lives and risking the world’s agriculture—governments took action. In 1987, 25 countries signed the Montreal Protocol, a commitment to phase out ozone-depleting chemicals worldwide. More than 30 years later, 197 countries are on board, and the ozone hole is shrinking, making the protocol the most successful environmental treaty in history. We worked together to avert a major environmental disaster—we can save the climate too. Learn more by visiting the link in our bio.

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The #EPA still refuses to ban chlorpyrifos—a pesticide linked to learning disabilities in children—from food in the United States. So we’re suing. Again. 
It’s the second lawsuit we and our partner groups have filed against the EPA over the chemical since the Trump administration refused to take action in 2017. As NRDC senior scientist Miriam Rotkin-Ellman put it: “We will not stand by while the Trump administration fights to keep this poison on the food we feed our kids. EPA knows this stuff is toxic—its own scientists have been sounding the alarm for years now—but this administration is shameless in its push to keep it on the market. We are urging the court to side with children over a powerful chemical industry with friends in high places. Chlorpyrifos does not belong on our food or in our fields.” Learn more by visiting the link in our bio. 
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🚨This incredible landscape is in danger. 🚨 Last year, the Trump admin. reduced #BearsEarsNationalMonument by a shocking 85% (!!!) and are now failing to protect what's left of this historic and beautiful part of the country, which is held sacred by the region’s Native American tribes. 🌄 We'll keep fighting for Bears Ears in court, but we need your help. Visit the link in our profile to raise your voice to protect these treasured public lands. [Photo: John Fowler via Flickr]
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NRDC and the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance are suing the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) for ignoring the environmental harms of off-road vehicle use around Utah's iconic #FactoryButte landmark. 🌄

Earlier this summer, the BLM quietly ended nearly 13 years of protection of one of Utah’s iconic natural landmarks.

The BLM has a duty to manage our public lands for a wide variety of uses and users and should be preventing activities that cause extensive damage to things like soil or endangered species. 
The agency’s decision to, under the cloak of secrecy, reopen a vast and fragile ecosystem to one of the most destructive uses possible, is irresponsible and wrong. So we're suing. 👊
Read more about Factory Butte and our lawsuit in our profile link.
#nature #utah #BLM #keepitpublic #publiclands
Nearly 100,000 of you joined us in speaking out against the Interior Department’s disastrous plan to remove critical Endangered Species Act protections for gray wolves. A recent U.N. report revealed that up to one million species face extinction, many within decades, unless we act immediately to protect wildlife and the habitats they need to survive. Thousands of NRDC activists called on the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to scrap its disastrous proposal to remove vital protections for gray wolves. Thank you for standing with us and fighting for gray wolf protections. Learn how you can join the fight by visiting the link in our bio.

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Happy #InternationalTigerDay! 🐯 Here, a #SiberianTiger relaxes in a forest in Russia. The world’s largest cat, which can grow nearly 11 feet long and weigh more than 650 pounds, Siberian tigers are found in China, Russia, and presumably North Korea. 🐅 Though global tiger populations are struggling, due to habitat loss and fragmentation, poaching and illegal trade, conflicts with humans, and climate change, new efforts like China’s new Northeast Tiger and Leopard National Park are helping these conservation efforts. 🐆 At this year’s Global Tiger Day, China invited world top tiger scientists, conservationists and officials from 19 tiger and leopard range countries to gather together at Harbin to share the conservation efforts, review the progress and explore more transboundary cooperation for tiger protections. 🙌 Visit the link in our profile to learn more!
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North Carolina ranks among America’s top 10 states for #cleanenergy jobs! That includes #solar, #energyefficiency, clean vehicles, and more. ☀️💡🚗 Download E2's latest NC Clean Jobs Report and learn more. 📑🤓 Link in bio!

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If you live in Colorado and have noticed that summers are getting hotter, wildfire season lasting longer, and droughts becoming more severe, it’s not your imagination. 🚨Climate change is altering seasonal patterns, making hot days more intense and contributing to the rising number of disasters like Colorado’s 2012 High Park Fire. With all this comes more health problems, including asthma and heat strokes. Coloradans have much to gain from climate action—and lives to lose if we fail to clean up climate-damaging pollution and build climate resilience. Learn more via the link in our profile. 🌎
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More New Yorkers oppose the Williams pipeline than support it! 🗽And now it's up to @NYGovCuomo and @NYSDEC to #StopTheWilliamsPipeline once and for all! 🤳Text "PIPELINE" to 21333 to call the Governor.📞 Link in bio for more info.
Hey social media folks! 👋We’re looking for a Defense Campaign Social Media Editor, who will focus on fighting back against attacks on our environment and public health (you'll also make some pretty sweet gifs 😎). Apply by visiting the link in our bio, or through the NRDC website!
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Wow! North Carolina’s clean energy sector now accounts for more than half of the state’s entire energy workforce! 🌎💚
Download E2's latest NC Clean Jobs Report and learn more. 📑🤓 Link in bio! -
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Want a simple way to boost your home’s energy efficiency? 💡 Swap your light bulbs. LED light bulbs last at least 10,000 hours—and save massive amounts of energy. 👍 Click the link in our profile for more information on shopping for LEDs. 
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Across the world, tens of thousands of young people are taking to the streets to protest climate inaction 💪 And at the historic Apollo Theater in Harlem last month, more than a dozen of them took to the stage 🗽🎬for a performance collaboration with the @climatemuseum entitled #ClimateSpeaks! Click the link in our bio to watch the whole poem and other young spoken-word poets take on climate change. -

