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Adding to our list of very good @airbnb’s to visit 😯 link in bio to book ✈️ Design by @gavin1966 📸 regram @o_r_ion
Fact: arches have way more impact than plain old rectangular doorways 👊 @laurelconsuelobroughton proves it in her LA duplex where she replaced the 🚪s with elegant 🧲s. See more 👉 link in bio 📸 by @laurejoliet ✍️ by @my_shokoko
Nearly every wall in @michellenorrisphoto and @forrestaguar's condo is painted a vibrant hue, and their scheme was already in place before moving in. “We took the photos from the listing and colored everything in,” says Michelle. The mock-up helped them decide how to set up each room, and made the painting process go faster 🎨 Besides painting, other DIY projects include tiling the backsplash, above, with @cletile which Forrest did with his mom, and a friend. (Though he admits it “was quite an endeavor that I wouldn’t do again if I had the choice.”) We've all said *that* before 😏 See more of their home 👉link in bio 📸 by @tropicophoto ✍️ by @kv.jpg
For all our renters out there, this statement light from designer @sophielou_sophielou's time at @ladiesandgentlemenstudio that hangs in her living space is for you. “Most of the people around me in my life rent here in New York,” Sophie explains, “and you don’t necessarily want to be wiring anything. This is a way to have a nice statement piece of lighting without having to wire.” In fact her apartment is full of cool looking plug-ins 👉 link in bio for the tour 📸 by @wgeddes ✍️ by @kv.jpg
Is there anything more satisfying than a good @ebay find? @brushlandeating and @saramaezandi scored this #percivallafer sofa (and matching chairs which are upstairs in the bedroom) from a seller in New Jersey. “It’s the same old story; this couch and the two chairs were owned by this guy’s grandma, and they didn’t want it,” says Sohail. “It’s a whole set, which is crazy!” We’re so happy for them 😭 See more of the couples cozy home filled with gems 👉 link in bio 📸 by @timlenzphoto ✍️ by @atthecrosswalk
We dare you to find a single white surface in the crazy colorful home of @tropicophoto’s @michellenorrisphoto and @forrestaguar 🌈 Take a tour of their technicolor condo 👉 link in bio 📸 by @tropicophoto ✍️ by @kv.jpg
From sad carpet to cheery checkerboard, the floors (and everything, really) of this Parisian apartment were completely transformed by @hoch_studio 👉 link in bio for the details 📸 by @yohann_fontaine
@berrydijkstra is the king of compositions on IG, stacking his collection of enviable designs in the craziest ways to make followers see the pieces in a whole new light 💡 Take a tour of his Rotterdam home to learn some styling tips 👉 link in bio 📸 by @anke_leunissen_photography @theinteriortourists
Honestly just excited to use the 🍄 emoji on this design account 🍄🍄 But also excited to share the very cool and eclectic home of twin sisters @helenacuesta and @luciacuesta_ 👉 link in bio for the tour! 📸 by @inmarbi
Feeling shape envy 🛑📛⭕️ See more of @paintboxnails founder @ellelangston's NYC home designed by @oliviastutzdesign 👉 link in bio 📸 by @seanlitchfield ✍️ by @bridgetcogley
When @laurelconsuelobroughton purchased a 1930s L.A. duplex, she renovated the upstairs space to honor the building’s past, with a contemporary twist. In the mini kitchen, custom mint-green cabinetry and classic black-and-white linoleum floors live alongside an airy, peach-hued dining area with built-in banquette seating, arched detailing, and modern lighting 💡 Get all the details 👉 link in bio 📸 by @laurejoliet ✍️ by @my_shokoko
The best version of "bed on the floor" we've seen 🙌 In the family home of set designer and sculptor @mollygfindlay 👉 link in bio for a tour 📸 by @maxb.photo
Snow day chez @brushlandeating and @saramaezandi ❄️ The interior is equally charming 👉link in bio for the tour 📸 by @timlenzphoto ✍️ by @atthecrosswalk
