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Annnnd our terracotta obsession grows thx to this lamp by @martabonillam 🙏 Pic by @facuaguirre04
We posted this super fun kitchen on IG before but since then we went back for the whole story and it’s a good one. See how @sansarc.studio took the bland and dark kitchen (slide 3 😱) and created this vivid open space for cooking and entertaining 👉 link in bio 📸 by Tash McCammon ✍️ by @atthecrosswalk
Thrilled to see both Hyper Blue™️ and neon PVC room partitions alive and well in this #designparade installation by @sandrodellanoce and @carolinewolewinski via @_sightunseen_ 💙💛 See how those vinyl panels used in meat lockers can actually make cool room dividers in your own home 👉 link in bio 📸 by @lucbrtrd
Get yourself a giant ceramic tulip and your home will always be in bloom 🌷More fun tips from @dusendusen’s Brooklyn home 👉 link in bio 📸 by @maxb.photo ✍️ by @_h_mart_
As an associate director at @friedman_benda, @erica_bog has collected an impressive amount of cool art from young talents. See how she makes it all work together in her 400-square-foot studio apt 👉 link in bio 📸 by @maxb.photo ✍️ by @kv.jpg
Best story we’ve heard about a tile project EVER, from @dusendusen: "The artist François Morellet made these red-and-blue checker paintings where he went through the phone book and assigned a color to even numbers and a color to odd numbers to create a totally randomized pattern. I decided to do that with my bathroom using the phone numbers of my friends and family. My family’s are on the floor. New York friends on one wall. Friends I grew up with on another wall. People that worked on the house on another wall." ☎️ See other thoughtful touches in her BK apartment 👉 link in bio 📸 by @maxb.photo ✍️ @_h_mart_
@oscarpiccolo’s one-room studio is filled with so many vibey moments 〰️ see them all 👉 link in bio 📸 by @veerleevens.photography
If these fruit-themed busstops in Japan give you feelings, you *have* to see our mega roundup of the best novelty architecture around the world 👉 link in bio 📸s by @hellosandwich 🍓🚍
But does your apartment look out onto a Gothic-style cathedral? 🧐 The only thing rivaling @jessicasilvermangallery and @eyesthornton's incredible art and design collection, are the crazy views they have from the top of Nob Hill 🌉 Take the tour 👉 link in bio 📸 by @alannahale ✍️ by @gaygassmann; styled by @lauren_michael_goodman
All of this 👌 Lisbon apartment by @rar.studio 🐚 If shells make you happy, shop this edit of cool modern designs 👉 link in bio 📸 via @auguri_auguri and @iamlaurajackson
@dusendusen’s rule of thumb for decorating with bright colors? “I never have the full rainbow,” she says. “I never use every color of the spectrum” 🌈 Just take a look inside her BK apartment that’s filled with Craigslist finds (that Sottsass dining table 🤯) DIY projects (those striped sconces 💡), and custom furniture from friends (that green bookcase by @sekeene 🍏). See more of the space 👉 link in bio 📸 by @maxb.photo ✍️ by @_h_mart_
@oliviavlopez—author of @lustforlosangeles and curator of @bonweekender— splurged on this set of Pierre Jeanneret armchairs, and we obviously co-sign her decision 🙌 Read how she and her bf tracked them down and justified the purchase 👉 link in bio 📸 by @olivialopez #splurgeworthy
Stealing this one from our @archdigest fam: For their Marin County home, Emily Morris and Javier Soltero worked with @chromasf to infuse a 1953 ranch house with new life, including this custom mural made in collaboration with @yeddamorrison 🎨 See more of the home 👉 link in bio 📸 by @stephenkentjohnson
When dreaming up a fun scheme for her bathroom, @dusendusen founder Ellen Van Dusen turned to her friend, artist @lorienstern to transform the white box into something special. “At her house [Lorien] painted her bathroom with little watermelons everywhere (featured on Clever in August ‘18),” recalls Ellen. “So I asked her, ‘Lorien, will you paint my bathroom?’ She said, ‘Okay, just tell me all of your favorite animals and characters and I’ll do it.’ So I just selected all these animals. She painted my dog, Snips. She painted Snips's toy pig. We went to Costa Rica together and saw a bunch of sloths, so she painted a sloth. It’s positioned right next to your head when you sit down." What a pal! 🙃 Take a tour of the entire apartment 👉 link in bio 📸 by @maxb.photo ✍️ by @_h_mart_
