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With winter approaching❄️, here's a hot tip🔥: As much as half of U.S. household energy use goes to heating and cooling! 😱 Improving the energy efficiency of your home will  help you stay cozy, AND cut your heating bill! 💰Click the link in our profile for tips! [Photo credit: Sam Beasley]
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Think you know what water looks like? Think again. 💧 🤯Photographer @rogerfishman captures mind-bending 📸 of icebergs, glaciers, rivers, and oceans (often while hanging upside down out of a helicopter). Visit his profile, or the link in our bio, to learn more about his work!
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If you look at NRDC’s map of Chicago neighborhoods most burdened by health and pollution threats, what do you see?👀 🗺 Certainly a “bright red gash” 📌that runs down the Southwest Side. ➡ In this area lives a Latinx neighborhood called Little Village. In 2012, Little Village successfully closed a coal-fired power plant that polluted their neighborhood for decades. 💪 But now, an industrial real estate development company, Hilco, will tear the coal plant down and plans to replace it with an e-commerce warehouse— which will bring hundreds of diesel-powered trucks 🚛👎 to a neighborhood already facing environmental racism. Little Village & its environmental justice organization, @lvejo20, are saying #HellNoHilco! 🙅‍♀️ Learn more about this resilient neighborhood by visiting the link in our bio. Is there an environmental justice community near you? Tell us 👇
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Yes, NRDC and partners won our case in Flint in 2017. But, dissatisfied with the work on the ground, we went back to court in 2018—and we’re still in Flint today, tracking the progress to get the lead lines out. “There's so much more that needs to be done to make the city whole," said NRDC senior attorney Dimple Chaudhary. Visit our bio link to read more about the fight for clean water, and justice. [photo: @demetrius.freeman]
Today is the day! 🙌 We’re honored to partner with McSweeneys for this special climate fiction issue. 🌎 Use promo code NRDC for 15% off the issue or your annual @mcswys subscription! Visit the link in our profile to snag your copy! 👏🥳 Repost from @mcswys 🎉🎉🎉OUT TODAY: McSWEENEY’S 58: 2040 A.D. From the issue’s introduction by Susan Casey-Lefkowitz, Chief Program Officer of the NRDC: “Each story in this special issue is the product of a unique collaboration between its author and an NRDC policy expert with specialized knowledge of how climate change is already affecting the world, and how it could continue to affect the world in the decades to come. The result, we hope, is a collection where fiction’s already considerable power is fortified by science.” ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Spanning six continents and nine countries—from metropolitan Mexico City to the crumbling ancient aqueducts of Turkey, the receding coastline of Singapore to the coral shores of northern Australia—McSweeney’s 58 is wholly focusd on climate ch
Wow! 🥰🎉 Thank you for your support this #GivingTuesday @officialjld! We are honored to work with you to safeguard our planet! 🌎 Visit the link in our profile to support our work this #GivingTuesday! 💖

Repost from @officialjld: This #GivingTuesday, I’m partnering with @NRDC_org, an organization very near and dear to my heart. Our environment is in deep trouble, and NRDC is working hard to save it—in courtrooms, in Washington, and in communities around the world. But NRDC needs our help to keep fighting back against the Trump administration's attacks. So please, join me in supporting them today! Visit the link in my bio to make a donation!
