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Things aren't looking good for Kris Jenner and she knows it, as Khloe catches her mom in a lie all thanks to Lamar Odom's new tell-all book. We've got all of the drama at the link in our bio. (📷: Getty Images)
There was nothing pretty or peachy about Shay Mitchell's 33-hour labor, but the fact that she toasted with alcohol immediately after giving birth is our favorite part of this video. Link in bio to watch raw footage of Shay meeting her baby girl. 🤱🏻 (📷: YouTube)
For Dax & Kristen it was never about the wedding ceremony so they got married at a courthouse and it’s never been about anniversaries so they celebrate their love every day. ❤️ (📷: @kristenanniebell)
Everyone is talking about Jennifer Lawrence's wedding, but we need to draw your attention to Jeremy Allen White's! If you're a #Shameless fan, then you're a Lip fan, then you need to read about his sweet ceremony to the love of his life at the link in our bio. (📷: Instagram)
Simone Bile's birthday tribute to her boyfriend just reminded us that true love actually does exist. Brb, while we live vicariously through this relationship at the link in our bio.
If you thought Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson were dramatic when they said: "We're having 24 armed guards; I'm having people sleep inside the building with rifles." Then wait for this week's showdown against James Charles. Everything we know about their feud it at the link in our bio. ( 📷: Instagram)
Gigi Hadid used fashion to make a statement about boys (cough, cough, Tyler Cameron, cough). Head to the link in our bio for the “Boys Lie” sweatshirt we want in every color. (📷: @gigihadid)
We can't stop unpacking Miley Cyrus' Instagram live from last night and we won't stop talking about her thoughts on "dicks" and how she's only met one good one....At the link in our bio.
“Never letting go...” - Shay Mitchell 😍 Link in bio for more on the couple’s first child. (📷: @shaymitchell)
Help is on it's way, dear. We know it won't be the same without Robin Williams, but #MrsDoubtfire is headed to Broadway sooner than you think and our nostalgic hearts are bursting. Say HELLOOO at the link in our bio for the details and actors. (📷: Giphy)
Being a new mom? Not easy. Being a new mom when Instagram filters exist? Damn near impossible. Christina Anstead shared a very real message for all new moms at the link in our bio. (📷: Christina Anstead)
Meghan and Harry are officially tapping out and taking a much needed break from it all. Link in bio for the news of their sabbatical and Archie’s first trip to the US! (📷: Getty Images)
This is just our opinion, but you can fact check us at the link in our bio: JLaw’s wedding today just might be the most star studded wedding since The Royal Wedding. Can you tell our favorite guest though? 😍 (📷: Getty Images)
Breaking news: Jennifer Lawrence is officially married. All the details on her lavish Newport nuptuals are at the link in our bi💍! (📷: Getty Images)
Sisterhood of the traveling facts: If you've ever wondered what was on Blake Lively's baby registry then look no further than the link in our bio because *spoiler alert* you can afford it all. (📷: Guy Aroch)
Here comes the bride 👰🏼 Today is JLaw’s day! Volunteer as tribute at the link in our bio for all the details on last night’s rehearsal dinner with Kris Jenner, Cameron Diaz, Adele, Bradley Cooper and more stars. ⭐️ (📷: Getty Images)
Friends & family: How’s dating going?
Lady Gaga is ok, but had to get her whole body X-rayed after a bad fall with a fan at last night’s show. 😅 Link in bio. (📷: SizGaga)
This is like #SayYesToTheDress but on a completely different level. 👰🏼 Hailey Bieber’s version is at the link in our bio to watch! (📷: YouTube)
This interview just had us cancel our Friday plans to finish crying. 😢 Meghan Markle was asked for the first time by a reporter how she’s handled everything and her emotional response broke our hearts. Link in bio to watch her describe the not-so-Royal side of her new life. (📷: Getty Images)
Breaking: The Hollywood Ripper has been found guilty of murder.
In 2001 Ashton Kutcher went to pick up his date and after knocking for minutes he suspecting something was up - what he didn't suspect is that she was stabbed behind that front door and that he'd be a key witness 18 years later.
