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During the gut renovation of their dream Brooklyn brownstone, Amy Globus and Gareth Miles had to get creative when finding ways to save $$ along the way. Spoiler alert: they found many. But we especially 💛 this affordable find from a Ninth Street junk shop: an old factory window from somewhere in Sunset Park that now separates the hallway from the family room💡See more of the project 👉 link in bio 📸 by @gievesanderson ✍️ by @kv.jpg
@the.wing’s London outpost opens this week and it’s very pastel and very British in the best way possible 👉 for a tour on @archdigestpro 📸 by @torywilliams; design by Laetitia Gorra
What does one do with a small, cramped turquoise-tiled bathroom? (👉 for “before”) Install a skylight 🌤 expand the footprint 📐 and finish it with serene tadelakt plaster walls for a spalike experience every day 🧖‍♂️ See more of @runnette and @nathanlump’s Brooklyn apartment reno'd by @shapelessstudio 👉 link in bio 📸 by @david_a_land ✍️ by @my_shokoko; styled by @elizabeth.maclennan
Can you spot the fake? 🧐 Not the doggo, it’s all those lush green plants that are actually part of @thesill’s new FAUX plant collection. Read all about it 👉 link in bio 🌿🌿🌿
Um, we would happily relive eighth grade if it meant going to this beautiful middle school everyday 🤯🤯 Take a look inside Enrico Fermi School by @bdrbureau 👉 link in bio 📸 by @simonebossiphotographer ✍️ by @kristenvbateman
Taking cues from Amy Globus and Gareth Miles’s backyard garden oasis designed by @brooklandscape which was previously v v sad. (swipe for before 👉) The lush ivy becomes a vibrant red in autumn, and in the spring, when the dogwood tree first flowers, Amy hosts a blossom brunch. “The flowers are totally white overhead, and then the petals fall, and then we just serve cocktails and have brunch, and it’s so fun,” she says. (Can we come to the next one?!? 🙏) The featured table Amy built herself. See more of their renovated Brooklyn home 👉 link in bio 📸 by @brettbeyer ✍️ by @kv.jpg
There are few things we love more than a well-stocked bookshelf, so @ninafreudenberger's latest book "Bibliostyle" (@clarksonpotter) featuring some of the best book-filled interiors around the world has us like 🙏😍🙌 Get a look inside the book and learn some styling tips from the pros 👉 link in bio 📸 of Emmanuel de Bayser’s home 👆 by @shadedeggesphotography ✍️ by @kristenvbateman
We got a sneak peek of @gossamer magazine’s latest issue out today (!) which features an editorial of smoking accessories and their home decor counterparts. "In the wake of a multistate movement toward adult-use legalization, the last few years have seen a proliferation of high design in packaging, accessories, and even the products themselves,” Gossamer cofounder @vonverena writes on Clever. “We thought it only fitting to highlight some of our favorites, sitting alongside home accessories, furniture, and objets whose mirror-image shapes make it clear that form in cannabis is finally catching up to function." Above, a pipe by @neenineen alongside a @jumbo.nyc lamp; a @summerland_ceramics bong alongside @enyleeparker’s lamp; @coldberger’s Bayside Bubblers pair with @sophielou_sophielou’s pitcher and glass; and @thepursuitsofhappiness pipe alongside @t_o_o_g_o_o_d’s Roly Poly chair. See more 👆Stories and link in bio 📸 by @pippa_drummond; prop styling by @jac_sullivan; art direction by @verenschka and @kristinab
A major player in Dina Hoffer’s renovated apartment are three elegant archways that took the main living-dining area to a whole other level 🙌 See more of the before + after 👉 link in bio 📸 by @nicole_franzen 🛠 by @space_exploration_design ✍️ by @my_shokoko
When your backdrop is this good, all you need are twinkly lights and a picnic table for the perfect backyard 🌵 Take a look inside @wondervalley founders @alaalison and @onetrippass’s home 👆 stories and link in bio 📸 by @timhirschmann ✍️ by @corynnestudio
@bi_rite outfitted this pop-up for @labucq and everything is amazing *and* shoppable, so get there this weekend, NYers! Learn more 👉 link in bio 📸 via @labucq 🌺 by @fleurotica