HUGE NEWS 🎉💯We just filed our 100th lawsuit against the Trump admin!💯🎉 In the past 3 years, NRDC and our litigators have gone toe-to-toe with half of the president’s Cabinet 👊 Of the 61 cases that have been resolved—either by court decision or by the defendants’ yielding—we’ve scored wins in 92% of them! 🏆 The president’s attacks haven’t stopped since the moment he entered office—but neither have ours. Click the link in our profile to help us continue to fight back, on behalf of our planet, our public health, and our future. 🌎
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Entanglement in fishing gear for North Atlantic right whales is profoundly traumatizing. A right whale's natural instinct is to roll to try and escape. Tragically, this means the whale ends up wrapping the gear around its entire body. 😞
Once entangled, the weight of the gear often causes it to wrap around even more tightly, making it practically impossible for the whale to break free. 🐋
We can fix this cruel reality if we get rope out of the water. Check the link in our bio to learn more about a solution. 🌊
EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler is trying to grant his agency the power to censor – and even ignore – crucial scientific research when writing laws that are meant to protect our health and safety. 🙄  This puts our water, air, land and health at risk and makes it easier for polluters to, well...pollute. ❌ Stand with us to #StopWheeler – take action using the link in our bio! ⤴ [Photo: J. Scott Applewhite/AP] -
#EPA #science #ScienceNotSilence #AndrewWheeler
North Atlantic right whales (NARWs, as we like to call them 😉) are declining — and mostly because of human activity. Fortunately, there are scientists, like Francine Kershaw and Kim Sawicki, that are working on solutions! ⚛️ Francine, an NRDC expert working on marine mammal protections, recently interviewed Kim on ropeless technology that will help end whale entanglements while also preserving the fishing communities she works with. 🏘️💚 Check the link in our bio to learn more about her great work! 🐋
🎨: @ana_handmade
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Great news! Today, Nevada's Governor Sisolak signed an executive order committing to reduce carbon pollution in NV and work towards an equitable and inclusive transition to a carbon neutral, clean energy economy. 🙌Governor Sisolak is blazing a path for other states looking to go green while the federal government is dragging their feet. -
#NVGov #ActOnClimate #CleanCars #NVLeg #CleanEnergy #ElectricVehicles
We’re suing! The Trump administration is attempting to take away states’ authority to set vehicle pollution standards. 🚗 💨 States, like California, should be allowed to protect their residents from dirty tailpipe emissions. This is a blatant attack on protecting clean air.  So NRDC is taking the EPA to court. Learn more about our latest lawsuit via our link in bio. -
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Transportation woes are not just traffic jams during rush hour. 🚗🚚🚙The need for more modern options are felt among rural communities, too. According to a recent poll, 75% of rural voters support investment in transportation choices that reduce pollution and incentivize public transportation, infrastructure for electric vehicles, and safe ways for people to walk and bike. 🚶‍♂️🚲Link in bio to learn more! 💚
Polling done by New Bridge Strategy for @nature_org
It's letters like this that keep us going. Thank you Siena, and thank you to all NRDC supporters. ❤️ Our work wouldn't be possible without you! Now, in terms of butterflies: 🦋 we sent Siena back a letter with plenty of stickers and butterfly temporary tattoos, but we also let her know that there are lots of ways to help monarchs, including calling on the EPA to restrict the use of toxic herbicides like glyphosate. If you're ready to follow Siena's lead, click the link in our bio to speak out! 🗣
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New Mexico’s #ChacoCanyon contains ~1.5 million Native American artifacts, archival documents, and ancient buildings; cultural heritage that is irreplaceable and deserves protection. ❤️ But instead, the oil and gas industry has zeroed in on this region to drill for profit. 😤 BUT a new bill would protect lands within a 10-mile radius of Chaco Canyon National Historic Park—for the preservation of Indigenous culture, wildlife habitat, public recreation, and our climate! Urge YOUR senators to support these bill by visiting our profile link! 👏🗣
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President Trump and EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler are, yet again, attacking regulations that stop the oil and gas industries from releasing massive amounts of methane gas. It's a blatant giveaway to their fossil fuel allies at the expense of the American people, our clean air, our health, and the future of our planet. 😡 BUT it's not too late to raise your voice to fight back! 🗣There's a public comment period that ends this coming Monday, November 25th. 📣 Head to the link in our bio to add your voice! [Trump photo: Gage Skidmore]
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Happy #NationalTakeAHikeDay! ⛰ It's the perfect day to get out there and explore our beautiful public lands AND take action to defend them! Visit our bio to raise your voice to protect our lands! 📣
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🙅‍♀️🚨 The Trump admin. is rushing to open millions of acres of Alaska’s Tongass National Forest to logging and other damaging development. 🚨🙅‍♀️ Help stop them from stripping the #Tongass of vital protections under the Roadless Rule: submit an official public comment before the 12/17 deadline. 🌲 Link in bio!
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There are only about 400 North Atlantic right whales left in the world. 😔After a team of scientists studied right whale deaths over a 15 year period, they found that, devastatingly, the two most common causes of death are from human actions — from entanglements in fishing gear and vessel strikes. Fortunately, there IS a solution. Check the link in our bio to learn more. 🌊
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What will the world look like in 2040 if the climate warms 1.5ºC? 🌎This month, McSweeneys [@mcswys], @NRDC_org and ten fiction writers imagine that future in McSweeney’s Issue 58: 2040 A.D. 📖 In 2018, the IPCC’s "Special Report on Global Warming of 1.5 °C" warned of the future impacts of climate change with this much warming. 📈In this special edition of McSweeneys, each story is set in 2040 and explores the tangible, day-to-day implications of these cataclysmic scientific projections. We’re honored to partner with McSweeneys for this special issue. We paired each of the ten writers with an NRDC scientist or advocate to help add factual backbone to their stories. The book is available for pre-order now and on shelves Dec. 3. Use promo code NRDC for 15% off the issue or your annual subscription starting with #mcswys58

Look for excerpts and more at @mcswys and a big thanks to all of the amazing contributors! 
