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Using legal smoking herbs - coming soon to marleynatural.com 
Model: @nothingnessinadress 
Dir: @elenaparasco 
Video: @grams
"From the staff to the people who come in, we like to treat everyone like a member of our family extended. We know what's going on in their life...what's good and what's not so good. I really love my team here and I think because of that we are able to create a place where everyone feels welcome and has safe access to medicine." 🍃
Meet the ladies behind @lapcg - the dispensary for the community. Link in bio.
We're in-store today from 4-7pm. Makes sure you stop by and say hello!
Cannabis has long been a companion for creative minds. It has a way of expanding the imagination, enabling access to new thoughts, concepts, and ideas. For many of us, #cannabis allows us to appreciate small nuances that are normally filtered out by our busy brains. 
Our #MarleyGreen strain is a potent #hybrid that packs a punch, best reserved for the seasoned consumer looking to boost #creativity. If you're in the studio painting or producing music, this might be the powerhouse hybrid you've been waiting for.

Head over to @tgesouthbay_ today from 5-8pm to learn more. 
#CannabisAndCreatives. Photo by @nickiikane
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"Bob Marley’s music had more impact around the globe than in Jamaica, in terms of the revolutionary nature of it.  Maintaining that voice of truth, that spirit, is very important as an independent nation. Balance is the purpose and expansion is the goal."
Click the link in our bio to read @kabakapyramid's words on Jamaican independence as told to @anicee_gaddis. 
Natural Mystic -- Happy Independence Day Jamaica 🇯🇲 Click the link in our profile to read our guest blog post from @kabakapyramid as told to @anicee_gaddis. 📸 by @lousyauber
Jamaican #tradition + inspiration for #MarleyNatural prep tray. Ras Malekot preps herb in Jamaica's Blue Mountains with @islandoutpost.

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Stash in style. 
#MarleyGreen -- #Hybrid cannabis strains provide the best of both worlds. 
Check out our flower selection at @greenladymjolympia this weekend.

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#Cannabis and wellness go hand in hand. The herb has been used for millennia to promote good health and calm the mind.

Click the link in our bio read about our yoga session with Minelli (@yogawithminelli) using our #CBD-Rich strain, available at @medmenshops.
“Cannabis allows you to be a slightly more creative thinker. You can come to solutions you wouldn’t have thought about from a slightly different perspective. It relaxes you. It frees you to be a different version of yourself.”
Click the link in our bio to learn more about why Wacheke from @theevergreenmarket_wa is an #AdvocateForTheHerb. #MeetOurBudtenders
#FBF to Empress @lizzobeeating killing it on the main stage at @chblockparty! Thank you everyone who came out last weekend to share the good vibes. Click the link in bio to see a full recap of #MarleyNaturalCHBP. ✨🎶
What are you cooking this evening?

Tonight, we're following one of the 75 recipes from  @CedellaMarley's new book 'Cooking with Herb' out today.
 Click the link in our bio to check out our Q&A with her and her inspiration behind the recipes for a #MarleyNatural lifestyle.
It's your last chance to win a pair of @CHBlockParty tickets courtesy of #MarleyNatural! Stop by @haveaheart502  today from right now until 4 PM to enter! #chbp #MarleyNaturalCHBP
Photo by @shanemccauley vibes by @diplo
Mellow Mood... #Friday
@zurilyric here providing vibes with an exclusive playlist for @colette! Marley Natural is now in Europe! Come grab some ✨
To celebrate #InternationalReggaeDay today, we asked @Isisswabyintl , daughter of the legendary Jamaican keyboardist and Roots Reggae and Dub record producer, #AugustusPablo to make us a mix of her favorite reggae tunes.
"The lyrics are the foundation of the music but the production makes everything come to life. Sometimes listening to reggae brings a tears to my eyes, it definitely hits a spiritual and mental chord in my soul." - Isis Swaby.
Click the link in our bio to listen🎧
We're bringing tropical vibes to Paris! 🌴 🇫🇷 Meet us at @colette to celebrate Creatures of the Wind with @systemmagazine on July 4th from 5PM!
Mid-week motivation: Keep the Vibes #Positive! 
Get on the @ZiggyMarley wave! Click the Lon in our bio for more photos from his #WoodlandZoo concert last week. 
A BIG thank you to everyone who came out to our #BeachCleanUp with @rose_collective420 this weekend!

Our crew rolled up tenor sleeves to collect everything from bottle caps and cigarette butts to car tires and broken parts of strollers. We all came together with the dual purpose to create community and push back against despondency by taking action.

