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In honor of this bday girl, blessing your feed with not one, but two @vanessahudgens 👯‍♀️. Link in bio to read why we've crowned her our new queen of  the rom com 👑.
I’ve got CHILLS from this reunion—link in bio 💃🏼🕺🏻
Not just a Lisa Bonet/Zoe Kravitz appreciation post (although they are flawless) 💐 Spread the love this holiday season with thoughtful gift ideas your mom is guaranteed to ❤️, link in bio.
May your nails be shiny and bright ✨. Link in bio for holiday nail ideas you'll actually want to wear—we promise, no cheesy Santas here. 📸: @mytownhouseuk
Kate Middleton has worn a tiara only 10 times (yes, you read that right). Last night, she wore her favorite for a reception hosted by the queen. Tap the link in bio to see them all.
Um, I think I want bangs now? Link in bio for more on Selena's new look.
“Dying to know this. Which songs from your album were about me?”
-Kendall Jenner, asking Harry Styles the questions we *all* want to know

Link in bio to watch the full video.
@gretathunberg is officially @time’s Person of the Year, and we have no choice but to stan 🙌. Read our #GlamourWOTY cover story ‘The World According to Greta’ at the link in bio.
Full-time freelancing: are you tough enough? Find out on this week's episode of 'She Makes Money Moves' hosted by Glamour EIC @sambarry.
Honestly, same☝️. On this week’s epsiode of ‘What I Wore When,’ @amandaseales talks with @perriesamotin about her massive leggings collection, performing on stage, and the shifting landscape for women in comedy. Link in bio to listen and subscribe.
This is one FIERCE mom ✨. Shay Mitchell is the latest celebrity to get real and normalize breast-feeding. Link in bio.
For the FIRST time in history, Miss Universe, Miss USA, Miss America, and Miss Teen USA are ALL BLACK WOMEN 🙌🏾. Link in bio to read more about this milestone.
Yet again, the #GoldenGlobes have snubbed female directors. Link in bio for more on this year’s nominees. 📸: NBC
Honestly crying at the March girls holding hands on the red carpet 😭. Anyone else excited for ‘Little Women’ to come out? Link in bio to read why critics are already calling this adaptation “brilliant.”
We found your weekend plans. Chrissy Teigen swears by this face mask—and it’s only $25. Link in bio.
Your bestie deserves the best 🍾! Tag the Samantha in your life and tap the link in bio for our “best friend” gift guide. 📸: @everyoutfitonsatc
@MichelleObama has officially written one of the best-selling books of 2019 (because of course she did!) 📚 Link in bio for the full list of winners according to Amazon.
The controversial bike ad has people enraged, and while we’re all for outcry about perceived sexism, the intense backlash says more about us than Peloton.  Link in bio.
Justin Timberlake has publicly apologized to Jessica Biel for *those* cheating rumors. Link in bio for the full story.
Emma Stone is engaged 💍 ! Link in bio for all the details.
Still haven't managed to perfect winged eyeliner? Not to worry, tap the link in bio for all the cat-eye tricks that actually work. 📸: @ashleygraham
For many women, starting a business is a way to follow a passion and leave an uninspiring career behind. But a business can’t survive on passion alone. On this week's episode of 'She Makes Money Moves,' @sambarry and expert @thefiscalfemme outline how to get started. Link in bio to listen and subscribe
Kendall gets it—we can’t get enough of knee-high boots right now. Tap the link in bio for outfit inspiration and more ways to wear this style.
Kamala Harris has dropped out of the presidential race—and the Internet has thoughts. Link in bio.
Rachel's face = me finding out that 'Friends' is officially leaving Netflix 😢. Link in bio to find out how much time you have left with Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Joey, Ross, and Chandler.
One thing revealed by the #10YearChallenge: almost every Glamour staffer rocked these bangs in 2009, regardless of age, location, and style. How did this happen? An investigation at the link in bio.
Happy bday to this pop princess. We do not deserve you @britneyspears—link in bio for our ranking of all her greatest hits.
This is not a drill 🚨. The sneakers Kate Middleton wears on repeat are on sale for #CyberMonday. Link in bio.
Doing some #CyberMonday shopping at work? We won’t tell—link in bio for all the best deals 🤫
Sports, but make it fashion ⚽️ Link in bio for all the details on this epic Rihanna look.
Take it from @priyankachopra, monochrome—wearing one color from head to toe—is having a moment right now. Link in bio for more on this perfect trend for the holiday season.
Wishing your #BlackFriday looked more like this? Luckily, we rounded up the best fashion deals you can shop from home. Link in bio.
The one where we rank the best Turkey Day Moments 🦃. Link in bio for our definitive list of the best and worst ‘Friends’ #Thanksgiving episodes.
Will the world’s most annoying question never cease? Shut the judgmental (if unintentional) haters up this weekend with these comebacks—link in bio.
Idk about you, but @jlo-in-sweats is the vibe I’m going for this weekend. We have all the travel (and post-turkey) outfit inspo you’ll ever need—link in bio.
This could be you, seriously. If you’re going through a breakup, tap the link in bio to win a trip inspired by ‘The Holiday.’ And if you’re not, tag a single friend who could use a vacay 🛁🎄
On ‘Scandal,’ @bellamyyoung’s character, Mellie Grant, went from scorned first lady to president of the United States and—as you'll learn in ‘What I Wore When'—she might have a last-minute outfit to thank. Link in bio to listen and subscribe to Glamour's latest podcast, hosted by Digital Director @perriesamotin.
Congrats to @hodakotb 💍 Link in bio for details on her big on-air announcement at the @todayshow!
On Glamour's newest podcast 'What I Wore When,' Erin Andrews talks with Digital Director @perriesamotin about how she and her husband still laugh when they see a replay of the bright green sweater she chose to work her first big on-screen gig. Link in bio to listen and subscribe.
According to @chrissyteigen, motherhood has definitely changed her everyday fashion choices. Link in bio to shop her new fall essentials.
Country queen 👑 @carrieunderwood wore what else but sequins and the color of royalty. Link in bio for all the best looks from tonight's #AMAs red carpet.
We call this look “invisible layers.” Link in bio for more on the haircut that is taking over Instagram. 📸: @hungvanngo
“Ugh, Black Friday is still 6 days away!” -Rachel Green, probably

Link in bio to prep with our list of the best sales.
Ever wondered, “What would Dolly do?” Us too. That's why @annamoeslein asked THE Dolly Parton how to be more like Dolly Parton. Link in bio.
Princess Anne is the best part of 'The Crown' Season 3—there I said it! Read our interview with Erin Doherty, the actor who plays this enigmatic royal.
So, how do you perfectly tuck a sweater into a skirt? Try this one trick—link in bio.
Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle reportedly hate being pitted against one another (honestly, wouldn't you?). Read why rumors of their "feud" have been greatly exaggerated—link in bio.
BREAKING: The Victoria's Secret fashion show has officially been cancelled. Link in bio to read why the company is pulling the plug on this year’s extravaganza.
Rachel Maddow, Andrea Mitchell, Ashley Parker, and Kristen Welker will become the third ever (!) all-female moderator lineup. But, if it were up to them, we'd soon lose count—link in bio.
Not to sound like a “sneaky little brown noser with a hidden agenda,” but Gordo is back! Head to the link in bio for all the details on this Lizzie McGuire reunion.