Cheers to the freakin weekend and this chic corner bar (with hidden wine fridge!!) in @runnette and @nathanlump’s Brooklyn apartment 🍾 See more of the home reno'd by @shapelessstudio 👉 link in bio 📸 by @david_a_land ✍️ by @my_shokoko; styled by @elizabeth.maclennan
The journey to this dreamy Brooklyn townhouse was 2 years long and required a ton of creative solutions, but it was so worth it imho 🙌 Read all about Amy Globus and Gareth Miles’s epic renovation 👉 link in bio 📸 by @gievesanderson ✍️ by @kv.jpg
Anyone else adding “outdoor shower” to their holiday wishlist? 💭 📜 We’re using this one from the desert home of @wondervalley owners @alaalison and @onetrippass as inspo 🚿🌵 See more of their super creative space 👉 link in bio 📸 by @timhirschmann ✍️ by @corynnestudio
We all have that chair that doubles as a nightstand, bookshelf, plant stand, etc. @leah__ring’s is a Hyper Blue™️ vintage Robert Mallet Stevens one she bought off her friends who moved to Paris 💙 see more of the @anotherhumandesign designer’s space 👉 link in bio 📸 by @mikaelkennedy ✍️ by @kv.jpg
Shower plants and moss green paint make @holliebowden’s bathroom feel totally lush, even in the middle of London 🌳 link in bio for a tour 📸 by @helenio_barbetta ✍️ by @atthecrosswalk; styled by @chiara_dal_canto
Settling down in the middle of the desert, @wondervalley’s @alaalison and @onetrippass wanted (and needed) their home to serve many purposes; it had to be their favorite spot to dine with friends and family, their favorite bar, and the most relaxing spot to spend the weekend. They most often find themselves at the live-edge kitchen table, above. "It’s the meeting spot for morning tea, the table for lunch, a prep space for all the meals, and a spot to hang for guests while we cook supper. It feels like the heart of the home,” says Alison. Take a tour of the home 👉 link in bio 📸 by @timhirschmann ✍️ by @corynnestudio
When you see the potential of a bare deck 🙌 Before-and-after of @runnette and @nathanlump’s Brooklyn apartment with landscaping by @elevationsnyc 🌳 Take a tour 👉 link in bio 📸 by @david_a_land ✍️ by @my_shokoko; styled by @elizabeth.maclennan
When reimagining an abandoned homestead in the CA desert, @wondervalley’s @alaalison and @onetrippass were inspired by other artists. ”We love looking to people who historically moved to a far-off place and made it their home, for instance Mabel Dodge in Taos [New Mexico], Paul Bowles in Tangier [Morocco], Hemingway in Cuba,” says Alison.  Take a tour inside 👉 link in bio 📸 by @timhirschmann ✍️ by @corynnestudio
Dominican visual artist @uzumaki.gallery creates wildly colorful and furry installations for the likes of @instagram HQ and @mocada_museum 🌈 We talked to her and 4 other creatives about being Latinx in the US today and how it has impacted their artistic work 👉 link in bio 📸 #regram @uzumaki.gallery  #latinxheritagemonth
Still #1 fan of ceramic lamps right here ☝️ This one by @sarah.nedovic is everything but see more 👉 link in bio 📸 #regram @sarah.nedovic
This dreamy desert house was a  true labor of love for @wondervalley founders @alaalison and @onetrippass because they essentially DIYed the entire thing, turning a once abandoned homestead into a modern oasis 🛠💪💛 Take a tour inside 👉 link in bio 📸 by @timhirschmann ✍️ by @corynnestudio
The before-and-afters of this gut reno project by @shapelessstudio are oddly satisfying ✨✨ See more of @runnette and @nathanlump’s Brooklyn apartment 👉 link in bio 📸 by @david_a_land ✍️ by @my_shokoko; styled by @elizabeth.maclennan
We love a good paint trick and this one is gold: designer @julianalimavasconcellos added a black frame around the living room of this São Paulo apartment to divide the icy blue wall color and white ceiling color *and* to give the impression that the ceiling is higher 😯 See more of the space 👉 link in bio 📸 by @andreklotz
Blessing your feed with this objectively amazing cat door in Dina Hoffer's Brooklyn apartment 😻 See the coordinating home renovated by @space_exploration_design 👉 link in bio 📸 by @nicole_franzen ✍️ by @my_shokoko
Speaking of floors, (see previous post ⏪) have you read up on the funky flagstone trend yet? It’s taking over interiors and we’re very much here for it 👉 link in bio for more! 📸 by @boesenberg.interiorphotography; design by @esterbruzkus
