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We photographed Wes Anderson and the cast of his new film #IsleoftheDogs for a stylish homage to the #WonderfulWorldofWesAnderson. Check out the amazing images of Bill Murray, Tilda Swinton, Jeff Goldblum, and more at the link in bio. (📸@studio_jackson)
These Italian-made @ROAhiking sneakers are the coolest hiking shoes out right now. The beauty of these ultra-sturdy mountaineering shoes lies in their functionality. More at the link in bio. (📸@alexreside) #SneakeroftheWeek
Bill Hader shows off two very different (but equally stylish) ways to do the classic black suit and fills us in on his new HBO series, ‘Barry.’ Hit the link in bio to find out how the #SNL all-time great channels all his comedic anxieties into something personal (and really damn funny). (📸@mrwhite_ )
The iconic designer @Donatella_Versace opens the gilded doors to Palazzo Versace and gives us a look at how to run an empire. More at the link in bio. (📸 @elizavetaporodina)
Gianni Versace surrounded by a group of models in 1991. "Gianni trained me to do everything,” @Donatella_Versace told GQ. As the current head of the Italian design house that helped establish the intersection of fashion and pop, Donatella has maintained her singular influence on clothes and culture for 21 years. Visit the link in bio for more.
GQ & @Gucci return with The Performers Act VI, featuring Scottish dancer @michaelclarkco channeling Bowie across Tokyo. See the full video at the link in bio. #GucciStories
Christian Combs (@kingcombs) —here wearing an archival Sean John coat—was born the year his dad launched the game-changing label (1998). And he's already channeling Diddy: Christian's modeled for Dolce & Gabbana, dropped a rap single, and talks like an entrepreneur. Like mogul, like son. Tommy Hilfiger, Fonzworth Bentley, Naomi Campbell and more—including @Diddy himself—talk about Sean John’s epic rise at the link in bio. (📸@benrayner)
For nearly three decades, no one has lived larger than Sean Combs—Puffy the world builder, the maximalist style guru, the impeccable spotter of talent. Check out the full cover story at the link in bio.
Photos by @maciekkobielski 
Fashion by @mobolajidawodu
“I don't believe in passiveness. At some point there has to be some kind of fight. I feel like we've done a lot of marching. It's time to start charging.” More words from Love, formerly known as @Diddy at the link in bio. 
Photos by @maciekkobielski 
Fashion by @mobolajidawodu
Behind the scenes at @Diddy’s or “Love’s” (read the story) epic GQ cover shoot. Full story at the link in bio. #GQStyleBible #LegendStatus
@Diddy opens up about Biggie's death and the secret project he's working on with Jay-Z at the link in bio. 
Photo by @maciekkobielski 
Fashion by @mobolajidawodu
Introducing the cover star of our #GQStyleBible, @Diddy! Read the story and see more photos shot by Maciek Kobielski (@maciekkobielski) at the link in bio. Fashion by @MobolajiDawodu
@GlennHowerton, the star of 'A.P. Bio' talks about his near-miss with becoming a Marvel superhero, leaving 'It's Always Sunny', and what he would've changed about the cult comedy's early seasons. More at the link in bio. (📸@mattymarty)
Kacey Musgraves (@spaceykacey) made a country album so gutsy, it's not really country. Read about how the the singer/songwriter flips the formula and finds her way back home at the link in bio. (Swipe left, comment if you see it 👀) (📸@ericraydavidson)
#SneakeroftheWeek. #Andre3000's @Tretorn kicks are a standout move for style rebels this spring. More at the link in bio. (📸@mattymarty)
You may not know Nick Robinson (@therealnickrobinson) yet, but that’s going to change. As a closeted gay high schooler in #LoveSimon, Robinson’s the lead character in the first ever gay teen romance released by a major movie studio. And despite being an actor who identifies as straight, his nuanced and poised performance transforms a teen romance into essential viewing for all ages. More on how Nick found the role of a lifetime (and more pics from our shoot with him - this one’s exclusive to Instagram!) at the link in bio. (📸@lovebryan)
We put together a list of the ‘24 Best Restaurants in the Most Unexpected Places,’ for all the most delicious food in odd, incongruous, or just plain cool settings - and you’ll find it conveniently located at the link in bio. @GQTravelandEats
Which of the queens of RuPaul's #DragRace do you think is going home with the crown and scepter tonight? Revisit our roundtable of drag at the link in bio. #AS3 (📸@justinbettman)
#GQOnTheRocks: @JBalvin likes to “keep it on the low” when in #Colombia, but gives us an exclusive look at his awesome necklaces, earrings, and canary diamond spinners. Watch the full video at the link in bio.
