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Good Morning. Apply Pink Cloud Rosewater Moisture Creme this morning for all day lightweight hydration, naturally. Pink Cloud contains no synthetic ingredients and no fillers - just naturally good for your skin ingredients like Rose Water, Aloe, and White Tea Extract. ☁️🌹☁️📸 @laurenfal #pinkcloudcreme
Not only does it make your skin glow but every time you purchase a Prism Potion $1 is donated to an LGBTQ+ organization. Not just during pride month but all the time. 🌈🙌Right now we are donating to the Trans Women of Color Collective. Thank you to everyone who’s bought a Prism so far. We are so happy to be able to contribute. 🌈✌️🤩#prismpotion
Just hanging out with some friends.💖👩‍👩‍👧‍👦💖image via our local Seattle retailer @sarahkahnhair #naturalskincare #trulynaturalskincare #naturalbeauty
✨✨✨Still going! Enter code PERFECTPOTION at checkout to receive 20% off any large Facial Oil when you purchase a Prism Glow Potion. Goes through 8/31. Only valid on Herbivore.com ✨✨✨
Ready to take on the week. ✨💪📸@cheekmeout #herbivorebotanicals #naturalskincare #trulynaturalskincare
Good Morning, Saturday☀️💚☀️@sokoskincare
Weekend essentials. 🌸✨ What is your favorite Herbivore self-care item to use on an at-home spa day?🧖‍♀️ Image by @cheekmeout #herbivorebotanicals #trulynaturalskincare
The skin on your body is just as important as the skin on your face. Keep it nourished and hydrated with Rose Quartz Illuminating Body Oil, a luxurious blend of Camellia Oil, Jojoba and Shea Butter infused with Moroccan Rose and Jasmine Grandiflorum. Also, who doesn’t love a little shimmer? 🌹💖✨ by @stepstoglow #rosequartzbodyoil #trulynatural
We are celebrating our inclusion in @sephora ’s new Clean Campaign with a giveaway! ✨🎉 One grand prize winner will receive over $300 worth of Herbivore & @playa products. 😍 Prizes include PRISM Exfoliating Glow Potion, Phoenix, Lapis and Orchid Facial Oils, Playa's Supernatural Conditioner, Every Day Shampoo, Endless Summer Spray, Pure Dry Shampoo, and Ritual Hair Oil. To enter, click on the link in bio or see today’s story. Ends 8/17. Good luck! 🙌💕 #herbivorebotanicals #playa #cleanbeauty #cleanatsephora
See our stories today to learn about the rainbow of fruit acids and botanical extracts in our PRISM Exfoliating Glow Potions that help to resurface, hydrate, and clarify your skin to reveal that beautiful glow. ✨🌈 #prismpotion #trulynatural image by @sarahwillcoxphotography
Ready to roll? Rose Quartz facial rolling helps to de-puff + smooth skin, decrease appearance of wrinkles and increase self-love.✨💖#rosequartzroller #selflove #selfcaresunday
What’s your go to oil? Type ✨for Phoenix 💙for Lapis and 🌸for Orchid image by @iristrations
Congrats to our very own Pink Cloud Moisture Creme for winning the @Nylonmag Beauty Hit List award for best face cream for 2018! Thank you Nylon.✨🌸🏆☁️✨P.S. Pink Cloud is back in stock on our site. ☁️👌☁️
Who’s tried it??!🌈Also, just wanted to answer a question that’s been coming up for you! Q: Is it normal for my Prism to change color? A: Due to containing only 100% natural ingredients the color of Prism (and all of our products) can vary slightly and change over time, this isn’t a sign that something is wrong, it’s just a natural change that happens due to variations in color in natural ingredients and a lack of artificial dyes and synthetic color stabilizers. Its more important to us that Prism be 100% natural and completely nontoxic than maintain exactly the same color for its whole shelf life (which is 12 months). Change is natural. 😉Hope this helps and hope you’re enjoying Prism! 💖👌🌈✨- Julia Herbivore Founder