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Harmful algal blooms (HABs) don't just impact our oceans—they affect our freshwater sources as well. And their impacts can be severe: from a pet poisoned after drinking from a contaminated lake to kids with rashes after swimming in an affected river. All 50 states have experienced a freshwater HAB within the past 15 years, yet there is no national database that tracks blooms. 
So, NRDC asked all 50 states for their HAB data and built an interactive map to do just that. 💯 👀 Check the link in our bio to click through the map and learn if your state is doing enough to keep the public safe and educated! 👀 [Photo: Aerial Associates Photography, Inc. by Zachary Haslick. Harmful algal blooms in Lake Erie in August, 2017.] #harmfulalgalblooms #toxics #water #cyanobacteria #data #safety #publichealth #health #publicsafety
🎉 A warm welcome to our 61st national park: Indiana Dunes! 🎉 Our newest national park is also our most biodiverse, home to 1,100 native plants and more than 350 species of birds. 🌾🐦 The only question is: when are you going to go visit?! Learn more in our bio link. [Tom Gill via Flickr]
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Transportation is the number one source of carbon pollution in America. In the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic, we know traffic congestion and polluted air all too well. 😪 🌫️ Fortunately, states from Virginia to Maine are stepping up to work on a regional plan to cut pollution and invest in solutions like accessible public transit, bikeable communities, electric buses, and more. 🚆🚲🚍
Ask your Governor to commit to a bold and ambitious transportation plan at the scale needed to avert the #ClimateCrisis. Link in bio to take action! ✍️👍
📸: Antonio DiCaterina
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ICYMI on our Instagram story last week, Brandon—a Flint resident—is working with NRDC to spread the word to all Flint residents: If your service line is made of lead or galvanized steel, the city will replace it with a copper pipe for free. Removing lead or galvanized steel pipes will protect the health of you and your family. *But to get a free service line replacement, you need to give the city permission to inspect your service line ASAP.* Look up your address to make sure the city has your permission to inspect and replace your service line by visiting www.flintpiperemoval.com (this link is also in our bio.) #flint #flintwatercrisis #lead #drinkingwater #safedrinkingwater #water #health #publichealth
Big news! Excited to announce NRDC’s new president: Gina McCarthy! Gina McCarthy is one of the most effective environmental champions of our time. We’re excited for her to join our fight to combat climate change and defend bedrock natural resources and public health protections. Read our full statement via link in bio.
The Trump administration made its intention to withdraw the United States from the #ParisAgreement official this week. 😡 Although the world has rejected President Trump’s invitation to follow his example—not a single other country has announced its withdrawal—the world needs America on board to address the challenge. 🌎 And whether Trump likes it or not, we're still taking #climateaction. Click the link in our bio to join our fight!
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BREAKING: Today, NRDC and our partner groups filed a lawsuit challenging the U.S. Department of Energy’s rollback of energy-saving standards for light bulbs 💡 Trump’s DOE rolled back energy-saving standards for the billions of light bulbs that fill about half of the conventional sockets in America, a reversal that will significantly increase consumer energy bills 💰and climate pollution 🌎. That’s unacceptable—so we’re suing. Visit the link in our bio to learn more. #lightbulbs #energy #energyefficiency #efficiency #climate #climatechange #pollution #energybills #doe #departmentofenergy #environment
BREAKING: Today, Trump announced that he will begin the formal withdrawal of the US from the Paris Agreement. We've synthesized that information into this helpful chart for you 🙄. This is yet another attempt to derail the world’s unity to fight climate change, but luckily, there are a few silver linings here (including when the withdrawl actually goes into effect). Check them out via the link in our bio. -
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It seems pretty obvious to us that a chemical used in rocket fuel shouldn't be in food packaging. 🤔 But the FDA doesn't agree - so we're suing them. ⚖️ This week, NRDC and our partners took legal action to overturn the FDA's decision to allow the harmful chemical perchlorate to be used in food packaging. Exposure to perchlorate—which is used in rocket fuel—has been linked to developmental delays, reduced growth, and impaired learning capabilities in young children, and yet it’s frequently used as an additive in food packaging. 😱  We'll fight this decision in court in order to protect our public health. 👊  Visit our profile link for more info about our latest lawsuit. -
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Is your favorite fast food chain addressing antibiotic overuse in its beef supplies? To find out, check out the fifth annual #ChainReaction scorecard released today by six major consumer, public health and environmental organizations (link in bio). Most top fast food chains in the U.S. lack policies that limit antibiotic use in beef, earning them poor grades—a stark contrast to the success story that has unfolded across the chicken industry as suppliers get their meat off drugs. *Experts have warned us that curbing overuse of these drugs in livestock is ESSENTIAL to combating the growing epidemic of antibiotic-resistant infections in people and animals.* 👀 Fast food chains like @wendys have to do better! 👀 @wendys @mcdonalds @chipotle @panerabread @shakeshake @burgerfi #antibiotics #fastfood #wendys #mcdonalds #chipotle #panera #shakeshack #burgerfi #beefindustry #beef #chicken #publichealth #antibioticresistance #health