John Calipari (@ukcoachcalipari) was once the most reviled man in college basketball—a fiercely competitive coach with a nasty streak. His detractors couldn't stand him; his players loved him. And now, after seeing the one-and-done model he helped pioneer imitated throughout the NCAA, the head coach of Kentucky reckons with his place in history. (But not without a few choice words for Duke, first.) More at the link in bio. (📸@caitoppermann ) #MarchMadness
We visited Walton Goggin’s (@waltongogginsbonafide) L.A. Home and went through the actor's ever-changing collection of souvenirs, including a stolen, fake-blood-stained Tarantino prop. (📸@bradtorchia)
Happy 85th Birthday to the living legend and King of Anecdotes, @QuincyDJones.🎈 Revisit some of his best stories at the link in bio. (📸@robertmaxwellphotography)
#GQOnTheRocks: @FettyWap1738's jewelry collection will blow your mind. It includes a gold Mercedes chain for his chauffeur and an iced-out Patek watch just for London time. Watch the full video at the link in bio. Follow #GQOnTheRocks for all the GQ jewelry tours! 💎
Four years after wrapping up his run on #HowIMetYourMother, @JoshRadnor, star of @NBCRise is ready for a new conversation. More at the link in bio. (📸@yerinmok)
@KellyMarieTran carved out her own space in #TheLastJedi amongst a cast of charmers like Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, and Oscar Isaac. So what comes after her big hearted performance as Rose Tico in Star Wars? Find out at the link in bio. (📸 @emiliapare)
Olly Alexander (@ollyyears), the frontman of the incredibly popular British band 'Years & Years,' is back with a new single, a new hair color, and a new outlook on straight men. He goes off at the link in bio. (📸@alexreside)
Outside linebacker @ConnorBarwin98 spent four years of his prime on the Philadelphia #Eagles. Last year, he was picked up by the Rams in a season that ended with his former teammates holding a Lombardi Trophy. Does he feel like he missed out? Find out at the link in bio. (📸@steventaylor)
We sat down with @BrianTyreeHenry, who plays Alfred "Paper Boi" Marks in Donald Glover's stunning FX series 'Atlanta', to talk about the new season and how Alfred's story parallels his own. Hit the link in bio to find out why 'Atlanta Robbin' Season' may just be Henry's most dangerous performance yet. (📸@bradogbonna)
NBA star @JimmyButler breaks down the 10 things he can't live without and spoiler alert: a custom branded domino set is essential to becoming an unstoppable force in the game. Watch the full video at the link in bio.
The king of sad stuff @Chris_Carrabba has carved a career out of singing songs with raw and naked earnestness. You probably knew his band Dashboard Confessional, back when you wore your bangs in your eyes, and you'll probably want to turn on "Saints and Sailors" before you tap the link in bio to read more of our interview. (📸@alexreside)
Hiro Murai (@muraihiro), The director and executive producer of 'Atlanta' talks working with alligators, the subjectivity of racism, and the darkness of Robbin Season. Find out just how the hit show is "only going to get weirder" at the link in bio. (📸@ibraake)
Happy #InternationalWomensDay to all the amazing women of GQ! @DuaLipa gave us the new rules of pop in our February issue. Revisit her profile from our music portfolio at the link in bio. (📸@ericmadiganheck)
Happy #InternationalWomensDay to all the amazing women of GQ! @Gal_Gadot was our 2017 Wonder Woman of the Year, and is still kicking ass in 2018. Revisit her December cover profile at the link in bio. (📸@cassblackbird)
We've put together the beginner's guide to jewelry, with absolutely everything you need to know even after you've found the perfect mix of pendants, bracelets, and #rangz. Check the link in bio for the guys to emulate, the stores to frequent, and the treasures to splurge on. (@Jeremy_Liebman) #GQOnTheRocks
Do yourself a favor and plan a trip to #Cartagena since winter seems like it may never end. More on where to stay, eat, drink on a boat, and dance at the link in bio. #Regram @GQTravelandEats #Colombia (📸@mi_kae)
Jennifer Lawrence goes undercover on the Internet and responds to real comments. Full video at the link in bio. #ActuallyMe #jenniferlawrence
We gathered some of our favorite ring enthusiasts to school us on the art of man jewelry. @Miguel, @ChicagoDonC and René Holguin of @RTHShop are the #LordsoftheRings. Check out the link in bio for everything you need to know abut the wide world of jewelry. (📸@jacquelineboothdimilia)
The Dap is back. @DapperDanHarlem, the tailor whose 125th Street shop defined the high-flying look of ’80s #Harlem is now back in business, thanks to a Twitter controversy and an unlikely new arrangement with @Gucci. Visit the link in bio for @GQStyle's exclusive look inside his new atelier. (swipe)
What do you wear when you can wear anything? 