Back in stock on Herbivore.com today! Pink Cloud Moisture Creme, for the soothing + lightweight rose water hydration you want this summer. 🌹💦☺️#pinkcloudcreme
In honor of self-care Sunday we ask that you to do something nice for yourself today! Need an idea? Meet Coco Rose Body Polish (AKA self-love in a jar.). 💖Indulge your senses, smooth your skin and aid your body in a light detoxing massage with Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Moroccan Rose, fine grain sugar and lightly detoxing Pink Clay. The result? An aromatherapy charged sensorial self-care moment that not only feels amazing but leaves you with ultra smooth super moisturized skin. The best part? Coco Rose Body Polish is beyond clean and truly natural which means it’s super good for your skin and body and contains zero questionable synthetic ingredients just pure natural ones to bring your skin and senses to life. ✨🥥🌹✨photo @thecriticalbabe #selfcaresunday #selflove #cocorose #beyondcleanbeauty #trulynaturalskincare #herbivorebotanicals
Hope everyone’s staying cool out there. 😎 Tip: Keep your Rose Hibiscus and Jasmine Green Tea Face Mists in The refrigerator for extra cooling + refreshing power. 💦💦photo @sublimesplendidskincare #rosehibiscusfacemist #jasminegreenteatoner
Happy Friday! As of today, Jade Rollers are available in all @Sephora stores.👏💚Psst: find them near the register in the “Beauty on the Fly” section of your local store💚👌
🔮 Mixing Prism with one of our facial oils increases absorption of the oil and adds extra magic to Prism’s rainbow of fruit acids. 🌈Learn how to mix your own Perfect Potion by watching a super informative tutorial by our very own alchemist @thebeardedbeautybible on our IGTV today.🎉🦄
Also, for a limited time, buy our new PRISM Glow Potion and get 20% off a full size Facial Oil. Use code PERFECTPOTION at checkout. Only valid on our website.🔮#prismpotion #naturalskincare #alchemy #perfectpotion
Pink Cloud Rosewater Moisture Creme. For good skin, naturally -  morning or night.🌙☁️☀️Pink Cloud hydrates, soothes redness and visibly plumps skin with a purely plant-based and truly natural blend of Rose Water, Aloe Water, White Tea, Rice Extract, Vegan Sodium Hyaluronate, Shea Butter and Kukui Oil. No synthetic or animal derived ingredients required.📸@sunday.worst #pinkcloudcreme #trulynaturalskincare #cleanbeauty #beyondcleanbeauty #herbivorebotanicals #veganskincare #crueltyfree
Everybody’s favorite beauty and wellness tool is back in stock at @Sephora ✨💖Using a Rose Quartz Roller daily promotes lymphatic drainage and increases circulation. It also eases facial tension and helps to reduce the appearance of puffiness and fine lines - plus it feels so good! ✨💖#rosequartzroller
Want to know more about Prism and some great tips on how to use it in your routine?Watch a tutorial by Michael from our education team aka @thebeardedbeautybible 🦄in our newest IGTV episode! (just tap the IGTV icon above this post to watch). Enjoy! ✨🌈✨Photo @juradastudio
What Herbivore products are you using tonight? ☁️🌹☁️Photo @fvckmyskin #trulynaturalskincare #herbivorebotanicals
