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Today's episode of the #goopPodcast is an inspiring wake-up call from the spiritual legend @mariannewilliamson. Her insight into crisis—and the people she sees us becoming on the other side of it—will light a fire. Link in bio to listen now.
The way women have traditionally been taught to orgasm—via penetration—is wrong, because 95% of women are not orgasming from intercourse alone. This comes from author and sex therapist @drlauriemintz who believes we've landed ourselves in an orgasm gap between men and women. Yes, it appears we have a long way to go, but Mintz has some thoughts on how to fix this. #linkinbio #humpday
Happy Birthday #NelsonMandela ❤
Celebrating a lovely evening with @saks at #goopSagHarbor with some oysters + some @ketelonebotanical cocktails ✨ Thanks to all who joined in on the fun.
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Cheers to that: The #goopxLillyPulitzer capsule collection is back in stock 🌸 Shop now via our bio link.
After being closed for a year and a half due to a massive mudslide, Highway 1 to Big Sur is set to reopen this week. To celebrate, we put together our favorite spots to stay, glamp, eat, and nosh. Link in bio.
This incredibly light, translucent, and instantly perfecting SPF 20 has to be the best no makeup-makeup essential of all time. #linkinbio
Equipped with summer-ready stripes, a handy rattan basket, and a (dress-friendly) step-through structure: goop on wheels 🚲 Link in bio to shop.
“We flat-out don’t talk about mental illness,” says psychiatrist Catherine Birndorf. 
Depression and suicide rates are staggering: According to a recent @cdcgov report, suicide rates have risen 30% in the US since 1999. Globally, @WHO has reported that about 800,000 people commit suicide each year.

It begs the question: What can we do? We asked Dr. Birndorf for some tools to recognize depression, how to begin the conversation and advice for getting into treatment. Read the Q&A in our bio link.
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Nailing the right gift for the hospitable friend who’s put you up for a long weekend is an art: You want to give something that’s thoughtful and unexpected, which rules out a candle or a bottle of Pinot Noir. Head to our bio link for a list of ideas that are sure to get you an invite back.
A special episode of the #goopPodcast: GP and her trusted intimacy teacher, @micboehm77 talk #Tantra and how to bring the practice into your life + some simple steps that anyone can follow to increase desire in a relationship. Listen now via our bio link.
Picking up @alittlestern's #LittlePanic: Her can’t-look-away memoir of growing up in 1970s-80s NYC with severe anxiety and endless cognitive and behavioral tests to try to figure out what was different about her. An immersive, tender narrative that reminds us there’s no one right way to be a person ❤ Link in bio for more of our summer must-reads. #goopbookclub #weekendreading
GP showing off her most recent #goopLab loot. Swing on by, check out @dauphinofficial, #GLabel, & more. We're here all week.
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Taste the rainbow 🌈 #farmersmarketinspo via @vegukate
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Tomorrow's brunch solved: These gluten- and dairy-free silver dollar pancakes are easy to make, seriously delicious, and kid-friendly 🥞 #linkinbio
Happy #BastilleDay 🇫🇷 Planning a visit to the City of Light? Link in bio for our updated Paris-in-August guide.
Every week, we corral the best wellness stories from around the internet—just in time for your weekend bookmarking. This week: the continuing debate over gender-based differences in the brain, why July is the most dangerous month to go swimming, and a few more. #Linkinbio to read.
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This summer, the items that have the power to kick gauzy caftans and easy sundresses up a notch don't take much space—or thought. Link in bio for the 7 accessories of the season.
Summer Friday starts now🍹 Link in bio for a riff on the classic sea breeze + a cleaned-up ceviche recipe.
The epitome of summer in LA ✨ #goopwashere via @tedwardwillis
Gang's all here 🚿 Tap to shop G.Tox #goodcleangoop
Today on The #goopPodcast @markhymanmd, director of the @ClevelandClinic for Functional Medicine and NYT bestselling author, dispels a host of dietary misconceptions and controversies + explains his food-first philosophy. Listen now via our bio link.
Social psychologist Justin Lehmiller, Ph.D. recently completed a 2-year study on sexual fantasy. His findings help make sense of what they might mean, how they are formed in the first place, and how more of us than you would think are fantasizing about the same thing. Link in bio for today’s #humpday read. 🎨: @joewebbart
A summer detox soup that is perfectly savory and sweet 🥕 Recipe in our bio link. #goopdetox
Good morning, #goopAspen 🏞
422 E. Cooper Avenue
June 8 – August 12
Daily 10am-6pm 📸: @jamesandschulze
GP—aka our guinea pig—gets acupuncture for our latest Q&A with New York acupuncturist, Paul Kempisty, L.Ac. 📍Watch the full video via our bio link.