Click the link in our bio for their quotes and more photos!
Meet Peter! @Rose_Collective420's Master Roller who twists up about 100 joints per day! 
Click the link in our bio to learn why a joint is his favourite method of consumption and for more details on our #BeachCleanUp with Rose Collective this Sunday in #Venice,CA!
Today we celebrate #WorldOceansDay🌊

One of the programs we support through our social impact initiative #RISEUP is @obessasanctuary. Oracabessa is primarily a fishing community where local fishers play an important role in the social and economic fabric of the area. 
Click the link in our bio to learn more about the community and how you can help preserve and protect it.
Photos by @yumnaaa
Congrats to Yirim who just started the process of getting his cannabis related conviction expunged at our #RISEUP Rally with the @minoritycannabis business association. 🙏 link in our bio for details
#Seattle, WA! We'll be at #TheAtrium at Pike Place with The @MinorityCannabis Business Association on May 20th to expunge any non-violent #cannabis related offences and rally for the commuting with education and conversation. 
Click the link in our bio for more details.

Photo by @JimMangan in St. Elizabeth, Jamaica from issue #1 of #MarleyNaturalMagazine 
"I've been working in cannabis for a while now and the most exciting thing is learning about this plant. I feel like we are only scratching the surface of its potential...I learn something new about it almost every day! I'm the Director at @lapcg - a dispensary in Hollywood and being a California native, making sure we support local vendors is key.I  aiming to change the perception of cannabis and provide clean medicine and education on a daily basis. " - @jseoo 
#20CaliAdvocates // #AdvocateForTheHerb
Preserve + Protect.
In March 2012, the @ObessaSanctuary launched its own #CoralPropagation project which helped the sanctuary propagate and out-plant an additional 2,000 pieces of #coral, as well as expand their existing nursery program to have 2,000 pieces ready for out planting every six months. 
This project is not only working towards restoring the thicket of #StaghornCoral to its historical state on their reefs --which increases the health of the reef and provides needed habitat for fish -- it also trains local spear fishermen as coral gardeners, and provides them with skills and steady employment opportunities. 
Click the link in our bio to learn how you can support through our social impact initiative #RISEUP
St. Mary, Jamaica 
Photo by @yumnaaa
Plant it 🌱

Students from @farmupjamaica, one of the initiatives we support in Jamaica through our social impact program #RISEUP.
St. Elizabeth, Jamaica
Photo by @yumnaaa
A Day With The Farmer -- we had a chat with @jahmasonmusic, musician and farmer about supporting, respecting and promoting the importance of sustainable, organic farming in Jamaica. 
"As a Rasta we use it as sacramental offering. I planted it for medicinal purposes, my relationship with the plant has always been medicinal. Even if you don't smoke it I want you to promote it. There are a range of illnesses that this plant has the ability to cure. I'm not promoting it for people to go just ahead and smoke. I'm promoting it as a thing to heal." Click the link in our bio for the full story. 
Photos by @lousyauber
The #warondrugs has disproportionately impacted communities of color, even though rates of drug use are essentially the same across race. People of colour are nearly over three times more likely than white people to be arrested for #marijuana possession.
In the spirit of giving back to both #Jamaica and communities that have been harmed by cannabis #prohibition, we created a social impact initiative called #RiseUp which funds a series of carefully curated projects that reflect #BobMarley's vision for an inclusive and compassionate community. 
In #Washington, we're joining forces with the @MinorityCannabis Business Association (MCBA), to help men and women get their cannabis criminal record expunged on May 20th.

Click the link in our bio for more info - learn more from our Budtenders at @queenannecannaco in WA
This weekend @zurilyric, @sshaciapayne and @yaadcore hit the decks at our launch party to celebrate #MarleyNatural in Washington state!  Click the link in our bio to check out a few photos from the party 🍃
Now available at:
And more!
Happy #Monday - Dust off those bad vibes!
How many of you have rolled a joint like this using the #kief catcher on our four-piece grinder? (Link in bio for details if you aren't hip!)
#MarleyNatural flower available in Washington state 4/10
Ladies + Gents, it's time to STASH IN STYLE⚡️
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"In the abundance of water, a fool is thirsty" -Bob Marley. 
In honor of #WorldWaterDay, here's a clip from our visit to @obessasanctuary, one of the initiatives we support through our social impact project #RiseUp.

Oracabessa is primarily a fishing community with local #fishers playing an important role in the social and economic fabric of the area. 
#Jamaica's waters are some of the most #overfished in the world, forcing fishers to spend more time and more resources chasing after a catch that is getting smaller and smaller. 
The #OracabessaBayFishSanctuary is helping to ensure the sustainable livelihood of local fishers.
Learn how you can support by visiting #marleynatural.com or click the link in our bio.

