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Vintage-inspired glam from every angle. (Tap to shop the Niki Gown)
Two words to describe the Carmel Gown? Twirl worthy. Two more? So romantic. (Tap to shop the Carmel Gown | πŸ“·: @christyljohnston πŸ‘°: @ashbegash)
Any BHLDN brides have a last dance after saying goodnight to your guests? What song did you choose? (Tap to shop the Hearst Gown | πŸ“·: @ellenkirkpatrickk πŸ‘°: @allinlovedesign)
A look *guaranteed* to turn heads on your wedding day. (Tap to shop the Cassia Gown | πŸ“·: @katiegriffphoto @allielaree @bigwillowfloral @megantayyylorr)
β€˜Tis the season for champagne rain (Tap to shop the Valera Gown | πŸ“·: @jordanvoth)
β€œThe perfect maids palette doesn’t exi—” (Tap to shop the Clarelle Dress, the Logan Dress & the Espen Dress)
A ballgown that’s lighter than air β€” and flowers to match. (Tap to shop the Seeley Gown)
β€œIn all the world there is no heart for me like yours. In all the world there is no love for you like mine.” – Maya Angelou (Tap to shop the Hearst Gown | #BHLDNbride @lotwirls πŸ“·: @jocexphoto)
Dreaming of a colorful wedding? Maids go full spectrum with our new, totally unexpected mix & match palette. (Tap to shop the Espen Dress, the Rosabel Dress & the Ellis Velvet Dress)
When your Instagram boyfriend becomes your Instagram husband. (Tap to shop the Leigh Gown | πŸ“·: @wearethebillings πŸ‘°:Β @lo_calhoun)
3 Facts About the Wedding Kiss:
✨The wedding kiss originated in Ancient Rome; it sealed the legal contract between bride & groom.
✨It was also believed that the bride & groom exchanged parts of their souls with the kiss.
✨Reception guests once piled small cakes in front of the newlyweds, who would try to kiss over the growing towerβ€”leading to the tradition of tiered wedding cakes! (Tap to shop the Sawyer Gown | #BHLDNBride: @jeniecemarie πŸ“·: @luis.hermosillo.weddings)
☝️ Proof that when it comes to wedding flowers, baby’s breath is anything but basic. (Tap to shop the Hyde Gown, Lightwood Sash & Montaigne Earrings)
"In case you ever foolishly forget: I am never not thinking of you.” – Virginia Woolf (Tap to shop the Blake Gown | πŸ“·: @dillonphommasa πŸ’: @brookiewalk + @ryanjwalker_)
You light up my life πŸ’₯ (Tap to shop the Carrington Gown | πŸ“·: @outlandweddings πŸ‘°: @theclairedart)
Raise your hand if you just said β€œI do!” (Tap to shop the Opaline Gown | #BHLDNBride @alexisgeyer πŸ“·: @averyphillips__ )
@shadesofpinck putting the CHARM in charmeuse for holiday party season. (Tap to shop the Alexia Dress | πŸ“·: @kirkrobert Makeup: @makeupbyjami)
Something new, something blue, something YOU!πŸ’™ Our November edit is here (and very glam). Link in profile to shop all things #new!
Two of a kind. ❀️ (Tap to shop the Sawyer Gown | πŸ“·: @alyssamarieephoto)
β€œIf I know what love is, it is because of you.” β€” Herman Hesse (Tap to shop the Cassia Gown | πŸ“·: @brandisisson)
Cheers, we’re married! (Tap to shop the Goldie Dress | #regram @youyourwedding via @blissfully_winging_it πŸ“·: @calderphotog)
First moments of forever πŸ’• (Tap to shop the Hearst Gown | #BHLDNBride @jordynmattthews πŸ“·: @ashtynnicolephoto)
@gypsytan is party ready in our Valora Dress + Estelle Heels! (Tap to shop the look!)