As soon as Caroline Lee of @teamwoodnote walked into this A-frame hideaway on the outskirts of Palm Springs, she was inspired by the color yellow. And when you take a tour of the property (👉 link in bio), you’ll totally see what she means ☀️🍋🐥 photo by @echoandearl
Here to cure your Monday blues: every inch of @dusendusen’s pattern-happy Brooklyn home 👉 link in bio. We’re particularly excited about the plywood kitchen she updated with a curvy motif 🤯 More in our Stories 📸 by @maxb.photo ✍️ by @_h_mart_
Little known fact: pedestals are great for combating small, cramped spaces. They draw the eye up from the cluttered floor to a more forgiving vantage point, take up barely any square footage, and if you find one that looks as cool as this 👆add a ton of style 🏆 shop some cool looking pedestals we found 👉 link in bio 📸 of @cokebartrina and @frecklesnur home by @cokebartrina
Design-wise, the primary influences for Julia Haney Montanez’s NYC apartment are Japanese and Scandinavian aesthetics. She likes her furniture low to the ground (case in point: her @floyddetroit Platform bed), especially since it helps show off her high ceilings. “I thought that I’d be happy surrounded by beautiful things, but in fact I was more happy surrounded by air and by lightness.” See how she made the 400-sq-ft space her own 👉 link in bio 📸 by @reidrolls.interiors ✍️ by @kv.jpg
Where we’d rather be on our day off ✌️more 💦 in our stories 👆 #regram @alternatepools 
Concept & visualization by @_vlasov_roman_
Jaya Williams lists her interests and inspirations in interior design ✔️ art ✔️preservation ✔️ and architectural history ✔️ and it really shows in her thoughtfully-curated L.A. apartment. Matching Jerry Johnson chairs are a good example of California modernism (a favorite style of hers), and the artwork was found at @iridium_interiors. Take a tour of her space 👉 link in bio 📸 by @timhirschmann
Multidisciplinary designer and creative director Jaya Williams (@sensualmodern) has a thing for unusual design. In her L.A. home, she calls the Milo Baughman Bentwood Floor Lamp "special and sensual and a little weird." As for the chair? "The crazy, diaphanous magic-carpet-of-sorts chair is not super functional," she explains, "but it fits, and I love when people laugh at the outrageousness of the stuff I have." Take a tour of her space 👉 link in bio 📸 by @timhirschmann
Adding this Tetris-like tile from @huguetmallorca to our list of cool designs that allow for DIY patterns, because bathrooms and backsplashes shouldn’t be boring! 🙇‍♂️ regram @huguetmallorca
Still not over these two clever hacks in Caroline Lee’s Palm Springs home. First, the ribbed walls which are actually made of PVC pipes that were cut in half and finished in a blush shade. Then there’s the low Grecian-inspired bench she had fabricated with wood and a cork tile for visual interest 👀 take a tour of the home for more ideas 👉 link in bio 📸 by @echoandearl
Designer @oscarpiccolo calls this the Flintstones chair 🗿and we can’t unsee it. The treasured piece was found by London-based dealer and interior stylist Maxime Fisher (@beau_traps). Take a tour of his London apartment 👉 link in bio 📸 @veerleevens.photography
Every inch of this A-frame house is drenched in sunlight thanks to a skylight window that runs across the length of the pitched roof ☀️ Caroline Lee of @teamwoodnote had purchased the property from her friend @sarahshermansamuel designed the stylish kitchen above bc that’s what friends are for. Take a tour of the space 👉 link in bio 📸 by @echoandearl
All the shapes in this living room 🙌 designed by @roksandailincic 📸 by @michaelsinclair via @archdigestpro; styled by @oliviagregorystylist