Oddly-shaped bathroom mirrors >>>
regram @auguri_auguri 💿 Check out some unconventional vanity sinks to match 👉 link in bio
“An eclectic cabin in the center of Madrid,” is how fashionable twins @helenacuesta and @luciacuesta_ of @thembonesjewelry describe their unique lofted space. And while you might imagine decorating with your sibling to be a nightmare, these two had the best time 👯‍♀️ See more of their home 👉 link in bio 📸 by @inmarbi
In the middle of the bathroom floor in her L.A. duplex, @laurelconsuelobroughton placed a single bubblegum pink tile among a sea of jade and sage and seafoam green. “Old houses have had additions made to them over time, and sometimes these additions are kind of quirky. The pink tile, for me, was a way of putting in a playful detail—but one that also speaks to that sense of change,” Laurel explains. See more of the renovated space 👉 link in bio 📸 by @laurejoliet ✍️ by @my_shokoko
A teeeny Paris studio (less than 200 sq ft!) was transformed by @hoch_studio into a spirited abode for a young businesswoman 📚 See the before-and-after 👉 link in bio 📸 by @yohann_fontaine
When @laurelconsuelobroughton of @welcomeprojects decided to renovate the top floor of her duplex, she went for a retro L.A. look with a modern twist and made linoleum checkerboard floors look so good 🙌 See the before-and-after 👉 link in bio 📸 by @laurejoliet ✍️ by @my_shokoko
The most satisfying sleeping quarters ☁️☁️ at @sophielou_sophielou and @adrianharwood’s apartment which was a neighborhood Italian restaurant in its past life 🍝 Link in bio for the tour 📸 by @wgeddes ✍️ by @kv.jpg
THIS colorful bathroom by @reathdesign in the new issue of @archdigest 🍒😍🍒 link in bio to see more 📸 by @laurejoliet
You may have gotten your first ear piercing at Claire’s, but you should get your 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th etc at this futuristic new spot studs, designed by huxhuxdesign 💎🛸 Check our the electric design 👉 link in bio 📸 by torywilliams
“Some places draw you for a time, and this village drew us in,” says set designer and sculptor @mollygfindlay, referring to Nyack, NY, where she and her husband Everard live with their two daughters. “We have extended their childhood years a bit, subjected them to boredom, to trees and wandering, and the elements. We have dance parties in the kitchen, set tables extravagantly for dinner, have house concerts, drawing night, films projected on a sheet at the bonfire.” Sounds like the life ✨✨ Surrounding the fire pit are tree chairs Molly designed and had made from dead locust trees by her friend who is versed in chainsaw arts, Gilberto 🍂 Take a look inside the home 👉 link in bio 📸 by @maxb.photo
One bonus to living in a former restaurant space = the guaranteed cozy dining nook near the window ☕️ Take a look inside @sophielou_sophielou and @adrianharwood’s unique apartment 👉 link in bio and in our Stories 📸 by @wgeddes ✍️ by @kv.jpg
When @saramaezandi and Sohail Zandi of @brushlandeating purchased a 19th-century former factory, the insulation was exposed in the bathroom, but the couple saw potential, and ended up salvaging the original tub. 🛀 “We bathed and brushed our teeth in that tub for a long time,” Sohail jokes since the renovation—which they did mostly themselves while they were living there—took four years ⌛️ See more of the #beforeandafter 👉link in bio 📸 by @timlenzphoto and @christianharder ✍️ by @atthecrosswalk
When renovating their kitchen, Tiffany and Nate Mueller of @hellorefuge splurged on cabinet hardware from @manzoni_hardware which was totally worth it, imho 🏆 Learn where they saved to stay on budget 👉 link in bio 📸 by hellorefuge ✍️ by @morganhannahg
