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We recommend sipping your coconut water and lazing around in the warm sand wearing the Neapolitan One Piece #summer19
Best things about summertime: romantic flings, sunkissed skin and tiny tops | The Shortcake Bra Top and Bias Skirt
Stunner @bellaagolden is prettier than flowers in the Biscotti Shirred Mini Dress | #summer19
The Mochi Summer Blouse is one of those tops you can throw on and: INSTANT CUTE | #summer19
The Biscotti Shirred Mini Dress is a signature silhouette we love to revive from season to season. We've updated it for #summer19  with a sexy-sweet black rose print and slinky drawstrings.
We can feel the warm salt air in this photo #sigh. Pretty lady @giizeleoliveira in the Elle Underwire Top and Lace Skirt
We're daydreaming about walking through the streets of Colombia in the Daria Denim Mini Dress. It's made of a soft, white stretch denim with a heart eyelet top │  Shop the new drop with link in bio #exclusive #summer19
“I’m just going to move to Santorini and eat greek salad and tzatziki all day and drive my little ATV around town and live by the ocean” - @nitsanraiter in the Gelato Ruched Top & Bottom #summer19
If you're not barefoot, you're overdressed | The Granita Daisy Top & Bottom #summer19
"I could taste the salt on her lips, each kiss like a summer wave breaking on an empty beach" | The Granita Daisy Top & Thong
A perfect summer day bikini | The Granita Daisy Tiny Top and Thong #summer19
The sound of slowly lapping waves might be the most beautiful sound on earth │ The Eclair Crop Top and the Granita Daisy Thong #summer19
Throw this little cutie in your weekender | The Daiquiri Ring Bandeau and Bikini Bottom #summer19
*sips daiquiri* | The Daiquiri Ring One Piece #summer19
Tell us a summer love story using only emojis 👇| The Tarte Eyelet Smocked Dress and Daiquiri Ring Bandeau Top and Bikini Bottom #summer19
Sunshine, beach, tan lines, long nights, tall drinks, relax, refresh, repeat | All new SWIM has dropped 💧 #summer19
We use a lot of negative space embroidery in our designs because the fabric details underneath are just as important as the top layer | The Sundae Mini Dress #summer19
Sun is shining. Weather is sweet. Make you wanna move your dancing feet 🎶 The Sundae Tank Midi Dress #summer19
Some would call this a dress, but we call it ART | The Sundae Tank Midi Dress #summer19
"We wanted to create sleepwear that you could potentially wear out, so we designed this little '90s-inspired piece. I can totally see someone pairing the Cream Puff Nighty with Vans or docs" -  Naomi Spindel Gibson, Design Director #summer19
Pretty lady @Jessalizzi in the Limoncella Lace Blouse │ #summer19
Do you ever catch yourself in the mirror and say, "damn, I look GOOD." If you're not doing that, we highly recommend it | The Pastille Strappy Bralette and Hi Waist Panty
Honey honey @genelleseldon in the Lemon Drop Underwire Bra │#summer19
Drapes at all of the right angles | The Caroline High Low Midi Dress
A micro-mini dress with matching biker shorts is our new summer mood | The Sundae Mini Dress │ #summer19
The Sundae Mini Dress was designed with gorgeous cut-out eyelet embroidery and a full micro mini skirt with a drawstring low waist. Complete with floral print bike shorts to peek out underneath. #summer19
From the design side the Creamsicle Crop Top was super hard to execute - it took months of sketching and fittings to get it just right. We're really proud of this one - Naomi Spindel Gibson, Design Director #summer19
Click the image for your weekend packing list ⬆️ Just add vintage Levi's | #summer19
Romance d'été means "summer romance" in French. It's a mood | #exclusive #summer19
Ch-ch-ch-cherry bomb! | The Lexington Crop Top | #exclusive #summer19
We specialize in outfitting you for beautiful summer romances | The Tarte Eyelet Smocked Dress #summer19
"I'm not sweaty, I'm dewy." A light, breathable cotton piece is essential for those warmer moments on vacation | The Tarte Eyelet Smocked Dress #summer19
New dreamy #summer19 styles have just hit the site including this cute little #exclusive 🍒 Love our beautiful muse @isabelifontana in the Beaumont Mini Dress.
Too cute for just staying in.....but you could totally just stay in | #summer19
She's magic, that one. @elkesockeel in the Limoncello Tiered Ruffle Dress #GIRLSinLove
Fairytale vibes on 💯| The Organza Shirred Mini Dress. Available #exclusively on @revolve & forloveandlemons.com.
TOO CUTE TO COVER UP.  Meet the Sugarplum bodysuit - she can do a lazy Sunday at home or venture out for a sunny walk through the Farmer's Market!
When they ask if you're "outdoorsy". Beauty @isabellamanderson in the Gwen Tank Dress #GIRLSinLOVE
Sweets for our sweets │ The Lemon Drop Underwire Bra and Cheeky Panty
Beauty @jodielapetitefrenchie summering in the Macaroon Blouson │#GIRLSinLOVE
Fruity things │ The Marzipan Underwire Bra and Strappy Panty
Outfit tip from our resident stylist @pursenboots: This vintage-inspired top is one of my favorites in the Summer Collection. It can be worn with literally anything. I personally wear it with nothing but our Summer SKIVVIES for a sexy pop of color | The Limoncella Lace Blouse paired over the Marzipan Underwire Bra
Dream girl @giizeleoliveira in the Iman Tiny Top and Bottoms layered under the Alanis Crop Cardi #GIRLSinLOVE
This is where we are in our heads right now, but unfortunately we're sitting at a desk. Anyway, here's the Meringue Maxi Dress for your viewing pleasure. #summer19
Pretty lady @nitsanraiter feat. in the Sorbet Lace Set.
BASKING | The Organza Ruffle Wrap Top paired with the Tutti Frutti Tiny Top and Bottoms. Organza Collection available #exclusively on @revolve & forloveandlemons.com
Ready, Set....SETS!! From 5/24 to 5/27, buy one piece and get one piece 40% off on all SWIM, SKIVVIES and two-piece sets. Sign up for our VIP list in our Insta Stories! Use code: READYSET at checkout
"Paradise" according to our muse @ellenghr wearing the Daiquiri Ring One Piece: No Internet ✔️ No Emails ✔️ No Worries ✔️
What's your paradise?
Radiant pieces for brilliant women |  Meringue Maxi Dress