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Yesterday, 70+ environmental justice advocates and national environmental organizations—including @NRDC_org— announced a bold and equitable national climate agenda. We believe communities that bear the greatest burdens from pollution, climate change, and economic inequality should help lead the way in shaping solutions to the climate crisis and environmental racism. A just climate future begins on the frontlines of the climate crisis. The platform we released today lays out how we can—and will—get there together. Read the platform and join the movement for climate justice at AJustClimate.org or via the link in our bio. #JustClimateFuture 
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Plastic pollution is a big problem, especially in our oceans. 🌊 Billions of pounds of plastic are dumped into our oceans every year, damaging marine ecosystems and wildlife. But taking small personal actions like using reusable containers and bags can help make a difference! 🌎 For more ideas and actions you can take, visit the link in our profile! ♻️ [Photo: Ahmed Areef/EyeEm]
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The melting of the Greenland ice sheet has accelerated to a terrifying rate, as near-record temperatures undermine one of the most important ice stores on earth 😨 It’s not a far-away problem. If the Greenland ice sheet melted completely it alone would cause sea levels to rise 23 feet. Visit the link in our bio to learn more.

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Newark residents deserve safe drinking water. Period. On Wednesday, July 17, we’ll be co-hosting a conversation with Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha, the doctor who helped uncover the #FlintWaterCrisis, and local advocates to help residents learn more about lead in Newark’s drinking water. Watch live on NRDC’s Facebook and Instagram. Visit the link in our profile for more info.💧💪 #newark #drinkingwater #safedrinkingwater #publichealth #health #environmentaljustice
When former Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke asked his number two, David Bernhardt, to overhaul the Endangered Species Act, who do you think he consulted with? Not environmentalists. Instead, Bernhardt gathered input from mining, fossil fuel, and logging interests before proposing to cripple our landmark species conservation law. And now Bernhardt is in charge of the Interior Department. Under his leadership, the Endangered Species Act is endangered. But it's not too late to fight back. Visit the link in our profile to take action! 💪
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Here’s a sobering statistic: Particulate matter is responsible for more deaths each year in the United States than homicide and traffic accidents combined. We’ve long known that particulate matter—the super tiny bits of airborne pollution that come from power plants, vehicles, factories, incinerators, engines, and anything else that combusts fossil fuels—causes heart attacks, asthma, and lung cancer. Now, a new study attributes about 107,000 premature deaths per year to fossil fuel–driven air pollution. It’s clear we need to strengthen public health protections like the Clean Air Act and the Clean Power Plan—not tear them down. Take action using the link in our profile!
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We have just five days left to speak out against President Trump and his Interior Department’s disastrous plan to remove critical Endangered Species Act protections for gray wolves, before the public comment deadline on Monday. Visit the link in our profile or text WOLVES to 21333 to stand with us and fight for gray wolf protections!
#wolves #graywolves #endangeredspecies #endangeredspeciesact #ESA
Monarch butterflies are important pollinators that help sustain wildflower growth across the country.🌸 However, the overuse of pesticides like glyphosate kills off milkweed, the one plant monarch caterpillars need to survive. The US needs to take immediate action to help protect monarchs! Join our fight by visiting the link in our profile.
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The climate crisis is touching every state of our nation. 🌎 In Michigan, altered seasonal patterns are making hot days more intense, and increasing the frequency of extreme weather events like the historic 2014 flooding in Detroit. As a result, Michiganders face a variety of health impacts, including more heat-related illnesses, breathing and heart troubles, food and water contamination, and exposure to infectious diseases. 🏥 The state must continue its leadership in clean energy to help protect its residents—and the planet. Learn more via the link in our
 profile. 💪
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NRDC is taking the EPA back to court to protect kids from toxic flea control products used on pets. The agency’s own calculations show that the residue from flea control products containing tetrachlorvinphos (TCVP) can expose young kids up to 1,000 times above the EPA’s safety level. But the agency has delayed any action, which means these products remain on the market. The good news is that while we fight to get these toxic products off store shelves, pet lovers have safer options to control fleas. Visit the link in our bio to learn more!