Start your Monday right with Prism Glow Potion. Prism is a natural blend of fruit acids and soothing botanical extracts to hydrate, brighten and gently exfoliate skin. Includes Vitamin C Rich Kakadu Plum, Rose and Aloe waters, and gently exfoliating Bilberry Lactic and Sugarcane Glycolic Acids. Herbivore products are formulated without any synthetic ingredients including colors, fragrances, synthetic preservatives like parabens, sulfates, DEAs, TEAs, petrolatum, phthalates and so much more. It’s going to be a good skin week. ✨🔮✨Available exclusively at @Sephora 🦄 #prismpotion #cleanatsephora #naturalskincare #herbivorebotanicals
N E W  T O D A Y in the Wellness Shop! A Prism-inspired collection of wellness items.✨💎🌈Prisms create rainbow light which expands joy and acceptance, so adding crystals and prismatic items to your space offers welcoming, compassionate energy into it. Shop the collection through link in bio.💎🦄✨Prism Oracle deck by @iriseyris 🔮
✨New in the Wellness Shop!✨ There are many ways to incorporate prism magic into your lifestyle, for benefits including enhanced vitality, compassion and beauty. Our Prism Glow Potion and favorite natural and crystal wellness essentials are here to help. Infuse your self-care routine with prism magic and let your inner rainbow shine! Shop it all in the Wellness Section in our web shop. Link in bio.🔮🌈🦄💕
Good Morning ✨photo @harlequinaudrey #prismpotion
✨🌈#herbivorebotanicals #trulynaturalskincare photo @shopspruce
Apply this skin perfecting duo for crystal-clear, glowing + balanced skin.💎🤩TIP: Mix a few drops of Prism Potion with a few drops of Lapis Oil and apply them together for a Clarifying Glow Potion morning or night. Both are available @Sephora photo by @sarahwillcoxphotography 🦄💎
For lightweight moisture + a dewy glow apply Prism Potion and Orchid Oil in the morning and glow all day. TIP: Mix a few drops of Orchid with a few drops of Prism and apply them together for deeper absorption and enhanced glow. ✨🌸🌈✨ photo @sarahwillcoxphotography #glowpotion #prismpotion #orchidoil
Want to wake up with deeply hydrated, nourished + glowing skin? Combine Prism Potion with Phoenix Regenerating Glow Facial Oil and wake up with a new glow, naturally.✨🤩✨TIP: Mix a few drops of Phoenix with a few drops of Prism and apply them together for deeper absorption and increased benefits. ✨👌✨photo @sarahwillcoxphotography
Hope everyone’s having a good Monday. Relaxing photo courtesy of the beautiful @abccarpetandhome 🌸🧖‍♀️💖#calmsalts #detoxsalts
Short on time? Prism Potion is here for you. Not only does this super lightweight serum gently exfoliate but it also multitasks to hydrate, brighten and refine - making it the perfect potion for those mornings when you only have time for one product and want your skin to look it’s best, naturally.👌🤩🌈Available @Sephora #prismpotion #cleanatsephora
Sunday plans 🛁illustration by @beauteillustrated #detoxsalts #detox #selfcaresunday
Tomorrow is the Last Day to enter a Giveaway with our friends at @youthtothepeople Win: Our brand new Prism Exfoliating Glow Potion and Adaptogen Deep Moisture Cream ✨👌✨Head to our original post from Friday to enter✨Winners will be announced on Monday in our stories 😘✨Good Luck!
GIVEAWAY! 🔮🌈✨Improve tone and texture with our new PRISM Exfoliating Glow Potion, then soothe and hydrate with the power of adaptogens and ulta-hydrating squalane in Adaptogen Deep Moisture Cream.  Looking to improve your daily skincare lineup? Follow the instructions below.

