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A big bowl of ramen to soothe your soul. 💋 #f52bowls #f52grams 📸: @lilybubbletea
These classic brownies from @deliciouslyella are gooey and fudgy and just the early week pick-me-up @equittner needs. Oh, and did we mention they're vegan and gluten-free? Recipe via the link in bio. 📸: @juliagartland
Our latest #biglittlerecipes has been a hot topic in the office so far this week. The commotion? @emmalaperruque created a 2-ingredient crispy garlic dip that is better than any onion dip we've tasted. Gone are the time consuming caramelized onions, replaced with two forms of garlic (toasted and fried), you'll get big flavor in only about 8 minutes of cook time. Recipe via the link in bio. 📸: @tymecham
@equittner lives for a perfectly ripe avocado (see: her daily toast regime, above). But good luck finding one in an NYC supermarket. For those times when she needs an avo ASAP, she tested a 15-minute avocado ripening hack—plus three other tricks. Find out what happened through the link in bio. #f52grams #f52team
Our best-selling Veggie & Fruit To-Go Cups are back in stock and here to make sure your produce never goes wilty again. The clever double-layer lets you rinse fruit in the mini colander, then pop it right into the cup, where it can drain while you run out. Added bonus: it also comes with a small fork that fits right inside, so you can snack on the go. 💨 Grab yours via the link in bio. // 📸: @rockyluten
According to our editor @you_feta_believe_it, this one sheet pan pasta dish is MAGIC. Head to the link in bio to get the recipe and find out why! 📸: @goodcomag
We love a pot that earns its keep, and this cast iron gem from @staub_usa is a true one-pot wonder. Enameled in a Food52-exclusive blue and topped with gleaming brass hardware, it's perfect for making an herby, savory braise of lamb and rice for a no-fuss weeknight dinner; or a hearty breakfast hash; or fried lacy-edged vegetable fritters on its wide flat surface. How’s that for starters? To shop for yours, head to the link in bio. 📸: @rockyluten
This tomato tart is a little extra but that's the point. Prosciutto-wrapped tomatoes are filled with gremolata and pressed down into a cozy bed of goat cheese and quark. Recipe via link in bio. 📸: @dashandbella
Just gonna leave this here and hope @equittner invites us over to eat it. We're free, uh, all day? (PS We also do dishes.) Recipe via the link in bio (she switched to burrata instead of mozz cause it's Saturday and it felt right.) #f52grams #f52team
Move over, Cookie Crisp. Dessert for breakfast has a new face in the form of this really (REALLY) big pop-tart-inspired slab pie. Get @joyosity’s recipe via link in bio. 📸: @jamesransom_nyc
One of our top 10 most-popular chicken recipes of all time and for good reason—this chicken piccata is easy on preparation and shines in presentation. 📸: @jamesransom_nyc
Double duty: celebrate our 10th anniversary with this Mason Cash Batter Bowl (in Food52-exclusive gray) while also catching the new episode of GBBO that @netflix just dropped. This fan fave has an easy-pour spout, hardworking handle, and whimsical pattern that offers extra grip. From  the royal kitchens directly to your own - shop for yours via the link in bio. // 📸: @rockyluten
The Mid-Autumn festival, which @tworedbowls writes is "something like a Chinese Thanksgiving,” is a time for family, celebration, and a whole lot of mooncakes. Their supple, golden-brown crust hides impossibly smooth, dense fillings like white lotus paste, deliciously sweet red bean, or a salty-sweet duck egg yolk, if you’re lucky. Best part is? They’re simple enough to make at home.
