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In this installment of #RapLife, @neweryork and @oldmanebro reflect on the loss of Pop Smoke and share footage from a previous interview between Nadeska and the Brooklyn rapper. Link in bio.
“This is what I do. This is what I’m good at, and I don’t need to run away from it.”
The #Changes interview is here.
@justinbieber x @zanelowe.
Watch now, link in bio. 
Get ready. 
@justinbieber sits down with @zanelowe for a powerful conversation on life, love, and his new album #Changes. 
Coming Saturday. 
“It’s a very intimidating thing to step into the light. A lot of eyes on you, a lot of judgment, and a lot of vulnerability—but I find solace in the fact that I’ve done the work.” Introducing our new #UpNext artist, @victoriamonet. Catch up on her musical journey now. Link in bio. #victoriamonét #ShotoniPhone
Celebrated amazing artists & creators at Apple Music. Listen back to hear their conversations from the @beats1official studio. Link in bio.
📸: @jason_nocito_studio
Introducing BASE:LINE, a new playlist from Apple Music in collaboration with the @nba and @unitedmasters supporting the voices of the world’s most exciting independent artists. Listen now. Link in bio.
“Everything I've worked for my whole life and everything I've loved my whole life...I've found a way to just combine all of it, do it genuinely and sincerely, with no excuses.” Introducing our first #UpNext artist of 2020, @orvillepeck. Hit the link in bio to catch up on his musical journey now.
“I just needed to let my old self go.” @selenagomez is talking all things #Rare with @zanelowe on @beats1official’s #NewMusicDaily. Tune in now at the link in bio.
#BIEBER2020 has begun.
Listen to @justinbieber’s new song #Yummy now. Link in bio.
@finneas is our Songwriter of the Year along with his sister, @billieeilish. We can’t wait to see what’s next.
Catch their performance from the Steve Jobs Theater now. Link in bio. #AppleMusicAwards2019
#OldTownRoad is our 2019 Top Song of the Year. Congratulations to @lilnasx on his remarkable year. #AppleMusicAwards2019
Happy Birthday to our 2019 Artist of the Year, @billieeilish. This is only the beginning.
Relive her performance from the Steve Jobs Theater, only on Apple Music. Link in bio. #AppleMusicAwards2019
@billieeilish and @finneas’ performance at the Steve Jobs Theater was unforgettable.
Watch it again, only on Apple Music. Link in bio. #AppleMusicAwards2019
@billieeilish and @finneas are celebrating their incredible year with a performance live from the Steve Jobs Theater. Tune in now on Apple Music. Link in bio. #AppleMusicAwards2019
It’s time. 
Watch @billieeilish live from the Steve Jobs Theater now, only on Apple Music. Link in bio. #AppleMusicAwards2019
Get ready. @billieeilish is performing tonight at the Steve Jobs Theater. 
Watch the livestream at 6:30PM PT, only on Apple Music. #AppleMusicAwards2019
We’re celebrating our 2019 Artist of the Year, @billieeilish.
Watch her special livestream performance from the Steve Jobs Theater December 4 at 6:30PM PT, only on Apple Music. #AppleMusicAwards2019
Combining bawdy rap and brassy soul, @lizzobeeating is Apple Music's Breakthrough Artist of the Year. #AppleMusicAwards2019
The creative partnership between @billieeilish and @finneas is the real story behind the year's biggest musical phenomenon. Here's a salute to Apple Music's Songwriters of the Year. Link in bio. #AppleMusicAwards2019
@LilNasX's #OldTownRoad was everywhere in 2019. Congratulations to the winner of the first-ever Apple Music Award for Top Song of the Year. #AppleMusicAwards2019
Not too many teenagers—or artists of any age—have had a year like @billieeilish's 2019. Take a look back at her rise and see why she won the Apple Music Award for Artist of the Year and Top Album of the Year. Link in bio. #AppleMusicAwards2019
Behold the Apple Music Award: Built from the same laser-cut silicon wafers that power Apple's microprocessors, it's a wholly unique token of appreciation for the artists whose work upended convention and dominated the conversation all year. #AppleMusicAwards2019
@camila_cabello performs some of her biggest hits for an intimate audience. 🌹
Watch Camila Cabello Live: New Music Daily Presents now. Link in bio.