Julia Haney Montanez (@interiordecline)’s 400-square-foot Chelsea studio is the stuff of fantasies for many space-starved New Yorkers: She lives alone, with a certified walk-in closet and lots of natural light, and is within walking distance from her office. Still, she recently found herself restless and decided to take a break from her home. In 2018, she moved out, spending half the year on the Upper West Side and the other half living in Bushwick. It was a clarifying experience for her. “I wanted to create and emulate a hotel room,” she says. “That was the biggest inspiration.” See how she settled back in to the perfect home 👉 link in bio 📸 by @reidrolls.interiors ✍️ by @kv.jpg
We need more floor space for these new @beni_rugs flat weave styles 😭 More on our favorite DTC Moroccan rug source 👉 link in bio 📸 by @simonpwatson; styled by @colinking
@andrea_franchini’s guest bedroom doubles as a cozy den thanks to this custom Donald Judd-inspired daybed (beside an actual Judd side table) that functions as a full-size bed when guests come to stay—and as an extra-deep sofa once they’ve left 👌 See more of the apartment 👉 link in bio 📸 by @franparente 🛠 by @float.studio; design help from @mrmcgrath
In his London studio apartment, designer @oscarpiccolo surrounds himself with a quirky collection of mismatched chairs. "What I like is that they are all different pieces coming together around the table as one, in the same way people would," he says of the ensemble. Tour the space 👉 link in bio 📸 by @veerleevens.photography
In the just 2.5 years since @the.wing first popped up in NYC, the team behind the women’s club has grown from 4 employees to now more than 150. That meant a new HQ with all the quirky details and colorful furnishings we 💛 in their coworking spaces, this time in a four-floor historic neo-Italian Renaissance building you *have* to see🏛 Take a tour of their new office 👉 link in bio 📸 by @torywilliams; design by Laetitia Gorra
For his Chelsea apartment, @andrea_franchini kept the surroundings as clean as possible to allow his bold collection of furniture and art to take center stage 🌟 Tour the brilliant 1,000 square foot space 👉 link in bio 📸 by @franparente ✍️ by @my_shokoko 🛠 by @brad.sherman of @float.studio; design assist by @mrmcgrath
The wall partition, summer-fied in the @cristinacelestino for @fornacebrioni 
Scenografica collection inspired by the set designers of the Italian Baroque 🇮🇹 Check why old school breeze block partitions are great (and great-looking) 👉 link in bio 📸 @mattiabalsamini
This hyper blue unit @oscarpiccolo built when he first moved to London is part plant holder part bookshelf, and 100% amazing. The curved white elements are from more recent projects for @dellostudio, and we spy our favorite DIY upholstery trick on that small sofa which is given new life thanks to a tasseled white textile 👌 Take a tour of the designers space 👉 link in bio 📸 by @veerleevens.photography
We’ve been dying to see inside designer @oscarpiccolo’s apartment ever since he started posting glimpses into the fantastical space filled with squiggly forms and his signature pleated lamps 〰️ He was nice enough to give us a tour, and it did *not* disappoint 😍 See the space 👉 link in bio 📸 by @veerleevens.photography
You should be hand-painting your plants and flowers! Forever inspired by @wifenyc’s work, and more exciting ideas for your arrangements in our stories 👆#regram @wifenyc
We love the look of a ribbed wall and Caroline Lee of @teamwoodnote let us in on how she DIYed them in her Palm Springs home: She had been seeing ribbed walls made from wooden dowels everywhere in Australia but the quotes she got from wood manufacturers were super high. So she called her friend, a skilled DIY-er, who talked her through fashioning the look from PVC pipes which they cut in half for the ribbed effect instead of wood💥For the built-in sofas, Caroline was originally inspired by Moroccan stucco but that shifted into a design using cork textile which is totally unexpected. See more of the space 👉 link in bio 📸 by @echoandearl
If only all home buying stories went like this: Caroline Lee of @teamwoodnote met designer @sarahshermansamuel seven years ago on a project. While their lives continued to intertwine throughout the years, Sarah purchased an A-frame house near Palm Springs. “She was renovating this place but then moved back to Michigan and decided to sell it,” says Caroline. ”Sarah said, ‘We want you guys to have it, and we’ll do anything to make that happen.’ They held it out for us because we are friends, and when we finally bought it, it was a ‘Hey, we left the key under the rock’ kind of friend deal.” 🤝 Take a tour of the home 👉 link in bio 📸 by @echoandearl
