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Skipping town for the weekend? #GQBestStuff devised a foolproof packing list at the link in bio. (📷 @mattymarty)
A tale of two Martins—one Steve, one Short, both shot by the genius @markseliger for GQ—and how they’ve been BFFs since shooting '¡Three Amigos!' 32 years ago. Link in bio.
Meet possibly the coolest 15-year-old on the planet, #Deadpool2’s Julian Dennison - who's not even old enough to see his new movie, but says he'd be a rich man if there'd been a swear jar on set. He tells GQ what he REALLY thinks of Ryan Reynolds at the link in bio. (📷 @alexreside)
Comedy-icon-turned-basketball-legend @sarahkatesilverman shows off her world-famous skills on the court. Watch the full vid at the link in bio. #GQComedyIssue
A behind-the-scenes look at Sarah Silverman’s blossoming romance with an Internet troll. 👨‍🎤🌈📲✋ More at the link in bio. #GQComedyIssue #SarahSilverman
Master troll tamer @sarahkatesilverman is a mission to neutralize her haters with a weapon more powerful than a million burns: empathy. She talks trolls, how to deal with disgraced comedians, and the tactics she uses to neutralize her haters at the link in bio. (📷 @martinschoeller) #GQComedyIssue
Listen up, @issarae is sharing her best advice on how to clean up for a date. More essential Issa tips at the link in bio. #GQComedyIssue
@IssaRae’s looking fresh as some of our favorite 90s sitcom characters in the #GQComedyIssue. The mastermind behind @insecurehbo shares what her life is really like on and off screen at the link in bio. (📷 @martinschoeller) #IssaRae
“Even if you’re intending to skewer someone, you also have to find something that you truly like about them. If you're mean, it ain't fun to watch. And if it ain't fun to watch, they turn off the TV.” Go behind the scenes with Kate Mckinnon, the resident genius of @nbcsnl, to see the sketch-comedy master in her element at the link in bio. (📷 @martinschoeller) #GQComedyIssue
Behind-the-scenes of Kate McKinnon's GQ photoshoot 😂😂 More at the link in bio. #GQComedyIssue #KateMcKinnon
#GQComedyIssue cover star and sketch comedy master Kate Mckinnon takes us behind-the-scenes at #SNL and teaches us how to trash a hotel room at the link in bio. (📷 @martinschoeller)
"What's beautiful is when a person is themselves...Whatever it is you put on and makes you feel like yourself and enables you to have a little stride in your step...the soul, the spirit, the attitude, the mind of the person. That's obviously what's most important. The clothes just drape that." The best personal style advice you'll hear today, via @lennykravitz. (📷 @a_gaut)
#GQOntheRocks: Rapper @richthekid takes us on a tour of his insane jewelry collection, shows off his diamond-encrusted crosses and breaks down how much $$$$$ everything cost. For the full vid hit the link in bio.
Black Panther was a huge success but it was missing just one thing, according to Jermaine Fowler: more Jermaine Fowler. And Jermaine Fowler has some ideas on how to fix that for the sequel, at the link in bio. Here’s a test shot of his potential sidekick super suit. Is this just an oversize Batman suit? Of course not! (📷 @glaskewii)
“What I wear is what I wore growing up with. I don't change it,” says Barry Koeghan (@keoghan92), the enigmatic new face of young Hollywood. “I'm a tracksuit guy. Confident and comfy. I'd go around naked if I wanted. No clothes. Confident, mate.” More on why he wears WTF he wants and the bracelet he never takes off that reminds him of his mom at the link in bio. (📷 @ryanpfluger)
“When I came onto the scene, people didn't know what to think of me. They were like, ‘Is this a joke? Is this guy going to be around for a long time?’" @dannybowienchinesefood explains how his uninhibited style developed at the link in bio. (📷 @cgbp)
No one shirt gives off easy, breezy summertime vibes quite like a camp-collared button-up. Hit the link in bio for the slickest and slouchiest models on the market. (📷 @ryansegedi)
Dress Pierce Brosnan like a Texan (like the kind he plays on AMC's ‘The Son’) and it becomes clear in an instant that the man can imbue any wardrobe with his innate Pierce Brosnan-ness. It's unfair, really. His tips for how to grow a mane of dignified facial hair and don a cowboy hat at the link in bio. (📷 @wearetherhoads)
Lily Allen's music has proven inescapable for the last 12 years, give or take an album. You've surely heard "Smile," or "The Fear," or "F*ck You." Then 2014 brought 'Sheezus,' Allen's glossy, shoot-for-the-rafters  collection of songs that could've been hits. "The last album was a mess because I forgot what I was doing," Allen says bluntly. With her new one 'No Shame', a tightly-plotted, brutally honest 14-song effort out June 8, @lilyallen is back to basics, making music meant to please no one but herself. More at the link in bio. (📷 @katiemccurdy_)
From the first tattoos they got on (where else?) Flatbush Avenue, to Jay Z lyrics that'll last a lifetime, Brooklyn rap trio Flatbush Zombies (@flatbushzombies) walk us through their ink. Full video at the link in bio.