Video by @nilus1xx
How many of you #kief enthusiast have used our three-chamber herb #Grinder to sift and collect the pollen that packs the punch?! Simply said, kief (also known as dry sift or pollen) refers to the resin glands which contain the #terpenes and cannabinoids that make cannabis so unique. 
Due to the high concentration of terpenes and #cannabinoids in resin glands, separating kief crystals from plant matter is a great way to consume #cannabis while reducing the amount of charred material you take into your body.
Extracting kief is simple. Click the link in our bio to learn how more about our four-piece grinder that help you finely grind your flower while letting #kiefcrystals fall through a screen and collect into a small compartment.
"Cannabis enhances everything, especially when I create music. It expands the sounds so you hear every little detail and I can piece together completely new combinations.

The production on each of these Bob Marley songs are amazing to me in terms of arrangement and writing. You couldn't ask for any better -- we all can relate." 🍃

Click the link in our bio to listen to @teflonzincfence's Top 5 Bob Marley songs and learn why he's an #AdvocateForTheHerb.
Try #MarleyNatural flower today from 4-7PM at @mothernaturesremedy.

Photo by @nickiikane
Join us at @medmenshops / @medmenhq at 4PM in West Hollywood.

Stock up on #MarleyNatural for the weekend and we'll hook you up with something special.... 🍃
Photo by the super talented @nickiikane 🇯🇲🔥
Hemp oil or #hempseedoil — not to be confused with hash oil — is the nutty, flavorful oil that comes from the #raw seeds of the hemp plant. 
Hemp is a documented dietary supplement and #beauty aid that helps maintain a hormonal balance. Hemp Seed Oil regenerates and energizes the skin's protective layer and several studies show that the linoleic acid present in hemp oil can slow down the aging process and fight psoriasis.

Click the link in our bio to learn more about our Hemp Seed Body Care infused with #Jamaican botanicals. 
@marleynaturalshop / #MarleyNaturalShop
So far it seems as though the #Malawi strain from our limited edition herb collection is the ultimate winner since ever since @nevillegarrick announced it as his favorite!

But don't sleep on the #SunsetSherbet!  Our limited edition #MarleyGreen strain is a potent indica-leaning hybrid, featuring notes of citrus, skunk and delicious sweet berry. 👌👌👌 _
Photo from @chloe.chippendale's stash. 
Available for a limited time at @lapcg
@theharborside, @phytologieoakland, @universalcollectiveig, @cbcberkeley

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"Our long-term goals help reduce the importation of foreign food into the country, and have a measurable impact on the economy." _
Click the link in our bio to learn more about how we are giving back to farming communities in #Jamaica through our social impact initiative #RiseUp.

Clip from our visit to @farmupjamaica, one of our the sustainable farming  communities we support in St. Elizabeth.
Shot by @nilus1xx
Portland we're at @left_coast_connection_pdx tomorrow! 15% off. 
#MarleyPDX / #MarleyNatural
Almost all growers prefer #female cannabis plants. 

Female plants don’t just grow in height, but also in width. At the start of the blooming season, you can recognize a female plant by its nodes, where little balls with a tiny hair grow out of them. 
If you want to grow cannabis, you’ll need a female cannabis plant. Only females produce the coveted buds needed for medicinal purposes. They  produce the flowers and are high in #THC. Male plants have low potency and THC content compared to the female plants, and they are kept mostly produce seeds.

Celebrating all things #FEMALE today. #LearnTheHerb
At @naccc_310 from 4-6pm with these ✨
Our home collection seamlessly blends in... Find something to pack your pipe with at @bridgecitycollective_pdx and get 15% off. Every Monday!
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Thanks for the having us yesterday @universalcollectiveig! 
Our #limitededition strains with jar artwork by @nevillegarrick are now available in store while supplies last!
Who just saw our LIVE video with @nevillegarrick  discussing the inspiration behind the Survival album cover he did for Bob Marley?
"With this collection I thought, let me take it back to creation. The healing of all nations." - @nevillegarrick.

We're here at @harborside_health_center / @theharborside with Neville until 2PM. 
Come get a limited edition jar signed!
We're bringing Good Vibes, Good Music and Good Herb to #TheBayArea tomorrow with @NevilleGarrick!
We're stopping by:
@phytologieoakland at 11:15AM.
Then on to @theharborside from 12 – 2PM.
And finally at @cbcberkeley from 4-6PM! 
Come see us! 🍃
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Our first anniversary collection with artwork by @nevillegarrick now available in the Bay Area at @harborside_health_center, @cbcberkeley and @phytologieoakland.
🍃🍃 Click the link in our bio to watch the full video.

"Back in the day, we didn’t have a million strains, and these new strains are just what we were always looking for, at home and on tour. I remember driving miles from Kingston to try and find the best herb – the strong herb that we knew was grown from female seeds from the ground up. The rest of it grew like weeds. That’s why we don’t call it weed." - @nevillegarrick 
Click the link in our bio to read more about Neville's inspiration behind our 1st anniversary herb collection with @cannabistco. 
Photo by @alleyesonit