We’re on a roll lately—a French toast roll, that is. A twist (😏 see what we did there?) on the breakfast staple, these French toast rolls have everything you love about the classic all rolled up into a few sweet bites. Making them couldn’t be easier—or more customizable. All you need to do is flatten thick, fluffy 🍞 slices and spread ‘em with your favorite toppings (we ❤️ chocolate spread, mint, and 🍓). Dredge each lil’ roll-up in a custardy mix of 🥚, real milk, and vanilla before frying golden brown and sprinkling with cinnamon-sugar. We’d say this breakfast is fit for the honor roll. 💯 Get the recipe at the link in our bio! (📷: @tymecham) #f52partner @milklife
SKILLET. RAVIOLI. LASAGNA. But seriously, this #geniusrecipes ravioli lasagna needs to be a thing—should it be ravagna? or lavioli? Let us know in the comments! Recipe up in the link in bio! 📸: @rockyluten
Well-cooked rice is a beautiful, versatile gift; one that has just as much potential on day two (or three) as it does freshly cooked from the pot. Take, for example, @ericjoonho's Kimchi Fried Rice With Nori - exactly the kind of self-care you'll want the end of a rough week. For Eric's recipe and 26 others perfect for using up leftover rice, head to the link in bio. (📸: @goodcomag)
This Polish 'hangover' soup from #queereye star @antoni makes him feel human again when he needs it. The hearty combination of root vegetables, kielbasa, pickles, sour cream, and hard-boiled eggs is tangy, fortifying, and has healing powers. 🍲✨ For Antoni's #myfamilyrecipe, head to the link in bio. (📸: @paulbrissman)
@emmalaperruque's #biglittlerecipes 3-ingredient oatmeal cookies are halfway between a newfangled granola bar and an old-fashioned oatmeal cookie, equal parts wholesome and gratifying, with a crunchy crust and chewy center. Coffee for dunking not optional. ☕️ Recipe via link in bio. (📸: @goodcomag)
Come dig in! Our new weekly letter, What We’re Cooking This Week, from #biglittlerecipes sage @emmalaperruque, is here. We'll be sharing all the recipes our editorial team is making—and thinking about, and talking about—off-duty. For this week's last-hurrah quesadillas & 9 other recipes, head to the link in bio. // 📸: @goodcomag
Your Monday morning coffee is now just 3 minutes away with this game-changing pour over dripper. The curved ridges allow the coffee to flow more smoothly and give the filter a little extra grip too. Available in 5 styles, head to the link in bio to snag yours!
This burger, created by @Aargersi, was built with football in mind. It combines all of the best tailgating flavors: burgers, barbecue and chips. Yes, you will spend the rest of the afternoon wiping barbecue sauce off of your cheeks and yes, you will get chips everywhere, but consider that the price of the perfect burger. 📸: @jamesransom_nyc
The Margrethe mixing bowl from Rosti Mepal has been an icon in the kitchen for over 60 years, and it's no surprise why. Here are just a couple of reasons we love 'em: they have an anti-slip ring that keeps the bowl in place while you stir; a beloved pour spout; the melamine is both sturdy and light-weight; the specialty lids let you grate & slice directly into the bowls for clean, efficient prep. To shop for your set, head to the link in bio! (📸: @juliagartland)
Good afternoon to @lallimusic and @lallimusic only! Thank you for blessing us (via @equittner) with the magic that is your magic green sauce. We'll be putting some on everything we eat today. Head to the link in bio for the recipe. 📸: @juliagartland
In the words of our #tableforone guru @ericjoonho: "Eating dinner alone doesn't have to be a sad affair. If anything, it's a chance to collect your thoughts, to be with yourself and with yourself alone, and to brush off the day's excesses." From soft-scrambled eggs to honey-mustard chicken breast, we've put all our favorite solo dinners in one place. Head to the link in bio to find your fave! 📸: @tymecham
All the way from Iowa, meet the mushroom cheesy bread that's the perfect snack for any party. Per @kmelkhat, you'll never not be the hit of party when you bring this dish. 📸: @juliagartland
It's Friday and we all deserve a little mesmerizing pottery wheel action courtesy of our friends @simonpearce. Head to the link in bio to shop their Westport line, which features handthrown dinnerware that's both beautiful and durable enough even for restaurant use.