Link in bio for everything you need to know as the jury seeks the death penalty. (📷: Getty Images)
You guys!!! Yesterday you broke our record for the most clicked story of all time on our IG. 🙈 We learned 2 things: y’all are clearly #TeamEdward and y’all clearly want more rated R(ob) content. If you missed it - you can read the #NSFW story at the link in our bio. 🙊 (📷: Getty Images)
The internet's boyfriend appears to have found a girlfriend: Sports Illustrated model Alexis Ren. We're so sorry for everyone going through this breakup, we'll be at the link in our bio with all the deets on their new relationship, if you need us. (📷: Instagram)
J. Lo is known to shut it down with every look she serves but this princess bridal gown has us on the floor. 😍 Head to the link in our bio for more pics. (📷: GC images)
Listen, Jennifer Aniston making an instagram is not that common, it doesn't happen every day and it is a big deal! That being said, her decision to share a #Friends pic as her first post clearly shows she misses friends as much as we do, and we're here to prove it at the link in our bio. (📷: NBC)
The one where Courteney Cox quizzes Charlie Puth on #Friends trivia and he absolutely crushes it. Oh, you don't know that episode? 🗣️ Link in our bio. ( 📷: Youtube)
Teresa Giudice opened up on the #RHONJ about once hooking up with another man and the sexy pic he sent her and Joe was watching in Italy like... 😅 Link in bio to watch her confession. (📷: Instagram)
The tea is at the link in our bio. The background is that Colton inserted himself into Rachel & Raven’s feud and now we’re grabbing popcorn and waiting for this podcast to drop. (📷: Getty Images)
Science has apparently decided that Bella Hadid is "the world's most beautiful woman". Link in bio to study up. (📷: Getty Images)
Robert Pattinson had rehearsed his newest movie's masturbation scene 4 times with the director, but when "action" was called he went rogue and gave the scene his own twist hoping that the director wouldn't yell "cut" and...well, his plan worked on the first take. Wait till you're out of the office THEN click the link in our bio for the story. 🙊(📷: Courtesy Esquire/Simon Emmett)
Kenny Dixon was just 27-years-old and set to marry his fiancèe next weekend when he was involved in a tragic car accident and passed away on Monday. Last night, Kane Brown paid tribute to his longtime drummer in an emotional speech. Link in bio for the heartbreaking story. 😢(📷: Getty Images)
LOL to everyone thinking this is Jennifer Aniston's first time joining Instagram (🙋‍♀️). She's opening up about her Finsta and the stalking she did in secret at the link in our bio. (📷: @jenniferaniston)
Savannah Chrisley did the Instagram guide to alluding to a breakup by: Chopping her hair off, not wearing her engagement ring, going on a girls trip, and not posting Nic for a month...BUT Chrisleys know best and they are opening up about working on themselves instead of planning a wedding at the link in our bio. (📷: Instagram)
#TheOJSimpsonMovie is truly rewriting history and we're not lying when we say it's just super weird. Watch the creepy trailer at the link in our bio for a new take on a sad true story. 💔(📷: YouTube)
Yesterday, she broke Instagram. 
Today, she broke the news to us that they 🗣 are/were 🗣 on 🗣 a 🗣 break. 🗣 (📷 Getty Images)
Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively just shared the first photo of their newborn baby girl and we’re 😍😭😍. (📷: Ryan Reynolds)
Justin Bieber is the second celeb this week to be sued for posting a pic of himself to his Instagram, the first was J.Lo. Head to the link in our bio for more on why these two are being snagged for copyright infringement. (📷: Justin Bieber)
One big, happy family? #TeenMom's Cory Wharton had to tell his ex Cheyenne Floyd that he was going to have a baby with his new girlfriend—Link in bio for her reaction. (📷: Instagram)
Is Meghan Trainor afraid of having a baby soon? Nah to the ah to the, no, no, no. This week's #JustTheSip is at the link in our bio.
Paul Rudd was asked how many episodes of #Friends he's seen and his publicist was probably behind the interviewer like: PIVOT! PIIIVOTTTT!!! PIVOT! 😨 Link in bio for his unpopular opinion. (📷: Getty Images)
Twas' 2 months before Christmas and with the click of a mouse our #Netflix was stirring with plans of binge-watching from our house. We can't be the only ones with this guilty obsession. Link in bio for #Netflix's holiday lineup. (📷: Netflix)
We're going to give you as much context as we can, but you're really going to need to click the link in our bio for the thought provoking back and forth between Actress Jameela Jamil and VS model Sara Sampaio that goes on way longer than this. 👀 (📷: Getty Images)
Exclusive! Yesterday she broke Instagram, Today she's been officially named The People's Icon of 2019 at E!’s #PCAs. Tag your #Friends — You (and Jennifer Aniston) now have plans November 10th. 🦞Link in bio for more. (📷: Alexi Lubomirski)
Meet the new Savannah Chrisley. 💇 Click the  link in our bio for more on her decision to chop it all off. 😍(📷: @nicolebalsamophoto)
Jennifer Aniston literally broke Instagram when she joined today...if she needs any tips we know a Friend she should DM. 😉 (📷: Getty)
"Suddenly, the whole world goes dark and nothing matters but the person standing in front of you." - Rue. If we're honest, we miss #Euphoria, but last night's events gave us hope. Link in bio. (📷: Getty Images)
#AceFamily's Austin Mcbroom is speaking out after Youtube star Cole Carrigan released a video saying Austin had raped a good friend in a Miami hotel. Link in bio for the full story. (📷: Instagram)
Gina Rodriguez  shared a video of her singing the n-word on Instagram Stories and now the internet is seeing red. Link in bio for her apology. (📷: Getty)
The rumors are true: This is our new favorite episode of #TheVampireDiaries. (📷: @nina)
𝗧𝗢𝗢TristanThomp𝗦𝗢𝗢𝗡. Exclusive! Khloe Kardashian was gifted a diam💍nd  ring from True’s dad and Scott's convinced it's an "engagement ring". Watch KoKo's reaction at the link in our bio. 👀
Breaking: Felicity Huffman has turned herself in to begin her prison sentence. "I take full responsibility for my actions and as a first step for making amends for my crime, I will accept whatever punishment." Link in bio for the story as it happens. (📷: Shutterstock)