The Endangered Species Coalition has posted the report on the “10 American Species Imperiled by Pesticides," and squarely on the list was the monarch butterfly. 😢🦋 Monarch numbers have dropped by 80 percent in the past twenty years due to the use of glyphosate, commonly known as Round Up, which kills milkweed, the monarch caterpillar’s only food source. Visit the link in our profile to learn more. [photo: Konstantin Sutyagin/Shutterstock]
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On #NationalCatDay 🐱, we're highlighting the Florida panther: the only remaining puma species in the eastern United States. It is estimated that fewer than 230 of them remain, and live in a single, tiny population in South Florida. These big cats experience constant threats to their survival from habitat loss, due to large part to oil exploration and development. ✅ The good news is, they're currently protected by the Endangered Species Act. ❌ The bad news is the Trump administration is working tirelessly to undermine this bedrock law. Visit the link in our profile to raise your voice to protect endangered animals, and strengthen the ESA! 🗣
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Washington state is already feeling the effects of #climatechange, experiencing hotter summers, altered rainfall patterns, and lower snowpack levels. 🥵 As a result, Washingtonians will continue to face increasing threats to their health from heart problems from wildfire smoke to food and water contamination from toxic algal blooms. 🏥 But if we #ActOnClimate now, we can protect our health for the future. 🌎
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NRDC's Senior Policy Advocate Khalil Shahyd recently testified before the U.S. House Select Committee on the Climate Crisis; arguing that solutions to our #climatecrisis and affordable housing must be linked together. 🤝Increasing energy efficiency in low income housing provides just and equitable solutions to climate change, creates jobs, AND preserves the long-term affordability of homes. Read Khalil's full testimony in our profile link!
#climatechange #environmentaljustice #lowincomehousing #energyefficiency
Today, NRDC and our partners challenged the Trump admin.'s effort to strip away crucial clean water protections from rivers, lakes, streams and other waters that feed drinking-water sources for 200 million Americans. 💧 It’s just the latest step taken by the Trump admin. to gut our public health protections. 😤 So we're taking them to court. 👊 Visit the link in our profile for more background!
#trump #climate #climatechange #cleanwater #health #resist #nrdc
Today, Congress is holding a hearing on the destructive #PebbleMine project, focusing on the Trump admin’s reckless draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the proposed project. The EIS is so flawed that the Trump admin's own agencies have all rejected it! 😤 It’s time to listen to the science and stand with the people of #BristolBay in their fight to stop the Pebble Mine. We're hoping that's the outcome of today's hearing. For more background, visit the link in our profile!
#alaska #salmon
Flint residents, have you given the city of Flint permission to check and replace your water service line? If your service line is made of lead or galvanized steel, the city will replace it with a copper pipe for free. Removing lead or galvanized steel pipes will protect the health of you and your family. *But to get a free service line replacement, you need to give the city permission to inspect your service line ASAP.* Look up your address to make sure the city has your permission to inspect and replace your service line by visiting the link in our bio. #flint #flintwatercrisis #lead #drinkingwater #safedrinkingwater #water #health #publichealth
Chaco Culture National Historical Park, in northwestern New Mexico, is a national treasure and sacred to several native communities. 🌄 It’s a remarkable landscape with cultural, indigenous, and archaeological significance (not to mention one of the best places in the world for stargazing 🌌!). Now, Congress is now taking up legislation to protect these public lands permanently 👏. Visit the link in our profile for more! [Photo: John Fowler via Flickr]
#newmexico #chaco #chacoculturenationalpark
Do you love Spinal Tap and protecting the Earth? 🤘🌎 Duh, of course you do, so do we. So we're psyched to announce that we're partnering with Christopher Guest to give away this signed, one-of-a-kind @Music_Man guitar 🎸 — featuring a thermometer neck that lights up and Al Gore inside a snow globe! All you have to do is make a donation to NRDC of $10 or more by clicking the link in our bio. ⚡️
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Happy 47th birthday to the Clean Water Act! 🥳🎂 This landmark law was designed to protect all of our waters – from the smallest streams to the mightiest rivers – from pollution and destruction. Now, with the Trump administration working tirelessly to undermine these protections, it's more crucial than ever that we fight to protect it. Visit the link in our profile for more information. -
#CWA #cleanwater #cleanwateract #activism
NRDC is proud to be one of 30 organizations putting this message out in @wsj today: 🚨 70% of Americans oppose  drilling in the Arctic Refuge. And we're watching. 🚨

We are ready. We will prevail. Join our fight today to #ProtectTheArctic and #StandWithTheGwichin. 💪🏔 Click the link in our bio.