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The evidence for human-driven climate change has reached the “scientific gold standard,” according to a report in the journal Nature Climate Change. That means the chance that we’re not responsible for global warming and its effects is one in a million. The time for debate is over. The time to act is running out. Take action via the link in our profile.
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BREAKING: Today we’re suing the Trump administration over the Keystone XL pipeline. Again. 
In trying desperately to revive the dangerous Keystone XL over the past two and a half years, President Trump and his administration have continually failed to meet their legal duty to evaluate the pipeline’s potential environmental impacts. This would be an 830,000-barrel-per-day project that would carry some of the dirtiest crude oil on the planet across America while detonating a carbon bomb in Alberta’s tar sands amid our growing climate crisis. Decisionmakers and the public should not and cannot sign off on a project like this without full knowledge of all the risks it carries. 
So we’re taking the Trump administration to court. Visit the link in our bio to learn more!

#keystonexl #kxl #keystonexlpipeline #saveourenvironment
Want to avoid using weed killers in your garden this summer? 🌻 Try these natural solutions instead! Natural solutions like mulch, cover crops, vinegar, and a little elbow grease will help keep the chemicals out of your garden—and your body. 🌸 Visit the link in our profile for more tips! [art by: @alexebenmeyer]
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Coal ash is the powdery gray byproduct of burning coal, and the United States produces a staggering 110 million tons of it each year. 😱! Coal producers mix the ash with water and store it in acres-wide, frequently unlined basins in the ground—which often leak. The toxic cocktail, which contains lead, arsenic, mercury, and other harmful metals, can make its way into our water supply. In fact, a recent study found unsafe levels of harmful coal ash pollutants in groundwater at 91 percent of U.S. coal-fired plants that have released monitoring data to the public. It’s just another reason coal has no place in our clean energy future. 💯 Learn more by visiting the link in our bio!

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Fossil fuel companies are increasingly shipping heavy non-floating oils from Canada, Venezuela, and elsewhere via tankers and trains to refineries on the West Coast. California’s Assembly Bill 936 would protect our coasts, waters, and wildlife from potential disasters by helping make sure that the state has the necessary information and plans in place to contain and clean up hard-to-manage non-floating oil spills. Thank you, California, for recognizing that the stakes are too high for even one spill. Visit the link in our bio to learn more!

#california #ab936 #oilspills #fossilfuels #saveourenvironment
Ten years ago, G20 governments pledged to stop subsidizing fossil fuels. It was a bold and honest acknowledgment of the outsize role that fossil fuels play in wrecking the global climate. But for too many leaders, it was all talk. G20 subsidies for coal-fired power plants—one of the worst contributors to climate change—are on the rise, having more than doubled between 2014 and 2017. Total coal subsidies are now $64 billion a year—all for an industry that provides a shrinking number of jobs, pollutes the air, and exacerbates the climate crisis. Learn more by visiting the link in our bio, and swipe right to watch this video en español!

#g20 #fossilfuels #coal #climatechange #cleanenergy
Last week, New York lawmakers and @NYGovCuomo passed the most aggressive climate bill in the nation! 🎉 🙌

This landmark bill sets the strongest greenhouse gas emission limits in the country while prioritizing the most at-risk communities. 🏘️🏙️ New York is now in a league of its own on #ClimateAction! 🌎💚 Link in bio for more info! -
#ClimateChange #ActOnClimate #ClimateCrisis #NYPolitics #NewYork #NYC #NY
The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is recklessly fast-tracking the destructive Pebble Mine — a catastrophic gold and copper mega-mine that could destroy Alaska’s spectacular Bristol Bay wilderness and its wildlife.

If opened, the Pebble Mine could produce billions of tons of mining waste, directly endangering streams that produce half the world's sockeye salmon, becoming a threat to the Native peoples and wildlife like brown bears and bald eagles that depend on those fish.