We were already 100% onboard with painted wood floors, but now we’re EXTRA into painted *checkerboard* floors thanks to this design @matildagoad came up with 🤯 painted by 
@blockhousebuild #regram @matildagoad 🏁
Want to know @archdigest editors favorite @instagram accounts? We asked everyone here to share their top sources of inspiration so you can follow, too 🤳 EIC @amyastley loves @alexpwhite (above), @claesjuhlin and @johnyunis: “I like accounts where I learn something historical. These three are run by design obsessives and are packed with Insta-brief history lessons in architecture, landscape design, and interior decoration. All three accounts hit major projects along with lesser-known ones, and are a good place for anyone to get inspired and up their game!” See all the editors’ picks 👉 link in bio #regram @alexpwhite
For anyone out there who loves the charm of a classic NYC black-and-white bathroom, we present this updated interpretation by @space_exploration_design 🖤 See more of the before + after 👉 link in bio 📸 by @nicole_franzen ✍️ by @my_shokoko
For the backyard of his L.A. home, @georgeaugusto was inspired by 1980s Mexico City and crafted a minimal white tile scheme that serves as the perfect backdrop for bold art and design. (In this case, 2 sculptures by @luckeylisp and a vintage chaise lounge by Gimo Fero) See more of his home that doubles as @augustoremington gallery 👉link in bio 📸 by @arianna.lago ✍️ by @atthecrosswalk
@harrynuriev is clearly still in his blue phase 💙 The @crosbystudios founder just created this tiny hideaway in Moscow decorated with custom Crosby Studios furniture and patterned tiles in a unique and classic Russian print called Gzhel. See more 👉link in bio
Give us all the Tadelakt plaster walls 😍 We love the airy effect pictured here in Dina Hoffer's Brooklyn apartment, especially compared to the dark and heavy "before" 😬 Read all about the renovation by @space_exploration_design 👉link in bio 📸 by @nicole_franzen ✍️ by @my_shokoko
Brb, need to go paint giant stripes on my walls 🎨 Totally inspired by this room in a São Paolo apartment by @julianalimavasconcellos that uses "stripes big enough almost to be a little strange,“ she says. See more of the space 👉 link in bio 📸 by @andreklotz
The funky wall niche trend is here to stay, people! The latest example was revealed this week at the new @jacquemus x @caviarkaspia restaurant @oursinparis 👆 But get more inspiration in our Stories and some helpful tips for your own design 👉 link in bio 📸 regram @oursinparis
You know that piece of fabric you fell in love with in the corner of a random antiques shop that now sits in the back of your closet? Put it to use as a dramatic draped canopy à la designer @holliebowden’s bedroom 👆Hollie admits that she DIYed the canopy and “it was a complete nightmare, but I love it.” And we 100% cosign 💛 See more of her space 👉 link in bio 📸 by @helenio_barbetta ✍️ by @atthecrosswalk; styles by @chiara_dal_canto
This surprising addition on a 1890s Austin home by @hughjeffersonrandolpharchitect gives a whole new perspective on historic homes 🙌 See the before + after 👉 link in bio 📸 by @jakeholt ✍️ by @laurennicoley6
To revamp her bedroom @anotherhumandesign’s @leah__ring gave herself a $1,000 budget. With some lucky vintage finds and a lot of DIY-project elbow grease, she created a lizard cage–inspired space that was both reflective of her interior life and literally very reflective 💿 A Soviet-era vintage green clock (an @etsy find) sits atop a Corian-topped bedside table (a Craiglist find), next to a headboard made of mirrors that she bought online and mounted on the wall. The only semi-splurge was the holographic bolster pillow, a custom piece. See more from Leah’s super vibrant and personalized space 👉 link in bio 📸 by @mikaelkennedy ✍️ by @kv.jpg
This pic from @dreamers.welcome has us thinking about large-scale mirrored panels in our home 🤔 Y/N? For now, check out some color-tinted mirrors we love 👉 link in bio 📸 by @melinchanel #regram @dreamers.welcome
Another genius way to hide your TV (see previous post) is by covering it with an oversize work of art like Dina Hoffer did in her BK apartment (renovated by @space_exploration_design) with a triptych by @trotter_studio 📺 More genius ideas from her home 👉 link in bio 📸 by @nicole_franzen ✍️ by @my_shokoko