Presenting the 2018 #GQComedyIssue, starring Kate McKinnon, Issa Rae and Sarah Silverman. Check back next week for our profiles of the three funniest humans alive. (📷 @martinschoeller)
“Mannequins.” That's how YG (@yg) sees the fashion choices of his hip-hop peers: “They all look the same. I'm an original dude. I'm not a follower. Whatever the majority of people is doing is what I don't wanna do.” More at the link in bio. (📷 @michael_schmelling)
Red carpet style doesn't get any better than @MichaelBJordan in #Cannes wearing a @giorgioarmani double breasted tux with a blingy-but-not-too-blingy @piaget watch. More of our favorites from #Cannes at the link in bio.
Few artists achieve such a singular vision for their personal style as @liluzivert. The “Bad and Boujee”-featured rapper with a fervent cult following and several mainstream smashes filled us in on how he found his look (with flair reminiscent of Axl Rose, Marilyn Manson, and Prince) and why he wants to meet Jeff Koons at the link in bio. (📷 @nilsericson)
You might recognize Bomani Jones (@bomani_jones) from that time white people freaked out when he wore a "Caucasians" shirt on TV as a sendup of the Indians' absurd mascot. Or you might already know him as one of the country's sharpest and most influential voices on sports, race, and everything in between. If you don't, you will soon - he's co-hosting a new show on ESPN premiering June 4, and our conversation with him about it is up at the link in bio now. (📷 @ben_sklar)
when Thanos asks which way the winter soldier went (📷 @stevenpanpan) #sebastianstan
Amid the endless red carpets and photo calls of #Cannes, these are the guys who are really acing A-list warm-weather style. More at the link in bio.
The man behind Pavement, one of indie rock’s most beloved and influential bands, is back with an excellent (and very wry) new album Sparkle Hard. More with Stephen Malkmus at the link in bio. (📷 @ben_sklar)
Heading out of the work week and into the weekend like 🤲 (📷 @erikmadiganheck) more of @jharden13 and the sparkle shorts by @commedesgarcon at the link in bio.
Nobody knows how to balance making a statement and not giving a f*ck quite like Lenny Kravitz. Plus he is, literally, a rock star. He gave GQ insight into his style, where it comes from, and what it means to him at the link in bio. (📷 @a_gaut) 
The @versace Chain Reaction isn't just one of the wildest sneakers of 2018, it's also the most interesting things to come out of Donatella's House of Extra, well, ever. With airy mesh and nubby suede and expensive-smelling leather layered like a goddamn taramisu in the upper and a Stay-Puft outsole resembling a Cuban link chain, it's an obvious choice for #SneakeroftheWeek. More at the link in bio. (📷 @mattymarty)
“I don’t listen to music with genre,” says country singer-songwriter @ashleymonroemusic. “I love to create music that breaks down walls.” She filled us in on her stunning new album, Sparrow, and her abnormally fast-paced, honky-tonk heart at the link in bio. (📷 @mattymarty)
There's no one right way to wear safety orange, the can't-miss color being offered up right now by streetwear designers, big-name labels and just about every mall brand this season. Make a bold statement with an eye-popping sweater or find a piece with bursts of the color—even in small doses, from a hoodie graphic to a long-tail belt to some iconic sneakers, #SafetyOrange packs a punch. Shop the looks at the link in bio. #Flex101 (photo @alexjohnbeck, grooming @johnny.caruso, model @christian_arno @soulartistmgmt)
We got ready for the #MetGala with @lukasabbat, the coolest kid in fashion, and his custom hand-beaded-and-embroidered @hm robe. More photos at the link in bio. (📷 @chris_shonting)
The #MetGala never disappoints. Every wild fit worth seeing from the waviest red-and-cream carpet in fashion at the link in bio.
