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These end-of-February blues have us dreaming of spring and all the fresh vegetables on the horizon—like these crunchy sugar snap peas brightening cofounder @merrillstubbs' Creamy Lemon Tortellini alla Panna. 🌿 Recipe via the link in bio. 📸: @juliagartland
This rice cooker, dreamed up in partnership with French cast iron experts Staub, is 25% OFF!! The indestructible cast iron, top-notch heat distribution, superior moisture distribution, and beautiful, easy-to-clean enamel finish, make it the kind of kitchen addition you won't want to take off the stove. Shop via the link in bio. 📸: @juliagartland
@ruhbekuhlee’s version of shepherd's pie takes the things we love - fluffy mashed potato crust, savory comfort food filling - and adds a few twists. Start with adding parsnips to your potato mash for some much-needed sweetness. And then, while you're at it, swap out half the ground meat for tender French green lentils, and you're in texture heaven. We're not calling it our Best Shepherd's Pie for nothing. Recipe via the link in bio. 📸: @rockyluten
Is there anything better than a messy chocolate dessert you can prep, bake, and eat within the hour? Senior Editor @ericjoonho's Nutella Bread Pudding is just the ticket. Juicy blackberries are a welcome contrast against the sweet pudding base, as is the coulis (a thin sauce made from some of the strained fruit). Recipe at the link in bio. 📸: @rockyluten
@miglorious' Genius Recipes this week comes with great news: a skillet full of shrimp basking in a spicy-bright Creole sauce is less than 15 minutes away. The recipe comes from journalist and groundbreaking cookbook author @tonitiptonmartin, and she recommends serving the dish right in the skillet you cooked it in. That way, nothing's standing between you and wiping up trails of spicy butter with warm French bread. Catch the new #geniusrecipes episode and grab the recipe at the link in bio. 📸: @juliagartland
Kind of like a French press without all the pressing, these colorful coffee pots each have an ultra-thin steel filter inside. So when you’re ready for a lil’ pick-me-up, just add your grinds and a bit of hot water, let it work its magic, and you're ready to pour! Coffee in a snap. Head to the link in bio to get yours! 📸: @juliagartland
Here's a technique maybe you haven't tried: cook your quinoa in coconut water, swirling in coconut oil at the end for extra richness and aroma. Try it out with this recipe for spicy-sweet red curry quinoa from @emily_c99 (inspired by @andreanguyen88) via the link in bio. 📸: @rockyluten
Say hello to @emmalaperruque's weeknight shortcut to at-home tiramisu. Traditionally, this trifle-esque Italian dessert involves an armful of ingredients and steps (zabaglione! lady fingers! espresso! mascarpone!). It’s a lot. But this #BigLittleRecipes version streamlines just about all of that, thanks to one game-changing ingredient. Find out what it is via the link in our bio. 📸: @rockyluten
Asian pear (also known as Korean pear, Japanese pear, Chinese pear, Taiwanese pear, apple pear, zodiac pear, and sand pear) is this galette recipe's secret weapon. @ericjoonho takes a "less is more" approach—a simple dressing of brown sugar, vanilla, lemon juice and zest—to  let the crisp, subtle sweetness of the pear shine through. For this recipe, and for 2 other foolproof desserts, head to the link in bio. 📸: @rockyluten
By making polenta in the Instant Pot, you avoid that whole standing over the stove, stirring a pot every 10 minutes, for 40 minutes thing. Just throw the polenta, water, and salt in your pot, tap a few buttons, and ta-da. A hunk of butter at the end and you’re good to go. (Or, if the rest of dinner isn’t ready just yet, no big deal—the Keep Warm feature has you covered.) Grab @emmalaperruque's recipe at the link in bio. 📸: @rockyluten
This tiny, no-frills stainless steel spreader transforms cold, hard butter to melty golden ribbons in no time flat. And if you need more butter (always), turn the blade on its side and use the tip for generous scoops. Get yours at the link in bio. 📸: @rockyluten
The secret to @emily_c99's ultra-crispy, spiced chicken fingers? A zippy mix of yogurt and Thai red curry paste. And you don't even need to fry them, a rocket-hot oven will get the job done. Recipe via the link in bio. 📸: @rockyluten
Not a baker? No sweat. Columnist @ericjoonho has 3 go-to, foolproof desserts perfect for an easy weekend baking project. This cheesecake with a fluffy duvet of lime-tart cream, for instance, doesn't even require an oven! How's that for approachable? 🍰 Grab this recipe and Eric's 2 others via the link in bio. 📸: @rockyluten
💕 Consider this is our Valentine's Day treat💕**Today only** when you buy a set of our Five Two silicone lids (the ultimate substitute for plastic wrap 🌎♻️) we'll give you a set of our best-selling reusable straws, free. Cutting down on single-use plastic, what's not to love? Shop via the link in bio. 📸: @rockyluten
💖💖💖 No matter how you're spending your Valentine's Day, cookies are an excellent choice. 💖💖💖 Head to the link in bio for this Linzer Cookies recipe by @posiehh, and while you’re there, check out 31 other V-Day cookies to make today!