"As one half of @jumbo.nyc, @monlinglee is a genius. Aside from taking striking photos of buildings around the world, she is also so good at wearing unexpected color combos I never would think of," says Clever associate editor @zoesessums. Check out other @instagram design accounts we're obsessed with 👉 link in bio #regram @monlinglee
When set designer and sculptor @mollygfindlay and her husband Everard first came upon their 1918 Italian Revival home, it had, “broken windows, lots of dirt, peeling paint, overgrown grounds, a sad, despairing pool," she recalls. "It was a little Grey Gardens-ish, I guess.” Now she says it still has that same spirit, but feels cared for and revitalized—and we can tell just from the pics 🌱 See for yourself 👉 link in bio 📸 by @maxb.photo
When designer @sophielou_sophielou and @adrianharwood moved into a former Italian restaurant, there surprisingly wasn’t much cooking space to work with, but it seemed silly to invest in a real kitchen cabinet for a rental. So they bought IKEA’s cheapest unfinished cabinet, painted it, and topped it with plywood and a sheet of @forboflooringsystems furniture linoleum for this chic unit 🛠 See more from their inspiring apartment 👉 link in bio 📸 by @wgeddes ✍️ by @kv.jpg
Maybe it’s the 2020-ness of it all, but we’re in the mood for Jetsons-esque, space-age design 🛸 Check our stories for the mood board 👆 Eero Saarinen’s TWA flight center 📸 by @raquelcayre
Designer @sophielou_sophielou and @adrianharwood’s apartment was once a neighborhood Italian restaurant called Cafiero’s 🍝 Today, the space is just as cozy and comforting but is now filled with quirky designs by Sophie, Adrian and many of their friends 👉 link in bio for a tour of the apartment 📸 by @wgeddes ✍️ by @kv.jpg
Cozy country house energy in the renovated home of @brushlandeating’s @saramaezandi and Sohail Zandi 🔥 and their pups Lou 👆 and Frankie (not pictured) 🐕 See how the couple updated the 19th-century former barrel factory into a modern  home 👉 link in bio 📸 by @timlenzphoto ✍️ by @atthecrosswalk
Is 2020 the year of the statement doorknob?! 🚪 We got all worked up about @objet_demarco’s eye doorknobs in @dusendusen’s house 👁 had so many feelings about the resin handle collection by @dougmccollough and @paynedotgov for @l.a.door 🔮 and were jazzed to see a vintage set for sale (oops, sold) on @non__house. Three’s a trend, right? See more of our 2020 trend predictions 👉 link in bio 📸 by @l.a.door @non__house and @maxb.photo
Have you ever seen such a sofa 😍😍 Take a tour of beauty-guru-to-the-stars shanidarden’s Zenned-out skincare studio 👉 link in bio 📸 by spiffycliffy; design by jakealexanderarnold
Get architect Le Corbusier’s signature colors in your own home with this super exciting line of paint 👉 link in bio for the 🎨 photo regram @ad_spain
@saramaezandi and Sohail Zandi of @brushlandeating recently finished renovating a former barrel factory into a charming country retreat over the past four years. “Our friends joke that they could’ve renovated three homes in the time it took to do this one,” says Sara 😅 But they took their time, did most of the work themselves 🛠 and were also busy running a popular restaurant and two @airbnb properties 💪 Check out their dreamy home that proves slow and steady wins the race 👉 link in bio 📸 by @timlenzphoto ✍️ by @atthecrosswalk
We've long admired @mollygfindlay's Mrs. Noodle Pillow as a substitute for traditional living room seating. But seeing it command attention in her own home is even more magical ✨Take a full tour of the home 👉 link in bio 📸 by @maxb.photo
The best kind of roommate 🐕 Meet Squid the pug, who models a 1983 Thonet chair in the NYC apartment of @oddeyenyc’s @taylorfimbrez 🤗 See more good boys and more great furniture from the space 👉 link in bio 📸 by @oharpaz ✍️ by @kv.jpg