To Enter:⠀
1. Follow @youthtothepeople and @herbivorebotanicals
2. Like this post⠀
3. Tag a friend (each comment counts as an entry!)
4. Cross your fingers. Winners will be announced 7/16.
Open to US residents only. Good luck! 💖
Happy Anniversary @Nordstrom! You can now shop our Nordstrom Anniversary Rosewater + Gemstone Trio exclusively on @Nordstrom today: Online and in stores.🌹💎 Includes: A Full-size Pink Cloud Rosewater Moisture Creme, a Mini Brighten Pineapple + Gemstone Mask and a Mini Rose Hibiscus Hydrating Face Mist. Link to shop in profile. 💎🌹
Look who’s back in stock at @Sephora today! 👀 The Hydrate + Glow Mini Collection is the perfect intro. kit for anyone curious about / ready to transition to truly natural, synthetic free skin care.✨👌✨ photo @glamfreebeauty #cleanatsephora #beyondcleanbeauty #trulynaturalskincare
Making some Prism Magic happen at our Press Event in NYC today. ✨🔮🦄#prismpotion
Create your perfect potion by pairing Lapis Oil with our new Prism Potion at night for crystal-clear balanced skin in the morning.🤩🔮photo @chicdisheveled #lapisoil #prismpotion
Apply Prism Glow Potion at night and wake up to better skin in the morning. Prism is great for perfecting skin by gently exfoliating, evening skin-tone and hydrating. For your best skin yet, naturally.🤩👌🌈image by @diorandjellybeans #prismpotion
Pink Cloud Body Creme is still available exclusively on our website (for a limited time only). This Rosewater and Aloe based body moisturizer is soothing and perfectly lightweight for summer skin. ☁️💖☁️
Makes us happy to see Prism Potion hanging out with some new friends.🤩🌈🤩🌈🤩image by @skinwithashlyn 🤩🌈#indiebrands #indiebeauty  #herbivorebotanicals
So excited to bring you a GIVEAWAY of our brand new Prism Glow Potion, The Inner Beauty Bible written by our friend Laurey @thecolourfuldot and a gorgeous Clear Quartz Sphere ✨🔮✨ DETAILS: - Win everything pictured.
- To enter: Name your favorite crystal, tag a friend, and follow @thecolourfuldot and @herbivorebotanicals
- Winner announced 7/9. One entry per person. - $120 Value **This giveaway is closed**
In honor of pride and our celebration of diversity and acceptance, we are excited to announce that $1 from every sale of our brand new Prism Potion is going to various LGBTQIA organizations! Because there are so many incredible organizations out there, our plan is to keep changing them up and donating for the rest of 2019. The first organization we will be donating to is the Trans Woman of Color Collective. Thanks to Max Brisben, our National Account Executive, for choosing this beautiful organization to support. Twocc, we stand behind you! If anyone has an LGBTQIA organization they would like us to donate to, let us know below! 🏳️‍🌈🙌🏳️‍🌈💕#TWOCC #transwomanofcolormatter #prismpotion
The wait is over...Prism Glow Potion is now available on our website! 🤩#prismpotion
✨good morning ✨📸@glamonglamx
Q: When and how do I use Prism Potion in my routine? A: Prism is a combination of an essence and serum so you want to apply it after you’ve masked, cleansed and toned but before applying facial oil or Pink Cloud Moisture Creme. Prism is a gentle 100% natural exfoliating acid serum-potion formulated for daily use for most skin. Very sensitive skin types may want to use it less frequently. Tip: After using Blue Tansy Mask apply Prism Potion and Lapis Oil for the ultimate clarifying routine. Prism is currently available only @Sephora 🌈🔮🤩#prismpotion
In case you missed it, PRISM Potion is now available at @Sephora online and in stores.🔮🦄Prism is a 100% natural serum-potion featuring a rainbow of exfoliating botanical acids such as gently exfoliating Bilberry, clarifying Willow Bark, and brightening Kakadu Plum. Aloe and Rose waters balance the formula to soothe and hydrate skin, revealing a radiant glow. For your best skin yet, naturally. Click link in bio to shop Prism. 🌈🔮#prismpotion #cleanatsephora #herbivorebotanicals
Prism Natural Fruit Acid 5% Exfoliating Glow Potion is formulated for all skin types in need of exfoliation and glow. We’ve been getting a lot of questions about whether it’s good for oily and blemish prone skin and the answer is yes! In fact, it’s especially great for keeping skin clear thanks to the exfoliating and clarifying benefits of Glycolic and Lactic Acids plus White Willow Bark and Aloe Water both of which naturally contain blemish fighting Salicylic Acid. And yes you can use it daily! 👌🌈If you are already using Blue Tansy Mask a few times per week that’s great, Prism is a gentler daily exfoliant and you can still keep masking with Blue Tansy Mask, Brighten Mask and/or using Moon Fruit at night. However, If your skin is very sensitive I would suggest testing it on a small patch first to see how your skin reacts and you may find that you do better using it less often than daily. Hope this helps! And happy to answer any questions you have about it below. Also, it’s NOW AVAILABLE for purchase at @Sepho