They’re one of the few bands that still puts on an old-fashioned scorcher of a concert, so we followed Parquet Courts through a wild weekend in New Orleans during Mardi Gras and watched them make an unannounced return to live performance in front of an unsuspecting crowd. Link in bio. (📷 @daymongardner)
We've got 11 reasons why Charleston should be your next weekend trip at the link in bio. And, yes, one is Bill Murray. (📷 @_cebulka_) for more follow @gqtravelandeats
A white negroni sbagliato is the sort of drink that will make you feel refreshed and fancy even if you're just sweating on your fire escape. And it's easy AF - instructions at the link in bio. (📷 @colewilson)
Normcore dad caps are like a graphic tee for your head. Our favorite ones via @gqstyle at the link in bio. (📷 @mahaney_mark)
@leonbridgesofficial is back with a new album (out today!) and a brand new sound: it's sexier, more authentic, original, aware. He gave us the lowdown on his new music at the link in bio. (📷 @ryanlowry)
@imsebastianstan wearing a @ralphlauren jacket & pants, a @paulsmithdesign shirt and @givenchyofficial chelsea boots (that's a @cartier bracelet). More at the link in bio. (📷 @stevenpanpan)
“You can't get anywhere without trusting yourself and trusting that the universe has your best interests in mind.” @leonbridgesofficial filled us in on his new album, his new sound, and how he’s done looking back. Link in bio. (📷 @ryanlowry)
Mood. 🔥🔥 @badgalriri for @voguemagazine. More at link in bio. (📸@mertalas & @macpiggott)
Meet Artur Samarin. Or Asher Potts, depending on who you ask. He's either a 14-year-old Pennsylvania high schooler or a 19-year-old Ukranian man so desperate to make his American dream come true that he (almost!) pulled off one of the boldest hoaxes of our time. His story - truly one of the wildest you'll read on the Internet today - is at the link in bio. (📷 @michal_chelbin)
There's no more perfect fabric for embracing today's wild world of indulgent style than silk. Though it seems delicate, it's actually one of the strongest, most breathable natural fabrics on the planet. Don't overthink it: wear with sharp-creased slacks and loafers, a trim-fitting camp shirt with faded jeans, or a breezy pair of above-the-knee shorts. If you look like you could be in Bruno Mars's “24K Magic” dance crew, you're doing it right. Shop the looks at the link in bio. (📷 @alexjohnbeck)
Three of the best new dishes in America in 2018: The soft, brick red mound of Mallorcan sausage called sobrasada at Del Mar in Washington DC; the "fire menu" feast of Israeli food  at Mh Zh in Los Angeles; and raw curls of kohlrabi with Bayonne ham and chervil at Otway in Brooklyn.  More at the link in bio. (📷 @jakestangel)
The flyest shoes in fashion right now all cost less than $200. @gqstyle talked to 5 NYC fashion insiders about the power of regular guy footwear - more at the link in bio. (📷 @mattymarty)
The status-symbol watch is shrinking, to 36 millimeters or less. This @hublot timepiece is a perfect example - more at the link in bio. (📷 @ryansegedi)
Pro tip: Get sneakers as fashionable as they are functional that go just as well with your gym clothes as they do with your Sunday brunch fit. (📷 @tomschirmacher)
“I've had that phone call from my accountant that said, ‘I was about to call you to tell you that you're bankrupt. And then you just got a residual check in the mail for this movie Hot Tub Time Machine,’ you know?” Wonder what @imsebastianstan’s accountant says now that Infinity War has the second biggest opening day of all time 😂 Our interview with the Winter Soldier himself at the link in bio. (📷 @stevenpanpan)