This week on #DearTestKitchen, cookbook author and dumpling wizard @sonokosakai teaches @joshuabkchef
how to fill, wrap, and fry an entire *mountain* of crispy gyoza. 🥟⛰ Because they're such a crowd-pleaser, she suggests making the filling ahead of time, and then filling the wrappers while entertaining guests in the kitchen before the meal. Tune in for the episode and grab the recipe at the link in bio!
Behold: a mix of spiced squash, onion, and feta bound between ethereally-crisp layers of phyllo dough. You can coil the dough as seen here, *or* you can "Turkish tuck" the filling into crisp triangles. Grab the recipe (from the team @honeyandco)via the link in bio! 📸: @patricianiven
Traditionally, fried corn is made using its own kernel milk or “corn milk” which is in the lining of the cob—that's where this dish from @alittlefoodblog gets its sweetness and deliciously creamy texture. Once you've seasoned to taste (all you need is salt & pepper), serve it with basically anything you want: seafood, ribs, hamburgers & hot dogs, crab cakes, you name it. Head to the link in our bio for the recipe and for 28 more vegetarian recipes from the #bhmpotluck curated by @meikoandthedish. #f52grams
For this low-maintenance, ultra-jammy tomato sauce from Phyllis Grant (memoir author and blogger behind @dashandbella), pretty much all you need to do is dump everything into the pot, and then let it do its simmer-y thing. Which means you can do *your* thing, whether that's calling a friend, catching up on email, or chilling out to old sitcom reruns. You don't even need to whip out the cutting board, a grater will do just great. For the recipe and the brand-new episode of #GeniusRecipes with @miglorious, head to the link in bio! 📸: @rockyluten
This ice box is a game-changer for your freezer. It’ll make and store up to 132 ice cubes, easy, and then the lock tight lid ensures no unwanted odors get in, so your iced tea/coffee/cocktail will taste exactly how you intend it to. Oh, and its minimalist design means you can set it right on the table when it’s sipping time. 🍹 Head to the link in bio to get yours! 📸: @rockyluten
The crema swirls and constellations of pepper on this bowl of tomato soup are almost too pretty to RUIN, but we're dunking in those sticks of garlic bread anyway. A match (a pair!) made in heaven. // 📸: @thedaleyplate #f52pairs #f52grams (P.S. For a Genius Recipes tomato soup recipe, head to the link in bio!)
@jessiesheehanbakes' fudgy, flourless Instant Pot chocolate cake is destined to become your new fave. Here's why: it's gorgeous, silky, and easy as they come. All you need is one bowl, your Instant Pot, 20 minutes, and a craving for chocolate. P.S. A dollop of crème fraiche is the perfect finishing touch, though unsweetened whipped cream or even vanilla (or caramel!) ice cream would be awfully nice, too. Grab the recipe at the link in bio! 📸: @juliagartland
4 @parasitemovie Oscars wins later and the #bonghive is thriving! Here @food52 we're celebrating with some "ram-don" (aka Jjapaguri topped with steak), as created by @koreanbapsang. On the site, our contributor @satancoughlin took a deep-dive into the film's signature noodle dish, and the complicated class story it tells. She also found the recipe so you can make it at home, too! Head to the link in bio for both the story and recipe. #f52grams
❇️🔪 GIVEAWAY! 🔪❇️ We're starting the week with some exciting, cutting-edge news. We're giving away THREE (3) sets—including the Chef's, Serrated and Paring knife—of our (much beloved) Five Two knives. These SHARP, vintage-inspired, well-balanced knives could be yours by the end of the week! How do you enter? It's easy: -
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One lucky winner and their two friends will each win a complete set in the color of their choice. **All qualifying entrants must be based in the US** Entry period closes at 11:59PM EST on February 17, 2020. Best of luck, everyone! ✨ (📷: @rockyluten) #giveaway