New York passed the most ambitious climate law in the nation this past spring. 🎉 Yet fossil fuel company, Williams, is trying to build a dirty and dangerous fracked gas pipeline that would undermine the efforts of the new climate bill. 🙅‍♀️Tell @NYGovCuomo to uphold the state's bold #ClimateAction and to #StopTheWilliamsPipeline once and for all. 📞Dial 646-760-1491 to call Governor Cuomo now!
#ClimateCrisis #ClimateChange #Climate #ActOnClimate #NYC #NewYork #NYDailyNews
On #IndigenousPeoplesDay, we stand together with the Gwich’in people in opposition to drilling in the coastal plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, which would pose an existential threat to Indigenous communities that depend on the coastal plain for their survival and way of life. ✊ Visit the link in our profile to add your voice to their fight 📢
#StandWithTheGwichin #ProtecttheArctic #Gwichin #defendthearctic
The Trump administration will soon begin leasing land in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge for oil and gas development — and oil megacorp Chevron is chomping at the bit to be among the first to get in. 😡 Click the link in our profile to send a message directly to Chevron's CEO calling on him to pledge not to drill in one of our last wild spaces! 🙅‍♀️
#alaska #arctic #arcticnationalwildliferefuge #anwr #chevron #nature
BREAKING: Great news! California announced that virtually all use of chlorpyrifos—a pesticide linked to learning disabilities in children—will be phased out in the state by the end of 2020! 💯 💯 💯 California accounts for approximately 20% of all chlorpyrifos used in the U.S. (much more than any other state), so this reduction will have a huge impact. NRDC and our partners have been fighting for more than two decades to get chlorpyrifos out of our fields and food supply. (This includes ongoing litigation against the Trump administration over its refusal to ban the chemical from use on U.S. food crops.) Learn more by visiting the link in our bio! #pesticides #chlorpyrifos #california #toxics #chemicals #environment #food #farms #fields #health #publichealth
BREAKING: Today, #PebbleMine is facing a legal challenge. Conservation groups, including NRDC, filed a lawsuit challenging the EPA’s illegal withdrawal of proposed Clean Water Act protections for Alaska’s Bristol Bay. Today’s lawsuit is based largely on the fact that, in placing politics over science, the Trump admin. failed to provide a rational basis for its decision making. So we're suing to protect the people, fish, and aquatic resources of Bristol Bay. Learn more in our profile link!
#StopPebbleMine #PebbleMine #SaveBristolBay #BristolBay #alaska
🗣The climate crisis is a crisis 🗣and the only way we'll be able to address it is if we treat it like a crisis. We need to listen to young activists like @gretathunberg and others whose futures are on the line. Visit the link in our profile to take action. -
#greta #gretathunberg #activism #fridaysforfuture #climate #cliamtechange #climateaction #actonclimate #climatecrisis
Today is #WorldHabitatDay! 🌍 As the UN has detailed, up to one million plant and animal species are facing extinction—many within mere decades—due to human activities, including industrial agriculture, logging, mining, energy production, overfishing, climate change, and pollution. Our most treasured species are counting on all of us to take bold action to protect our planet. And a crisis for nature is a crisis for humans, too, who rely on healthy ecosystems for abundant food, drinkable water, and clean air. Visit the link in our bio to learn more! #climatechange #climate #wildlife #ecosystems #environment #sustainability #saveourearth
During the #AmazonFires, an area of the Amazon rainforest the size of Maryland went up in smoke. 💔It's a nightmare for the indigenous people who depend on the forest, for climate and air quality concerns—and for the jaguar, South America's biggest predator. Visit the link in our profile to learn more about the impact of these losses are having on global biodiversity. 🌎 [Photo: Claus Meyer/Minden Pictures]
Illinois may not seem like the epicenter of the climate crisis, but the effects will be intense and dangerous. Urban heat islands like Chicago will see an increase in deadly hot days, and farmworkers will face a choice between their jobs and their health. 🔥🌡 There’s still time to avoid the worst effects and prepare for the rest, but we have to act now. Link in bio to take action! ➡️