@emily_c99's Cauliflower Pizza Bake is what happens when you combine the caramelized, golden-edged goodness of roasted cauliflower with melty pockets of mozzarella, crispy pepperoni, and your other favorite pizza toppings. Serve it to cauliflower lovers, or even the haters. Recipe via link in bio. (📸: @rockyluten)
There’s no better way to celebrate 🎉 breakfast than with a stack of waffles that are light and fluffy (thanks to real milk).🥛 But when it comes to toppings, sweet isn’t the only option—even though this matcha whipped cream and fresh 🍓-topped version is totally 😍. If you’re in a savory mood, try bringing sliced 🥑, a poached egg, and Hollandaise into the mix. Feeling spicy?🔥 Add chorizo, smoky tomatoes, chickpeas, spinach, and pepper jack 🧀 on top. Grab the recipe via the link in our bio and go wild with toppings—the world is your waffle. (📷: @goodcomag) #f52partner @milklife
Try and find a more talented mandoline than this French number (we’ll wait). It turns out cubes, crinkle cuts, slices, slivers, Julienne cuts, and even waffle fries like there’s no tomorrow. Made of satin-polished steel, it’s got all the safety features we’ve been searching for, like an optional safety grip that keeps your fingers well out of the way. To get yours, head to the link in bio!
When Creative Director of #geniusrecipes, @miglorious, first heard of a five-minute hummus, it sounded like a gimmick. But as @mikesolomonov & Steven Cook write in #israelisoulcookbook, "We believe 5-Minute Hummus to be a medium step forward for mankind." 😂 The secret? Canned chickpeas. You will literally spend more time cleaning your food processor than putting this recipe together. Recipe via the link in bio. (📸: @rockyluten)
Drummmmroll, please! 🥁 Meet our number 1 most popular recipe of all time, the dish community members are raving about: "Just perfect." "Even the picky eaters loved it!!!" "One of the best things to ever come out of my crock pot." "SOOO tender!" Recipe via link in bio. (📸: @rockyluten)
For this week's #BigLittleRecipes, @emmalaperruque is putting a vegetarian twist on the traditional lobster roll. Bonus: You don't have to worry about the eggplant scurrying off your cutting board or pinching you! Recipe and video via link in bio. (📸: @goodcomag)
The "World's Best Cake" with Banana & Coconut is our second most popular recipe of all time and it's easy to see why. It's an impressive, towering dessert which won't leave you worrying about burning a meringue, shaving down layers of cake to make even lines, applying a crumb coat or even dirtying more than two bowls. Recipe via the link in bio. (📸: @rockyluten)
ICYMI: in his #tableforone this week, @ericjoonho revealed the ingredient that acts as a solo home cook's secret weapon. #linkinbio for all the info and the recipe. 📸: @goodcomag
Pockets of JOY. @sarahjampel's makes-everything-better mochi recipe via the link in bio.
This iconic recipe, Marcella Hazan's Tomato Sauce With Onion & Butter, is number 3 on our list of all-time most popular recipes and revolutionized how we make tomato sauce. Just render tomatoes (fresh or canned), an onion, butter, and salt for the jammiest, most flavorful concoction we've ever deigned to use atop noodles, pizza dough, or merely a wooden spoon. Recipe via the link in bio. (📸: @rockyluten)
Kindred's Milk Bread can do it all, which is one reason it's #4 on our list of all time most-popular recipes. You can use it as sandwich bread, French toast, burger buns, doughnuts, and more. It merges utility and taste, seamlessly. Recipe via the link in bio. (📸: @rockyluten)
In the words of our co-founder @amandahesser, "Many nonstick pans are appealingly affordable but not at all visually appealing. With GreenPan, we set out to create a pan that would be a real looker—chic, even!—yet still have the great functionality that would make this your everyday workhorse." So voilà! These pans not only slide out omelettes, crepes, fish filets, and the like with ease but their sage-blue exterior and brass hardware makes for a (very) stylish profile. Plus, they're even dishwasher and metal utensil-safe. To shop for yours, head to the link in bio. (📸: @tymecham)
There's a reason this dish is so popular (it's number 5 on our list), on top of it being *delicious*, it's also absurdly easy to make. Head to the link in bio for the recipe and enjoy the simultaneously crunchy and fluffy masterpiece. (📸: @rockyluten)
If you're not yet obsessed with frybread (like we are) you soon will be. It's the perfect match for guac or queso or anything, really. Bonus: it's delicious all on its own, too. Recipe via link in bio. (📸: @juliagartland).