Served over rice as an entree or on its own as a side, these slow cooked black eyed peas & greens are tender and easy to make. The recipe comes to us via @baumassfoods, who's personal favorite way to eat them is to pair them with a side of cornbread. We'll be following her lead. Head to the link in our bio for the recipe and for 28 more vegetarian recipes from the #bhmpotluck curated by @meikoandthedish. #f52grams
While this lasagna, from our Co-Founder @merrillstubbs, may technically be called "Birthday Lasagna" we've confirmed with her that it doesn't actually need to be your birthday to enjoy it! We're thankful for that today. For the recipe, which uses bechamel instead of ricotta, head to the link in our bio. 📸: @jamesransom_nyc
Yes, it's Sunday and yes, the Oscars are tonight (!) but it's still laundry day for most of us. That's where this laundry bag system comes in to save the day—it adapts and grows to fit your needs and comes in a wide range of colors so you can mix and match bags as you please. Each bag features a press stud interlocking system so you can attach as many as you need. Plus, handy snap-on labels you can write on make it extra-easy to keep things organized. Sort the linens, recycling, toys—you might say the possibilities are about as endless as that seemingly bottomless laundry pile. Shop for yours at the link in bio. 📸: @rockyluten
Recognize these cookies?! They're from our Genius Desserts cookbook (👋, @miglorious) and they're also one of five recipes from that cookbook to STAR in the Oscar nominated film Little Women (👋, @florencepugh, @lauradern, @tchalamet et. all). So, if you want to eat like one of the March sisters, head to the link in our bio for each of the recipes, including these chewy Molasses Cookies. 📸: @jamesransom_nyc
Meatloaf for one, coming right up! In his latest #TableForOne column, @ericjoonho explores how to turn a couple ingredients, that typically feed a crowd, into many different meals over the course of a week. The star, of course, is this gluten-free turkey meatloaf (he uses cream and oats instead of bread crumbs) which is topped with a stellar glaze of ketchup, mustard and brown sugar. Recipe via link in bio! 📸: @rockyluten
When we first posted this recipe, which features bananas and avocados together on one piece of toast, it's fair to say that a lot of our followers were skeptics—one of whom was our friend @feedtheswimmers. After making the recipe at home though, we are happy to report that she is now a fan! Head to the link in bio to get the recipe and try the unconventional toast for yourself. #f52grams
A Smoky Pasta alla Vodka that comes together in 20 minutes? Count us in! Recipe via link in bio. 📸: @alexandracooks
Meal prep has met its match: This handheld mandoline is here to help you make extra-even slices in a flash. It’s got a micro-serrated V-shaped blade that’ll whiz through potatoes, lemons, tomatoes, onions, no problem—plus hard cheese and charcuterie too. 🧀 And thanks to the non-slip handle and pusher, your hands will stay safely out of harm's way. The kicker? It's compact enough to slide right into your favorite-tool drawer. Grab yours at the link in bio. 📸: @rockyluten
Cheesecake and Oreos, they just make sense together. A contemporary classic, one might say. For @emmalaperruque's recipe, the chocolate wafers double both as crust and topping. Then, for the base, a creamy swirl of chocolate ganache not only looks cool but also *tastes* really good, almost like a black-and-white milkshake. Recipe via the link in bio. 📸: @rockyluten
Two key takeaways from our latest episode of #DearTestKitchen with @joshuabkchef and Sarit Packer and Itamar Srulovich of @honeyandco: First, "'Baklava' means a whole lot of pastries," not just the sweet version we all know and love. And second, life is too short—buy the dough! Head to the link in bio to watch the full episode and gain all sorts of phyllo knowledge.