#heatwave escape 💦 #goopgo via @alexandrahstockton
What's ice-cold, faintly fizzy, and beyond delicious? 🍊 Link in bio for our perfected turmeric tonic recipe.
Bravo, @Starbucks. The company announced plans to eliminate plastic straws from all of its stores worldwide by 2020. It's estimated every day that over 5 million plastic straws are used just once and then thrown away—and that's just in the US. The damage and destruction of plastic straws is seismic and we can only hope more corporations follow suit. #saveaturtle #plasticfreeJuly 📸: @andbeyondtravel
A special Monday conversation between GP and the incredibly inspiring @JanetMock on the #goopPodcast today. They talk about giving up “dream jobs” for new dreams and Janet schools GP—in the best way—on transgender issues that are really all of our issues. Link in our bio to listen now.
Your easy, 3-day summer detox is here. Head to our bio link for holistic nutritionist @ElissaGoodman’s recipes + routine to get started 🌱 #goopdetox
Decisions are overrated—at least that's what life coach Allison White believes. Link in bio for her remarkbly simple advice when you're having a hard time making a decision. 📸: @angelicapapagi
G.Tox—making your shower a truly magical place. #goopcleanbeauty
#farmersmarketinspo on wheels 🍊🍋🍇 via @ananewyork
We’ve been interested in the role vitamin D plays in our overall health for a while—particularly as it emerges that so many of us are quite deficient. Get the lowdown on the latest research on vitamin D and how to be sure you’re getting enough via our bio link ☀
Dr. Qing Li's first book, Forest Bathing: How Trees Can Help You Find Health and Happiness, is giving the ancient practice the spotlight moment it deserves. The stunning photography and transcendent writing is a much-needed reminder of the incredible impact connecting with nature can have on all of our well-being. Link in bio for more on our #WeekendReading pick.
Betcha can't tell this creamy French Toast Casserole is gluten- and dairy-free. @sophiaamoruso couldn't 🍽 Link in bio to see what we're talking about.
How do you de-stress at the end of the week? Link in bio for 3 of our favorite ways 💆‍♀️(Photo via @mylinh_truong)
After a busy week at #goopSagHarbor, don't mind if we do 🥂 More goop events in our bio link. #ingoopspirts
Palazzo flares, a button-up playsuit, plus irreverent tees to tie it all together. Shop the #goopxFRAME limited-edition collection now via our bio link.
How will you G. Tox? @megagirl breaks down the ingredients and benefits of each product in our new body line packed with good-for-you ingredients 🚿Link in bio for more.
We've been experimenting with plant-based breakfast recipes lately and came up with 3 totally delicious upgrades, even vegans with nut allergies can eat them. Link in bio. #goopPartner X @bolthousefarms
On today’s episode of the #goopPodcast we are talking to one of the most incredible psychic mediums of our time, @lauralynnejackson. She shares some of her profound intuitions with us, from how we can change the trajectory of grief to what she thinks we’re meant to learn here on earth. Link in bio to listen now.
Happy Birthday, America 🇺🇸 #4thofJuly
Interrupting your #4thofJuly activities for a quick SPF reapplication reminder ☀ And if you hate SPF like @megagirl, head to our bio link. She finally found one she likes—and yes, it checks all of our clean and nontoxic boxes. #goodcleangoop
Day drinking is fun... until it turns into evening head-aching. So we whipped up 3 cocktails that use lighter spirits or fortified wines as a base, rather than hard liquor💡Delicious, and way less dangerous. Link in bio for the recipes. #ingoopspirits #bottomsup
For those of you just tuning in, we set an intention in the beginning of 2018 to use our social media to bring attention to the communities and organizations that are making a difference. So, every first Tuesday of the month we’re going to do just that. This month, thanks to a beautiful suggestion from @msjennafischer, we are highlighting @miryslist, a nonprofit organization that supports new arrival refugee families resettling in the US—mostly from Syria and Afghanistan, and predominantly kids 0-12 and their parents. @miryslist’s work is solving a historic systematic problem: Refugees starting out in America without the supplies they need to take care of themselves or a community support system to welcome them. Their program works by enabling anyone to send a gift directly to the door of a resettling family based on a wish list that has been created on @Amazon. Their program is a simple and tangible way to welcome new neighbors with an open heart. Thank you so much for the remarkable work you are doing, @mir
Hawaii's governor is expected to sign a bill this week that will make them the first U.S. city to ban common chemical sunscreen ingredients known to damage and even kill coral reefs. This is a huge step towards protecting marine life and, therefore, humans, too. Cheers to you, Hawaii 👏 For a cheat sheet to 7 reef-friendly, nontoxic formulas we love, head to our bio link 💦
#goopLab is ready for summer 💐 Store details in our bio link. 📷: @boldcursive