@theweeknd hosts & curates the seventh episode of #MEMENTOMORI on @beats1official. Lock into the dawn of a new era with new music from The King of the Fall. Link in bio.
#MEMENTOMORI is back. @theweeknd takes over tonight, only on @beats1official. 
“Making this record, I just felt so much more joyous.” @harrystyles joins @zanelowe on #NewMusicDaily. Link in bio. 
@harrystyles’ #FINELINE is out December 13th. He joins @zanelowe on #NewMusicDaily Friday to talk about his new album. 
Listen: 9AM LA / 12PM NYC / 5PM LDN.
At the top of the Japanese rap game, hip-hop crew @badhop_official traveled to LA to work with producers @murdabeatz, @metroboomin, @mikewillmadeit + more for their new EP #LiftOff. Watch the film documenting their process and listen to their project now, only on Apple Music. Link in bio.
To mark the 20th anniversary of its release, @drdre and music mogul Jimmy Iovine reminisce about the album’s creation and legacy. Leave your favorite track from 2001 in the comments.
Watch the short film now on Apple Music. Link in bio.
#drdre #jimmyiovine
Celebrating country music this week in Nashville. Listen to the newly relaunched #TodaysCountry playlist featuring some of your favorite artists now, only on Apple Music. Link in bio. #ShotoniPhone 📸: @daniellelevitt
Introducing our new #UpNext artist @jessiereyez. Watch the short documentary on her unique origin story, her rise, and her recovery from a surprise health scare. Hit the link in bio to catch up on Jessie’s musical journey.
Lock into a #Halloween edition of The Weeknd’s @beats1official show #MEMENTOMORI hosted by @kerwinfrost now. Link in bio.
“Music is my therapist, and this album was therapy for me.” Reggaetón superstar @nickyjampr offers a rare glimpse into his life in an exclusive new short film. Watch now & hear snippets of new music featured on #Íntimo. 
@elephant_heart’s #Lenguas stars in the new AirPods Pro film. Listen to the track now. Link in bio.
Kanye West’s #JESUSISKING is here. 
Hit the link in bio to hear his new album and @beats1official interview with @zanelowe. 
Kanye West sits down with @zanelowe Thursday, 9AM PT only on @beats1official. They cover everything. 🤯
@selenagomez is back. 
Watch the video for #LoseYoutoLoveMe now. Link in bio. 
#ShotoniPhone #selenagomez
Frank Ocean returns to @beats1official’s @blonded radio. Link in bio. #blondedRADIO
“First and foremost, I write for myself and my own sanity.” In a new short film, country and bluegrass star @timmytychilders shares acoustic versions of his standout songs and reflects on his creative inspirations. Watch now only on Apple Music.
@travisscott fans, the wait is over. 🙏🌵🔥
Listen to #HIGHESTINTHEROOM now. Link in bio. 
Get a glimpse into @maroon5’s amazing journey as a band with their new video, #Memories. Watch now, only on Apple Music.
“I am always focused on being there for my fans.” @Lunay’s official #UpNext film is here. Watch now, only on Apple Music. 
#lunay #shotoniphone
“If we’re talking about the culture, the culture has made me who I am.” Puerto Rican prodigy @Lunay is our new #UpNext artist. Get ready for his film coming September 16. #ShotoniPhone
“It means a lot that if somebody is hundreds of thousands of miles away, they can sit and relate to the music.” @postmalone’s third full-length album #HollywoodsBleeding is here. Link in bio. 
“Making this record, I know myself more than I ever have. Everything else is just a blessing at this point.” @clairo’s official #UpNext film is here. Watch now, only on Apple Music. 
#clairo #shotoniphone
Seven talented artists performed intimate sets for fans in one city, for one night only in marquee Apple Store locations around the world. Listen to their exclusive live sets now. Link in bio.
The wait is finally over. @LanaDelRey’s sixth studio album #NFR is here. 💥 
Listen now, link in bio.
The next chapter of @brckhmptn is here. Listen to #GINGER now. Link in bio.
“When I got kicked out of school, music saved my life.” - @danielcaesar.
Two years later, revisit our former #UpNext artist's breakout debut album #Freudian. Link in bio.
“I’d be a fearless leader, I’d be an alpha type.” Listen to 
@taylorswift's #TheMan on the #NewMusicDaily playlist. Link in bio.