This pasta, Martha Stewart's One-Pan Pasta and number 6 on our most-popular recipe list, cooks entirely in one pan (without even boiling water first) and makes its own sauce, all in about 9 minutes. 💯 Recipe via link in bio. (📸: @rockyluten)
And just like that (!!) it's time to head back to school. Let's put the days of brown bag lunches behind us and invest in these Danish-designed bento boxes. They have storage compartments aplenty for all your PB&Js, chips, veggies... whatever's on the lunch menu. Best of all? As part of our last Summer Friday, they're coming with two free cooler packs, just today. Head to the link in bio to shop this sale (plus a few more surprises!).
Enter Momofuku's Soy Sauce Eggs, number 7 on our top 10 most-popular recipes list. They can be used in a thousand different ways—perfect on their own as a snack, in pasta, or cut up and mixed into a salad. Recipe via link in bio. (📸: @rockyluten)
In case you haven’t heard, we love chicken thighs around these parts—grilled, roasted, braised, any which way really. But Assistant Editor @you_feta_believe_it’s new favorite comes courtesy of our test kitchen director. His real name is @joshuabkchef, but in honor of these garlicky, one-skillet chicken thighs, he shall henceforth be known as the Poultry Prince™. 👑 Starring juicy meat, unimaginably crispy skin, and schmaltz-fried summer veggies—oh, and don’t forget the @lodgecastiron skillet—this is one winner winner, 🐔 dinner you’re going to want to make now and forever. Head to the link in our bio to grab the recipe for this one-pan wonder! #f52partner
#geniusrecipes tip of the week: with just two ingredients, you can blend together a cold, creamy ice cream base, then pop back outside for a quick Super Soaker battle (or whatever else you were planning to do with what’s left of your summer). This week , @miglorious follows @alicehartcooks's example, using marzipan to bring a sweet, intoxicatingly almond-y flavor to one of our favorite summer treats. Recipe via link in bio. (📸: @tymecham)
Meet number 8 on our most-popular recipe countdown: One-Pot Kale and Quinoa Pilaf. The quinoa and kale add extra crunch while Meyer lemon juice and zest keep the dish bright. Fresh goat cheese and walnut oil give the warm pilaf a creamy, tangy finish. Recipe via link in bio. (📸: @rockyluten)
For this week's #biglittlerecipes, it's all about variety. @emmalaperruque's crisping up some tasty salmon with a show-stealer summery salad that's got both raw and charred corn, blackberries (both halved & whole), and shishito. Recipe via link in bio. (📸: @juliagartland)
Thank you for the gorgeous birthday cake, @emcdowell! You've been making cakes and pies in our Food52 offices since 2014, and we are so grateful to know you! If you're curious, this cake is chocolate, plus chocolate, with a little more chocolate, impressive to look at it - and more importantly - so, so delicious, just like these last 10 years have been. Recipe via the link in bio. (📸: @rockyluten)
We’re inclined to think all of Staub’s pans are perfect, but we’re especially enamored with this wok-shaped version. This pan’s wide, angled shape makes it ideal for large-batch deep frying and vigorous stir-frying without spilling. Starting at $149, it's great for your wallet too. That’s pretty perfect if you ask us. Shop for yours via the link in bio.
Hello New York City! We're excited to announce our first subway ad campaign is now up and running on all subway lines. To help celebrate, we've created a fun (and easy) scavenger hunt for you, our fans, which ends with a chance to win a $500 gift card to our Shop** (and other cool prizes!). Here's the deal: the next time you see our ad on the subway, snap a pic. Then, post the photo here on Instagram, follow and tag us: @Food52. Boom: You're entered to win. Happy hunting!