When furnishing their family's 1918 NY home, @mollygfindlay and her husband Everard turned to friends and artists for unique pieces. The parquet dining table was made to fit the space by artist Gregory Rukavina, inspired by a conversation with their friend, sculptor Courtney Smith. The photograph on the mantel is by @cocodolle and the pendants are by the glass artist Melodie Beylik. “Melodie lived with our family when I was little, and she is the most wonderful eccentric," says Molly. "She used to play ‘Rock Lobster’ and we would dance around on the rugs.” Learn the stories behind their most special pieces 👉 link in bio 📸 by @maxb.photo
Manifesting a “plant room” for 2020 after visiting this one in @mollygfindlay’s home 🙌🌿🙌 See how she and her husband Everard revitalized the Grey Gardens-ish house for their young family 👉 link in bio 📸 by @maxb.photo
To save money on their kitchen renovation, homeowners Nick Spain (@helloarthurs) and Michael Bolognino did the entire demo themselves. "I’d give serious thought before signing up to do that again," admits Nick of ripping up the linoleum floors. Get the details of their gorgeous kitchen in @thefilomena 👉link in bio 📸 by @zioandsons ✍️ by @morganhannahg ; design by @helloarthurs
The fun of rifling through creative director @giaxseo's apartment is discovering that her massive assortment of shoes, toys and collectibles is actually kept in perfect order 👟 There's also Earl 🐱 Take a tour 👉 link in bio 📸 by @maxb.photo
When we first saw @andrea_franchini's sunken living room filled with vintage finds, we were like, Yes, amazing, so good 👏 And months later, our excitement hasn't waned. See more of 2019 home tours we're still thinking about 👉 link in bio 📸 by @franparente 🛠 by @brad.sherman of @float.studio; design assist by @mrmcgrath
Remember this kitchen? It's from @cokebartrina and @frecklesnur's Barcelona place, one of our top home tours of 2019 🏆 See the full list 👉 link in bio 📸 by @cokebartrina
If you're feeling lost when choosing a paint color, turn to the master of rich bold hues, Le Corbusier 🎨 The iconic architect's system of 63 colors is now available for all to use, with a line of paint and even home accessories, wallcoverings and kitchens! Learn about our obsession with @les_couleurs_le_corbusier 👉 link in bio 📸 of Le Corbusier's Weissenhof Estate regram @mervekahramandesign ✍️ @atthecrosswalk
In their London home, Fiona and Tom Ginnett hacked the design-forward backsplash for next to nothing, with tiles and plain tile grout mixed with orange dye. “We actually got the tiles for free at a local recycling site, and the grout and dye came to £25 total. A little bit of colored grout goes a long way,” says Fi. See more of this crafty kitchen reno 👉 link in bio 📸 by @sarahibbert ✍️ by @nicolenajafi
Diving into the archives for the best home tours we ran in 2019 💦 Above is the super creative London flat of hairstylist @cyndiaharvey that's filled with amazing flea market finds 🙌 And check the full list 👉link in bio 📸 by @veerleevens.photography
Holy kitchen transformation 🙏 By @diegoalejandrodesign for Jose Bandujo who, as a home chef, wanted a functional space but with a luxurious flair 👉 link in bio for details on the reno 📸 by @gievesanderson ✍️by @my_shokoko
We're very excited about glassware at the moment 🔮 @marni's new chic-as-hell collection, above, is entirely handmade in Colombia and supports Rome’s Bambino Gesù Hospital’s pediatric oncology department. But check out other glassware designers that are stealing the tabletop spotlight 👉 link in bio 📸 courtesy of @marni ✍️ by @kristenvbateman
For avid cook Jose Bandujo, @diegoalejandrodesign designed thoughtful touches into his new kitchen like convenient open shelving, lots of workspace and a clever spice cabinet (right) 🍽 Peep the reno diary 👉 link in bio 📸 by @gievesanderson; text by @my_shokoko
YES to a headboard that stores all your books n things 🙌 Design by @colomboserboli for @martaklinker 📚 See more clever ideas from the home 👉 link in bio 📸 by @roberto_ruiz_photography ✍️ by @atthecrosswalk