With the help of GQ’s Creative Director @WillWelch, @AsvpxNvst and @Ganna_Bogdan  show us how to navigate this new “No-Rules Era” of American Style. More at the link in bio. (📸@mrwhite_)
Julio Torres (@spaceprincejulio), the millennial comic behind @nbcSNL’s most insane sketches, is shaking things up—onscreen and off. Check out our profile on the comedian who's changing the shape of comedy at the link in bio. #snl (📸@alexreside)
Nicaragua, a.k.a. the “land of lakes and volcanoes,” is one of the world's fastest-growing tourist destinations, but you wouldn’t know it from visiting its Emerald Coast: a decadently quiet stretch of shoreline between Tola and El Astillero. Hit the link in bio to find out about the coastline that offers some of the world’s best surf breaks and beaches that would make a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue location scout cry. @GQTravelandEats
(📸 @ryanforbesphotography)
Caption this. [More from #VFOscars at link in bio]
(📸@justbish) @vanityfair
These guys brought it to the Oscars Red Carpet 🔥🔥 #Oscars2018
Where are all the Latin people in Hollywood? It's Oscar night, and do you know how many Latin Americans are nominated? Three. You know how many of them are actors? Zero. John Leguizamo has been asking these questions and pointing out these numbers for two and a half decades. In a wide-ranging interview, he talked to GQ about getting angry, getting your history right, and getting all the latinx representation we deserve - more at the link in bio. (📷 @quesofrito)
Willem Dafoe is a three-time Academy Award nominee, for Platoon in 1987, Shadow of the Vampire in 2000 and now for The Florida Project. Could this be his year? More from @gqstyle's conversation with the legend at the link in bio. (📷 @erikmadiganheck)
With 4 #Oscars nominations for Get Out, and 3 for himself (Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Picture) Jordan Peele is now a man who can pick his projects in Hollywood, no matter how many statuettes he takes home on Sunday. He talked to GQ about the inspiration for Get Out and its reception in Trump's America at the link in bio. (📷 @yopeteryang)
His parables about cruel and powerful men have made him one of the most admired filmmaker alive - that's probably why Paul Thomas Anderson is nominated for Best Picture and Best Director at the #Oscars for his latest masterpiece, Phantom Thread. He talked to GQ about his movie at the link in the bio - and gave away what he really believes it means for us all. (📷 @amandademme)
Back in 1993, the Air Max 93 was a massive step forward for Nike Air Technology as the first sneaker to introduce 270 degrees of exposed Air. Now that it's back in the original "Dusty Cactus" colorway for the first time in almost five years, it's flying high on the hype of other sock-like sneakers and looking better than ever. #SneakeroftheWeek (📷 @mattymarty)
Now, for the first time, we’re stashing our favorite things in a box and sending them straight to your doorstep. Take a look inside the #GQBestStuff box, and find out how to get yours before they sell out at the link in bio.
With an #Oscars nod already under his belt, Daniel Kaluuya told GQ he’s already won with or without a statuette: “This is the warm up, bro.” And with #BlackPanther breaking box office records and Steve McQueen’s forthcoming Widows likely to plant him back in this same seat during awards season next year, his long game is looking shrewd as hell. More of our talk with Daniel - wearing the 14 essential fashion pieces of the season - at the link in bio. (📸@thomaswhiteside )