Go to the link in our profile to tell the Army Corps that you oppose the toxic #PebbleMine! #StopPebbleMine #Alaksa #AlaskaWild #AlaskaNature #BristolBay
In today's @NYTimes, @NRDC_org along with a coalition of tribal and business owners are sending a message to investors: We will never stop fighting to protect Bristol Bay. 
A giant gold and copper mine at the headwaters of Bristol Bay’s legendary salmon runs is an ill-conceived project fraught with risks. It would put at risk a $1.5 billion annual sustainable commercial fishery that provides 14,000 jobs and supplies half of the world’s sockeye salmon!
Learn more about this fight at the link in our profile! #StopPebbleMine #Alaska #BristolBay #AlaskaWild
Happy #WorldGiraffeDay! 🦒 Giraffe populations have dropped 40% in the past 30 years—and they continue to face threats to their survival, from habitat destruction to a growing trade in their body parts to trophy hunting. We'll keep fighting for giraffe protections, and you can help by texting GIRAFFES to 21333, and by visiting the link in our profile to learn more! [Illustration by @experrinment]
#wildlife #animals #GiraffeDay #giraffe #stopextinction
The climate crisis is altering seasonal patterns and fueling disasters across the nation. 🚨 In California, this means hotter days and more severe weather events, including wildfires. 🔥 As a result, Californians face a variety of increasing health problems, from asthma to heat strokes. California residents have  much to gain from climate action—and lives to lose if we fail to clean up climate-damaging pollution. Learn more via the link in our profile.
#california #climatechange #health #asthma #publichealth #wildfire #climatechangeisreal
Antibiotic resistance is a massive global health threat. That’s why it’s time for @Wendys to follow their competitors’ lead and end antibiotic overuse in its beef supplies. They *can and should* do this! The fast-food giant should immediately adopt a time-bound antibiotic use reduction policy for all its U.S. beef supplies that prohibits the routine use of all medically important antibiotics. Visit the link in our bio to tell @Wendys to get its beef supplies off drugs! 🐮

#wendys #antibiotics #antibioticresistance #amr #fastfood #publichealth
"We all have a moral responsibility to our children to protect them from pollution today while we act on climate to protect their future." Gina McCarthy, former EPA Administrator 2013 – 2017. Last week, former EPA administrators—three of whom served during Republican administrations—convened in Washington to remind us that the new normal isn’t normal at all. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency used to actually protect the environment and public health but now the Trump administration’s ethos of rollbacks and industry favors has turned the agency on its head. Learn more at the link in our profile! #SaveTheEPA CREDIT: Caroline Brehman/CQ Roll Call via Associated Press
BREAKING: Trump’s EPA’s #DirtyPowerPlan will aggravate the  #ClimateCrisis! “It would give polluters free rein and doom future generations to a dangerously hostile world.” NRDC President, @RheaSuh. The #CleanPowerPlan is America’s best option yet for cleaning up dirty power plants that make up nearly 40% of our carbon footprint. We should strengthen that plan, not cripple it. Learn more at the link in our profile. #CleanAir #ClimateChange #ClimateCrisis #ClimateAction #Climate
The Trump administration’s Bureau of Land Management kicked off the start of the summer season with a recent announcement that off-road vehicles will be allowed near southern Utah’s Factory Butte, upending a 13-year ban that protected a cactus species from extinction. Back in 2005, the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance successfully petitioned the Bush administration to close off 5,300 acres of federal land to protect the Wright fishhook. The decision not only threatens the endangered cacti but also means that one of Utah’s iconic landscapes will suffer damage that could last decades. Learn more at the link in our profile! #KeepItPublic #Wild #Nature #PublicLands
Happy #PollinatorWeek! 🐝 As bees and other pollinators are dying off in mass numbers across the globe, it’s more important than ever to protect them. By doing so, we also help protect our own food supply—after all, bees alone pollinate $15 billion worth of U.S. crops every year. 🍎 Toxic insecticides, like neonics, are one of the primary reasons for bee die-offs. Instead of using those harmful chemical sprays this summer, try a safer repellant like lemon eucalyptus oil. Learn more about how we can #savethebees in our profile link! [Illustration by @experrinment]
#bees #pollinator #pollinators #toxics #chemicals #nature #animals #wildlife #science
Oh hello! 🐢 Just swimming through to let you know today is #WorldSeaTurtleDay! Most sea turtles live up to 80 years, and travel thousands of miles through our oceans during their lifetime. 🌊 To help us protect sea turtles and their marine habitats, text OCEANS to 21333 or visit the link in our profile! -
#seaturtles #turtles #turtle #wildlife #animals #oceans #nature #conservation
Happy World Pride 🌈🌍😍ICYMI, this #PrideMonth🏳️‍🌈, we are lifting up the voices of our LGBTQ+ colleagues; individuals who courageously stepped forward to share how their identities contribute to their work for the environment and climate. -

#Pride #WorldPride #Stonewall50 #LGBTQOutdoors #GetOutside #QueerOutdoors #UnlikelyHikers #Environment
The U.S. Forest Service today proposed broad revisions to the environmental review process that could greenlight and fast-track destructive activities like logging and overdevelopment. “Once again, the Trump administration is abandoning protections for our treasured natural resources as it moves to end safeguards ensuring that the public has a say before our forests are logged,” Kabir Green, federal affairs director at NRDC.

Learn more at the link in our profile! 📷: Wolfgang Kaehler/Light Rocket via Getty Images