Every year for Black History Month, @MeikoAndTheDish organizes a virtual potluck calling for Black food bloggers to come together and celebrate Black culture through food. As @dashofjazzblog writes, “One remarkable byproduct of the African diaspora is the unmatched diversity of Black cuisine. It touches nearly every continent and comprises just about every kind of flavor profile you can imagine.” This year’s theme? Plant-based recipes. Here, we have a Meiko's own recipe for Cajun Shrooms & Grits... Get all 29 recipes (including this one!) through the link in our bio. #f52grams #bhmpotluck
A veggie burger that avoids the usual veggie burger problems (like being dry and mushy) is the latest #geniusrecipes from @miglorious. Instead, the burger is perfectly crisp on the outside and wonderfully moist on the inside, and comes to us from from Washington Post Food & Dining Editor @joeyonan. Hint: it takes its inspiration from falafel. Grab the recipe via the link in bio! 📸: @rockyluten
Say hello to this 2-in-1 Grill Pan & Cocotte, made from Staub's signature, colorful enameled cast iron. It's perfect for all your grilling needs—from bread to flank steak to bok choi. Whether you stack it in a cabinet or let it live on your stovetop, this durable, space-saving beaut will stay with you for ages, so get yours via the link in bio (at more than 50% off!) 📸: @juliagartland
This #BigLittleRecipes Cream of Mushroom Soup from @emmalaperruque is basically umami in a bowl. Fresh creminis, dried shiitakes, and heavy cream yield a rich flavor and a silky, lush texture. Recipe via link in bio. 📸: @rockyluten
This is the butterscotch pie recipe @jenniferjustus8's grandma carried with her through the war. Even though sugar was rationed, her grandfather (while stationed in San Fransisco for the Coast Guard) befriended a delivery man who would slip them broken or damaged bags. Then  Jennifer's grandmother would make the butterscotch pie they practically lived on. Story & recipe via link in bio. 📸: @rockyluten
A bright green take on @dianekochilas_official's Genius Pasta with Yogurt and Caramelized Onions, this version from @emmalaperruque stars leeks and scallions, garlic and chives—plus lots of green peas. Then, when you've got leftovers, you can serve them cold like pasta salad for a quick & easy take-to-work lunch. Recipe via link in bio. 📸: @jamesransom_nyc
Is there anything sweeter than breakfast in bed? Well, thanks to this handheld stovetop waffle maker, you're on your way to a picture-perfect stack of waffles hearts. ❤️ Pour your batter into the extra-deep wells, close the lid, hold it over a gas burner, and flip. Then ready the toppings—butter, syrup, fruit, and whipped cream, we're looking at you—because that's all there is to it. Plus, the iron is made of cast aluminum, so it's submersible in water and easy to clean. Head to the link in bio to get yours! 📸: @bobbilinstudio
Who needs chicken wings when you have these Korean Wing Style Cauliflower bites from @feedtheswimmers. They're sticky! They're crispy! They're spicy! They're sweet! In all, they're perfect. Recipe via link in bio. #f52super #f52grams
Called "Demon Cake" for its dark, treacly molasses, this is the oldest cake from the oldest house in New York. Dense and heavily spiced, it's as much a capsule to Gotham history as the Hendrick I. Lott House itself, which was built in 1720 (50 years before America was even formed). Read the incredible story and get the recipe via the link in bio.
Made from dishwasher-friendly silicone, this collapsible water bottle from Stojo stashes in a flash. Fill it up when you need, but when it's time to hit the road or catch the train, tuck it in your bag so it's out of the way, taking up minimal space. Did we mention it’s leak-proof, too? Get yours via the link in bio. 📸: @rockyluten
We call this one "a pretzel worth sharing" and it comes to us courtesy of @emcdowell. It's the perfect solution for feeding a large group of people. For this recipe and 53 more to help you on game day, head to the link in bio. 📸: @linda.xiao
These are @emmalaperruque's Best Apple Muffins and as such she gets to guest write our Instagram caption. Let it rip Emma! "The good thing about recipe-testing apple muffins is—now my freezer has so many apple muffins. I pull one whenever a craving strikes (this is often), let it thaw on the counter, and then nuke it until warm. Slather with some salted butter and it's a very happy day." Link in bio for the recipe! 📸: @juliagartland
How DO you get the best avocado toast? According to Associate Editor @meanttobeeaten... The bread: nothing too soft, too white, or too fluffy. The avocado: slice-and-mound, no mashing (this is not guacamole toast, after all). Lastly, the toppings: simple or extravagant as your morning or afternoon or evening allows. That's how. 💥🥑 Get Coral's recipe via the link in bio. 📸: @rockyluten
File this under "little kitchen helpers making a big impact." With just a couple twists, this cast-iron grinder delivers freshly ground spices—just like that. And see that beech wood lid? It pops off and stores the extras for later (you know how we love a multi-tasker 🙌). Shop for yours at the link in bio. 📸: @rockyluten
Since moving to Brooklyn, Associate Editor @meanttobeeaten doesn't miss much about the OC (sorry mom, hi mom!). Going to the mall? No thanks. Traffic on the 405 to the 605 to the 5? NO THANKS. In ’n Out fries? Meh. The one thing she does still think about: acai bowls. Like, the really thick kind. This is her take—all-frozen fruit, creamy oat milk, dotted with bee pollen—to be enjoyed in 24 degree weather on a stoop. Recipe via the link in bio. 📸: @juliagartland
This week on #DearTestKitchen, @joshcohen shares his go-to method for making wings for a crowd. Hint: it involves the oven, a delicious dry-rub, and a tangy-sweet barbecue sauce. 💯 Got questions about cooking for a big party? Head to our stories to send Josh your q's, and he'll be back later this afternoon to answer them. Meanwhile, head to the link in bio to watch the new episode of Dear Test Kitchen!