@collinastrada founder Hillary Taymour’s apartment is minimal from afar, but actually full of the most striking and kinda weird collection that we totally dig. Take the tour 👉 link in bio 📸 by @maxb.photo
Inspired by a classic Louis Poulsen pendant lamp she spotted in @archdigest (🤗), the photographer at @houselarsbuilt decided to make her own DIY versions from paper tableware (!!!), and now we're totally inspired back 🙏🙏 See more of pur favorite design projects from the week 👉 link in bio 📸 regram @houselarsbuilt #diy #justDIYit
We never considered storage cabinets to be particularly “fun” pieces of furniture, but this Hyper Blue one in a home by @kennedy_nolan totally changed our perspective 🔵🔷 #regram @collectivedf 📸 by @derek_swalwell
If you cherish your morning routine as much as @clairemazur does, you can appreciate that she had this L-shaped daybed custom-made just for sipping coffee and reading the news in her BK apartment ☕️ Recent updates include a baby who also gets a chic piece of lounge furniture and a spot near the window to enjoy the mornings 🤗 See more of her space 👉 link in bio 📸 by @maxb.photo; “coffee bed” by @jesseparrislamb and @ericksonaesthetics
We’ve professed our love for retro phones before, but this whole collection by @philippemalouin for @salon94design actually makes us excited for a desk job 🙌📠😍 via @_sightunseen_
These 🥨-like chairs by @atelierdetroupe 💥💥 📸 regram @suplexagency
Any fitness fanatic knows that building a “home gym” is never this glamorous 👆🤯 But lately we’ve eyed some weights, benches and more that look so good, you wouldn’t mind displaying them in your living room, even! 🏋️‍♀️ See our finds 👉 link in bio 📸 by @francoiscoquerel for @ad_magazine; design by @lecoadic_scotto_architecture
Terra-cotta for summer? Groundbreaking. But actually these modern designs in the ancient earthenware *are* totally groundbreaking and far beyond the everyday planter👉 link in bio to shop our edit 📸 regram @strategicfootprints from an exhibition celebrating the 100th anniversary of @poggiugoterrecotte during Milan Design Week with @masquespacio_ana and @masquespacio_chris
For those that can’t commit to artwork, there are picture rails 🖼 You can rotate pieces as you please and the frames do that casual lean thing that we kind of prefer, tbh. See more e-z design tips from the apartment of @ofakind cofounder @clairemazur 👉 link in bio 📸 by @maxb.photo
“Every morning, I wake up, make myself a cup of coffee, and lay on the couch with my head on the arm rest for a half hour—reading the Internet and drinking my coffee,” says @ofakind cofounder @clairemazur. “I need my feet up. I need to be horizontal, in order to have this coffee ritual that is an instrumental part of my morning routine.” But no couch fit the space below the window in her new Brooklyn home, and no daybed or settee was comfy enough. The solution, it turned out was one of those pesky custom projects that she hoped to avoid when moving in. Luckily, Claire’s friend Whitney Paris-Lamb of design firm @jesseparrislamb knew exactly what to do—install a built-in sofa along the front window. “We weren’t planning on working with a designer,” Claire admits. “When you move into a home you have all the stuff you want to do and that you’re budgeting for, but finally we just said we need to do this the right way because we’re not enjoying our home right now. The built-in couch that we affectionately refer to
When going full monochrome in a small nook, make sure to have plenty of standout shapes (hello, puffer jacket seats!) and some cool light fixtures (💛 these by @studio.botte). See the other tips and tricks we picked up from @pastelrita 👉 link in bio 📸 by @simonlarochephoto 🛠 by @appareilarchitecture
Terra-cotta is one of our favorite neutrals and lately it’s been taking all sorts of funky forms that are far from your everyday planter🏺 Shop terra-cotta lamps, chairs, tables and more to summer-fy your space in a bold way 👉 link in bio 📸 regram @tero_kuitunen_design