I've fallen in love many times, always with you. 🌟 (Tap to shop the Nassau Gown | πŸ“·: @michellemaxphoto πŸ’:@lauren__massey + @g__massey)
Ethereal tulle, off the shoulder elegance, and a dreamy silhouette. (Tap to shop the Jillian Gown | πŸ“·: @beginningandendphoto πŸ‘°:Β @mackenzie_orchard πŸ’„:Β @hollytippmakeup)
β€œI will follow you, my love, to the edge of all our days, to our very last tomorrows.” β€” Atticus (Tap to shop the Kieran Gown | πŸ“·: @nicolecalivaphoto)
@caralynmyrand is looking stylish, chic & sophisticated in our Caron Dress! (Tap to shop)
As endless as the oceans, as timeless as the tides. (Tap to shop the Ludlow Gown | #BHLDNBride @navthejourn πŸ“·: @purpleashphoto)
The purr-fect wedding guest. Happy #NationalCatDay to our cat-loving brides!πŸ’— (Tap to shop the Cassia Gown | πŸ“·: @saraleh πŸ‘°:Β @mariahantoinette__)
A bride's best friend! ❀️ (Tap to shop the Octavia Gown | πŸ“·: @jamiemercuriophoto)
Capturing the looks of love, thanks to @LoveStoriesTV❀️ Share your love stories with us by tagging @BHLDN in your posts & click the link in our profile to learn more about these love stories. | Thank you to the following videographers for helping to create this special video:
Let the adventure begin.❣️ (Tap to shop the Ludlow Gown | πŸ“·: @carlydaniellephotography @littlewild_ @angfontanaphotography πŸ’:Β @risefloral)
You are my greatest adventure. ❀️ (Tap to shop the Hearst Gown | πŸ“·: @thehearnes πŸ‘°: @ama_primeaux)
Our Ophelia Gown is for the free spirited, bohemian. (Tap to shop | πŸ“·: @brooke.couch πŸ‘°:Β @lc_lately)
Congrats to the stunning, @katiesbliss, on her recent wedding! (Tap to shop the Mila Convertible Dress in Hibiscus |πŸ‘°: @katiesbliss πŸ“·: @sjsmoooth)
I'll always love you like the beginning πŸ’› (Tap to shop the Redding Gown | πŸ“·: @annaaelizabeth πŸ’‘:@annzabonanza + @alex_lebruto)
The best dressed wedding guest goes to @styledsnapshots in our Britta Velvet Dress βœ”οΈ (Tap to shop!)
A little dose of magic in our Hearst Gown. (Tap to shop | πŸ“·: @kinseymhire πŸ‘°:Β @naomi.shalom )
Bohemian romance.❣️ (Tap to shop the Peoria Gown | πŸ“·: @wearemattandjess πŸ’‘: @roxysommers + @topher_sommers πŸ’: @arrangements_design)
"The best gift you could've given her was a lifetime of adventures." β€” Lewis Carroll (Tap to shop the Betony Gown | πŸ“·: @kaitvanhoff x @auttyshipp)
@jennifernordine makes a simple & elegant statement in our Keegan Gown (Tap to shop! | πŸ“·: @torreyfox)
I am yours & you are mine. (Tap to shop the Octavia Gown | πŸ“·: @nicole.marie.photo πŸ‘°:Β @ash.jennete)
Moments of pure magic ✨ (Tap to shop the Milano Gown | πŸ“·: @alyssamarieephoto HMU: @chelseanicolesalon)
The happiest of moments with your forever love πŸ’• (Tap to shop the Hearst Gown | #BHLDNBride @allinlovedesign πŸ“·: @ellenandandyy)
Our Ezra Gown is adorned with romantic details + a dreamy silhouette. (Tap to shop | #regram @daughtersofsimone πŸ‘°: @wildandfree.corina)
Arm & arm as newly weds! πŸ™Œ (Tap to shop the Valera Gown | #BHLDNBride @autumn.lambert_22)
You are the best thing that's ever been mine.❣️ (Tap to shop the Leigh Gown | πŸ“·:@lagophoto πŸ‘°: @amieheckler πŸ’„: @beeprettymakeup πŸ’‡: @hairby_catbordelon)
β€œWhen someone else's happiness is your happiness, that is love.” β€” Lana Del Rey (Tap to shop the Blake Gown | πŸ“·: @dillonphommasa πŸ’‘: @brookiewalk + @ryanjwalker_)
Our Spring 2020 collection is timeless, romantic and full of elegance. Get your hands on these stunning gowns, Demember 2019. (From first to last: Miles, Esperita, Odalis, Dimanche, Danielle) #BHLDNSpring2020
Bohemian spirit meets romantic lace. (Tap to shop the Ophelia Gown | πŸ“·: @brooke.couch πŸ‘°:Β @lc_lately)
Our Verseau Dress is adorned with glamorous details + stunning sequins that add an extra bit of sparkle to any occasion. ✨ (Tap to shop)