When it came to decorating her 600-square-foot apartment, designer @holliebowden found furniture and decor in flea markets throughout the world. The result is an intriguing mix of old and new, from places near and far, and basically we can’t stop staring 👀 Take the full tour 👉 link in bio 📸 by @helenio_barbetta ✍️ by @atthecrosswalk; styled by @chiara_dal_canto
When refreshing a São Paulo apartment, designer @julianalimavasconcellos had to work with the original bathroom from 1956 which she paired with rosy pink paint and a new light fixture to really pack a punch 💥 See more color inspiration from the space 👉 link in bio 📸 @andreklotz
What a difference an arch (or three) makes in this prewar reno by @space_exploration_design 👉 link in bio for the tour 📸 by @nicole_franzen ✍️ by @my_shokoko
We’re really feeling funky flagstone for interiors - using this 1960s house transformed by @amberroaddesign as inspo but see more 👉 link in bio 📸 by Prue Rosco ✍️ by @kristenvbateman
Most NYers recognize this “before” bathroom which is charming and all, but wouldn’t you prefer the AFTER?! 😍 Check out this stunning reno by @space_exploration_design 👉 link in bio 📸 by @nicole_franzen ✍️ by @my_shokoko
A São Paulo apartment inspired by the colors of Brazil by designer @julianalimavasconcellos that would work in any part of the world 🙌 And yes, that’s a striped wall back there 👀 check out the design 👉 link in bio 📸 @andreklotz
Neutral palette lovers, don’t get peer pressured (by us) into using color if it’s not your thing. Take a cue from @holliebowden’s apartment and focus on texture. “I love color and I work with it a lot, but primary colors make me feel uncomfortable and I don’t want to live with them,” she says. “I prefer to play with form, texture, and tones.” See how Hollie has made neutrals totally interesting in her place 👉 link in bio 📸 by @helenio_barbetta ✍️ by @atthecrosswalk; styled by @chiara_dal_canto
Our latest source of color inspiration comes from @hija_de_tigre, a boutique in Costa Rica run by a mother-daughter team, designed by @tallerkenstudio 🌈 Check out what we’re stealing from the design 👉 link in bio 📸 by @garcialachner ✍️ by @kristenvbateman
Get yourself a friend who can paint and commision something totally unique on your walls like designer @holliebowden did in her East London apartment 👆 She called on friend @drawricodraw to tag her walls with something inspired by Le Corbusier but that fit the style of her space 🎨 Take a tour to see more 👉 link in bio 📸 by @helenio_barbetta ✍️ by @atthecrosswalk; styled by @chiara_dal_canto
Personification and anthropomorphism are sort of @spaceprincejulio's shtick, so it's no surprise that when we asked him about this modern wire chair in his BK apartment, the Los Espookys star gave us the plot line of how his sofa became sexy. "I had a different chair there. It was a very soft midcentury chair, but it made the the couch look so sweet. It just made it look so tender and sweet and soft," he says, in a serious tone. "So I told my boyfriend who was here visiting from L.A., 'I don’t like that. I want it to look sexy.' So he said, 'Okay, then we should find it a sexy chair. Give the couch a sexy friend so it will be sexy by association.' So then, we found it that German-looking little thing and we were like: 'GOOD!' Now my couch can show that side of itself." See the very sexy sofa 👉 link in bio 📸 by @maxb.photo
After touring @mistermattstewart’s Brooklyn apartment, we can’t stop thinking about wide plank light wood floors ☁️☁️ The floors were actually the biggest investment and first change Matthew made to his place. “It wasn't a great floor to begin with, and the previous owner had stained it really dark,” he says. “It wasn't really a wood that was meant to have that type of treatment. I was going to have to completely redo it anyway, and I just felt like, if there was one thing to do, the floor would change the tone of everything.” Now, instead of any kind of stain or varnish, the Heart Pine wood is treated with a natural oil—a sustainable choice that keeps the wood protected and is easy to refresh at home. See more of his place 👉 link in bio 📸 @maxb.photo ✍️ by @kv.jpg